Sunday, February 24, 2013

Aiport Fashion

 It has been a while since I have been on a plane.
As it is roughly forty days until I head off to London - I am starting to wonder what I am going to wear while up in the air.
Obviously you want to be comfortable while traveling. I don't think that I can imagine anything worse than traveling in tight jeans.
I had a bit of a search around to see what some of the celebs in the airport wear. As you can see below, they look like ordinary, comfortable people like you and I:

 My favorite has got to be Amanda Seyfried. She is naturally stunning and isn't afraid to step out of the house without make-up.

Clearly, a big chunky scarf or a snood is a must... something that I am not in short supply of to say the least!

I think I've got a basic idea of what I'll be wearing now:

  • A pair of black leggings - stretchy and comfortable to move around in and curl up on my chair for +12 hours.
  • My pair of brown ugg boots - I really don't understand why so many people are against ugg boots. I love mine. They are also extremely heavy so to pack them into my suitcase that has a 23kg weight limit would just be stupid.
  • I haven't decided on a top yet but I think it'll probably be a baggy button up - also something that isn't restricting.
  • A snood.
  • No make-up - I'll pack a small make-up bag in my carry-on luggage and spruce myself up before landing.
  • Maaaaaybe a beanie - I know that I'll pack one just in case I wake up after the flight to a bad hair day.
  • Some Chloe perfume - I'll be heading to my local fragrance boutique and putting some perfume into a travel sized bottle so that I can smell pretty and fresh after the flight. Chloe is a new find for me and I'm really enjoying it.
  • A messy bun - easiest way.


I think I am going to end up looking a little bit like this:

I have picked up a few tips along the way through my research... such as Lauren Conrad's Advice to keep moisturized. One thing I remember from plane rides is how dry and air-conditioned it is. That's why I will be opting for no make-up. I'll be running to the bathroom once every few hours to slap on some moisturizer that I'll have squirted into a small container. All these liquid limits are just mad. How would I blow a plane up with a bottle of cream??? Well... knowing me I'd find a way. I'm an absolute disaster and find ways to break most things, including myself, in the oddest of ways.  
There's other advice she's given like to avoid salty snacks and alcohol but that's just not going to happen.
A) I'm a salt and snack addict.... nothing can stop me.
B) I'll need a few glasses of wine to simmer down my nerves!
I'll definitely do regular travel posts while along my journey to Europe and the first post will definitely be what I wore on the flight and how it was.. if I watched any great movies, met any great people or managed to consume the terrible on-board wine.

Have a magical week ahead!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Movie Review - Lola Versus

"Chapter 5- Silence: Vocal Minorities and the Spiral of Isolation"
I know that changing is inevitable, but,
what if I don't want things to change?
What if I like my life, exactly how it is?
- Lola
Lola's mom: Hey
Lola: Hi mom
Lola's mom: How you doin' sweetie? You okay?
Lola: I am choosing to be alive.
Right time. Wrong people.
- Lola's dad
I wish I could say that this was someone elses fault.
That it was Luke's fault, or Henry's fault, or Alice's.
But it's not, it's me.
- Lola
These were some of my favorite quotes from the film, 'Lola Versus'.
I hired it from the video store two nights ago after reading the back of it and cocking one eyebrow up as I found an eerie relation to my life at the present point with it.
It turned out to be exactly what I needed to watch.
It's a very off-beat, dry comedy / romance about a woman in her 29th year of life, called Lola.
It starts off with her in a relationship with what we would all describe to be a pretty perfect guy.
They were best friends. He cooked. You could watch their happiness almost seep through the television screen. No exaggeration. Watch it.
And so... he asked her to marry him.
Three weeks before their wedding - he got cold feet and ended the relationship.
They had one very close, mutual male friend called Henry. He was Lola's best friend. Lola also had an absolutely hilarious female friend who was a performer.
She enlists her closest friends into a series of adventures as she starts to accept the break-up and starts to finally come to terms with being alone for the first time.
Preeeeetty similar to my life right now... Obviously, Lola's ego is bruised and she starts to muck her friendships up really badly. She starts becoming neurotic and emotional and drastically uneasy. She basically loses everyone for a while and at this point I was literally in tears because it really hit home.
I've lost some really great people because of how I handled my break-up. People I thought would be friends for life. People I'd practically become family with; and no matter what way I look at it, I still keep messing things up in my life.
I'm overly sensitive although I put on this massive wall so everyone thinks I'm fine. I'm overly honest, I have no filter right now which has made me put my foot in it in a couple of situations I really could have handled better had I not been so hot-headed and my ego is shot.
I related to this film so much - she is so so so much like me it's actually ridiculous. From little things like how she tries to clear her mind and do yoga yet she just peaks an eye open and looks around the room, fidgeting. She's silly and funny and has so much potential but is a complete emotional wreck. She's got ambition and courage and she's just a complete free-spirit as am I.
To those of you who have contacted me recently with similar stories - those of you going through breakups and heartache or are simply just trying to find yourself... give this a watch.
My heartbreak has passed - but now that we've given each other space and time, a complete break . . .  the anger has subsided and I'm starting to remember the good memories we once had that I'd forgotten about.
I was so angry that I never gave myself a chance to grieve over the diminished two year relationship.
Remembering the good times is nice - but it also hurts. I know we're done. I know we are never getting back together but I miss the days that he would support me in every decision I made and accepted me for the complete misguided, wondering free-spirit that I am. I miss how we'd play... we never really spoke much at all. We were always terrible at communicating with each other and that's one of the many reasons why it came to an end. But we'd tickle and wrestle and cook and explore... it really is losing your best friend. And I seem to have lost a few others to go with it.
That is why I need to get away. I need this London trip and Europe tour coming up in just over forty days so badly.
I need to go somewhere where no one knows my name.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Meaning of a St. Christopher Pendant

