Saturday, January 12, 2013

Woolworths | Eye Make-Up Remover Review

I must have had this product sitting in my bathroom now for well over a year and I can't believe I never used it!

My mum originally bought it for me as a stocking filler one Christmas when I still enjoyed really dark eye make-up. 
Over the years that have passed though, my style has turned a lot more natural and I have moved onto enjoying the more earthy shades.

However, the other night I had a bit of a night out and put my newly acquired make-up artistry skills to good use by getting creative with a more dark and edgy look. 

When I got back home I was really struggling to remove the mascara and eye-liner and that's when my eyes fell upon this 150ml white God Send bottle.

I grabbed a few wads of pure cotton and following the instructions provided on the bottle I pumped a dollop of the milky contents onto the pads. 
Covering one eye at a time and leaving the cool white liquid to combat my make-up for 30 seconds before removing the pad, I was really impressed by how effective it was. 

Not only was the remover really gentle (making this product great for people who have sensitive eyes,) but it also managed to clear my face from all the daily gunk I smear it with within just under a minute!

The formula was also really soothing - the cool milky texture was actually enjoyable on my eyes after the late night out.

Dress by YDE - +R350.00

The Woolworths Eye Make-Up Milk Remover is also Ophthalmologically Tested, which for those of you who don't know means that it has undergone the best eye examinations possible and is therefore 100% safe to use around that area.
All products that are used around the eye area must undergo ophthalmological testing - thumbs up Woolworths!

In South Africa this product can be found in stores for as little as R59.95 which in pounds would be about ₤4.00 in the UK. 

I'll be really gutted if this product has been discontinued in the shops when it comes to needing to buy a new bottle.

What do you use?

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