Image may contain: 1 person

As I will be jetting off to London in forty-odd days, my mum decided to surprise me with a stunning St. Christopher pendant to wear around my neck to accompany me on my journey.

I've always known the basic symbolic meaning of the St. Christopher - to protect you along your travels. I never needed to find out more; but I am one of those people that cannot wear something without researching all that there is to know about it first.

And so began my Google hunt.

The St. Christopher pendant is indeed believed to protect its wearer, whether they be male or female. There is no variation in the design for either sex.
The story goes that St. Christopher used to help people across a dangerous river - something that he was particularly good at due to his unique size and height.
One day, he had to assist a child across the river and as he slowly waded through the water he noticed that the child became heavier with every step he took.
St. Christopher started to struggle with the impossible weight of the small child that just kept increasing as he went on.
Once he had finally gotten the child across he asked him why he was so heavy - completely baffled by the surprising weight.
The child then revealed himself as a manifestation of Jesus Christ and replied that he had been so heavy as he carries the weight of the world's sins on his shoulders.
As St. Christopher was successfully able to carry the burden of Christ across the river, he was entrusted as Protector of all Travellers'.

Now, this was a very different post for me but I really enjoyed writing it and researching it. To be honest, I'd never even really looked too closely at the picture on one of these pendants to notice it was a man carrying a child across a river.

Oblivious much?

Check out my Youtube Channel!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Red & Pink


I got quite a fright when I started to see people parading around in outfits containing a contrast of red and pink... HOW could fashion lovers even try this?
But then, it started to look oddly 'cool,' so I gave it a whirl.

I ended up looking like a badly put together trifle.
Just no.

I don't understand it. I don't want to understand it... in fact, I think my life would be happier if I never had to witness such a catastrophic fashion crime ever again.
That is all.
I just thought I'd get my thoughts across.
It's just wrong!!!!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Fashion | Peplum Top

Three days ago I decided to do a quick dash into Mr. Price to stock up on some winter cardigans for my London escapade coming up in about 50 days, 17 hours and 20 minutes, (but hey, whose counting!?).

I've seen peplum tops around other bloggers fashion posts but I haven't really been too crazy about them to be honest.
I thought I'd try one on while I was in the store, as I've recently discovered not to judge books by their covers. A wedding dress I thought to be hideous turned out to be 'not-so-bad' when I tried it on in the bridal boutique last week! 
This peplum top was plain white and had an almost 'country-girl' feel to it.
I also tried on a red, high-waisted skirt... (not eactly cardigan shopping now, is it?)
You can't really see the peplum shirt style in this photograph but I decided to add in what I wore here because it shows you a different way to wear it:

So that was my outfit! I've also really enjoyed just lounging around the house in this vest like piece. It's really comfortable and can be worn in so many different ways; they are cheap too! Unless you buy brands that is, which I don't... because a) I cannot afford them and b) even if I could, I would much rather save my bucks to do further travelling rather than buy something because it has the word 'Guess' on it. Everyone has different priorities I suppose!
Along one of my many hunts through the world of Pintrest I found some great Peplum tops and I also added my finds below for alternate designs and ways to wear them:

They are so versatile and fun to play around with! I must say that I really love the boob-tube fashion peplum top, that is probably my favorite from the lot.
Have you got any thoughts on peplum tops or found something in the fashion world that tickles your fancy lately? If so let me know!
I hope that everyone has a wonderful week ahead!

Friday, February 15, 2013

The White Dress

A few days ago, I did a modelling shoot for Besters Bridal Boutique and Eon Photography.
It was my first time in a bridal store - it was my first time in a wedding dress to be perfectly honest! Needless to say, I was extremely overwhelmed.
In the end, each dress just kind of morphed into one big massive cloud.
It was exactly the opposite of what I had in mind when I used to think about my first 'wedding dress fitting' experience.
I'm a very simple woman; I like pretty, elegant, simple things. I want to get married in a forest or on a beach one day . . . so these fairy-tale, princess dresses just wouldn't survive my big day.
It was difficult for me to wear these dresses and think of them as a photo-shoot dress for a company instead of a dress I LOVE and would one day wear to my wedding.

The first one is the simple, almost Greek styled 'one-shoulder' dress. That was nice. I modelled on a day that reached a high of 37 degrees here in South Africa so this dress may have just saved my life in the heat!
It was soft, flowy, light... if I had to choose between the two this would definitely be the winner but still it's not what I have in mind for my own one day.
The one thing I didn't like about this dress is that it didn't have a tail... I'm kind of a sucker for the long trail at the back! (But the following dress is just WAY too much unless you're Kate or Pippa.... see, I'm fussy!)
The second dress everyone adored for the photo-shoot. I cannot deny it, it makes for some unbelievable shots and once the sun had set it wasn't too hot in it thank goodness.
I would definitely say that this is a Winter's Dress... it is just so thick and bulky and my poor mock bridesmaid had to haul the massive tail around with her at all times!
I did like how this dress gave me some cleavage boost! I'm quite petite so any extra help is appreciated! I also really like how it hid my tattoo on the back of my neck.
I've already decided that one day my hair will be down on that big day, I don't want any tattoo's showing. I think it looks awful! But they were adamant that they wanted up do's so this dress made me feel much better.
It's a dress I would have never even tried on if it was for my own big day . . . but I am so glad that I did. I think it looks beautiful on with the cascade of dragonflies. It opens your mind to what other dresses will look like 'on' instead of just hanging whimsically on a rail.
If you are looking for a wedding dress in the Garden Route area, please check out Besters Bridal Boutique. They have some absolutely breathtaking dresses in their store and they are such a wonderful group of women.

What sort of dress would you wear on your wedding day?
Hope everyone has a blessed weekend!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Rose Water as Toner

Back in 2010 - 2011 when I did my make-up artistry degree, I was given a big bottle of divine smelling rose water from my tutor and told that it works as a fantastic toner.
I'd never really toned or done much else than cleanse my face with simple, plain water and cheapie moisturizer and my skin was always fine... so needless to say I was slightly sceptical.
That same bottle found home in my bathroom after that, never being put to use. Last night however, while unpacking some bathroom boxes I hadn't gotten around to doing yet, I hauled it out. Curious, I poured a bit of the rose water onto a cleansing wipe and applied it over my skin.
Instantly my skin felt soothed, revitalized and wonderful.
I decided to give you all a little bit of info about the benefits of rose water and using it as a toner... because I really enjoyed using it last night!

I hope you enjoy my little lesson for the day!

Rose water is quite literally a by-product of rose oil, distilled from fresh rose petals being put into water.
It has many benefits, from anti-aging qualities and tightening the skin pores. It also works as a fantastic moisturizer.
It is a brilliant cleanser, (I discovered this last night after my reular routine of splashing some water on my face...) it removed any excess make-up and dirt that I couldn't remove alone and was surprised by how much it did!

Make your own rosewater (which is far more pure and beneficial than what you can buy in a pharmacy) by simply putting rose petals into a jar with water and leaving it in the sun for a few days. This also looks really pretty outside your house or on a windowsill too so it's a win-win.

Rose water for hair is also a surprisingly great concept. Rose water is extremely nourishing for the scalp and works at strengthening the root hairs. It promotes hair growth, (and if you're a regular reader you'll know I'm a woman on a mission regarding hair growth right now!!!) and can even be used as a natural form of hairspray! It assists with the prevention of hair loss and can EVEN work as a great conditioner, as it stops dry and frizzy hair from entering the picture.

I'm quite sold on rosewater, I'm not sure about you... but just in case, here are a few other great uses for rosewater that I discovered online to win you over:

  • Drinking Rose Water - works as an anti-depressent and a (mild) sedative. Mix rose water syrup into a cup of creamy, cold milk and enjoy as it boosts your body with all of the essential vitamins it contains as well as the anti-oxidants, tannins and flavonoids. It assists with tension and nerves, which I am going to have to try as I suffer from anxiety and panic attacks.
  • Medicinal Uses - Rose Water has many healing qualities and works as an anti-inflammatory as well as an anti-septic.
  • Eye Mask - for tired, puffy eyes, place a cloth dipped in rose water over your eyes and rest while it works its magic.
  • Acne - Reduce the redness and swelling of acne by placing rose water on the troubled area.
Let me know if you try this amazing idea out!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Europe Tour

Hello Lovely Ladies & Gents,
Sorry that I have been so scarce this past week – but I have great reasoning!

My travel plans have finally been set in motion! My plane ticket back over to the great big jungle of London has now been booked and I have found my absolute dream Contiki  tour which I am in the process of booking as I hurriedly type this out to share the news!

Now that it has become reality and it is just a matter of weeks to go, my nerves are starting to kick in.

It worked out to be a lot more pricey than I had ever bargained for and I have yet to figure out how on earth I am going to afford nearly three weeks in London on top of a 21 day camping euro tour! It’s mainly food that is the biggest concern. Obviously I am slightly gutted not to be able to go and splash around in Primarks and Topshop but some sacrifices need to be made in order to live the dream.
I’m going to travel NOT shop. This is not a shopping trip; it is a trip of exploring, going on an adventure! It is a trip to see a small slice of the world and to find the independence that I just couldn’t muster up when I tried to go back to London at eighteen years old.
I have been given a second chance – and I am going to do everything I possibly can to make the most of it.

Along my journey I will see London, Paris, The French Riveira, The Swiss Alps, Florence, Rome, Venice, Munich, Prague, Berlin and Amsterdam!

I won’t have any extra spending money for souvenirs’ or to do a lot of the optional activities like the cabaret show in Paris for example (that show is nearly R1000.00 alone!!!) literally everything I have saved has got to go towards food and some of the optional tour guided activities that I’d be more interested in - and I have to be clever about it too. I can’t go and indulge in a Big Mac here and there; everything I eat has got to be cheap and cheerful. I have to wave goodbye to my fellow contiki group while they go and view museums etc and save my euro’s for the things that truly interest me such a Gondola ride in Venice (21 Euro’s) etc etc etc…
57 days and counting…
I feel like a swarm of frantic, confused butterflies have just been released in my stomach. I’m a cocktail mixture of excited, overwhelmed, nervous, scared and just f***** happy! I’ve been shaken AND STIRRED!
Has anyone else done a contiki tour before?
Does anyone have any packing advice? Things you never thought you’d need until you got here? Need all the advice I can get!
Hope you are all having a gorgeous weekend.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

What To Do When You're Alone on Valentines Day

Another Valentine's Day is fast approaching and I'm starting to wonder what the hell I am going to do.
As a hopeless romantic, unfortunately Valentine's Day is quite an important day for me. If I was with someone I would need to get dressed up and go for dinner with them. I'd spoil them silly with Valentine's gifts and really become a sucker for the money making holiday. It's just who I am. I love to spoil people and make people feel special.
Luckily I've been avoiding the shops so I haven't had a chance to see all the lovey-dovey cards and gifts. I haven't seen specially put together menus at fancy restaurants or even heard my friends speaking about their plans. I guess I'm blocking it out a bit.
I know how silly it is to think this way - but on a day that every couple in the universe is feeling more in love than usual and getting spoiled, you just can't help but feel a little envious.
Thankfully I am working until 7pm on Valentine's Day so at least the first few hours of the dreaded holiday can be spent focusing on work. I do however work at a spa... and we have just compiled a romantic package to share with the one you love.
Valentines Day. A Spa. Couples roaming around the front desk clinging onto each other in disgustingly sweet adoration.... ugh.
Call me the Grinch of February but I am not excited for this.
I've decided that after work on that day I am going to have a bit of a 'love-myself' pamper session.
It is going to involve face masks, a really delicious creamy pasta, a tub of lemon sorbet, a box of my favourite white lindt chocolate, a bottle of Rose, a pile of romantic films (so far I have chosen The Vow, The Lucky One, PS I Love You and The Time Travellers Wife,) and most likely a box of tissues followed by a rather decadent hour long bubble bath.

I'm hoping for rain... so that I can be completely and utterly cliche and put on massively oversized jumpers and sweat pants.
While I'm cooking my dinner I'll most probably be singing along to David Gray and while watching my movies I'll be snuggled up with my cats.
Well - that's the plan for now.
I don't think I could really bare the thought of going out, even if it is with friends. I don't want to see couples.
This all sounds extremely over-dramatic and it is. It's not that I'm not comfortable with being alone. I am. I enjoy having the time to myself... but for some reason Valentine's Day just pulls at my more sensitive heartstrings. I'm a romance novelist. Valentine's Day is one of the days I live for. I get inspiration for my books by the big romantic gestures. Now I'll have none. I'll be alone. So I'd rather just stay in a wallow in self-pity.
I'm sure it isn't going to be all that bad.
To be honest I'm actually really enjoying my own company and having quiet nights in since I've been single. It isn't as scary as I once thought it was.
I'm just being mellow-dramatic.
What are your V-Day plans?