Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Meaning of a St. Christopher Pendant

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As I will be jetting off to London in forty-odd days, my mum decided to surprise me with a stunning St. Christopher pendant to wear around my neck to accompany me on my journey.

I've always known the basic symbolic meaning of the St. Christopher - to protect you along your travels. I never needed to find out more; but I am one of those people that cannot wear something without researching all that there is to know about it first.

And so began my Google hunt.

The St. Christopher pendant is indeed believed to protect its wearer, whether they be male or female. There is no variation in the design for either sex.
The story goes that St. Christopher used to help people across a dangerous river - something that he was particularly good at due to his unique size and height.
One day, he had to assist a child across the river and as he slowly waded through the water he noticed that the child became heavier with every step he took.
St. Christopher started to struggle with the impossible weight of the small child that just kept increasing as he went on.
Once he had finally gotten the child across he asked him why he was so heavy - completely baffled by the surprising weight.
The child then revealed himself as a manifestation of Jesus Christ and replied that he had been so heavy as he carries the weight of the world's sins on his shoulders.
As St. Christopher was successfully able to carry the burden of Christ across the river, he was entrusted as Protector of all Travellers'.

Now, this was a very different post for me but I really enjoyed writing it and researching it. To be honest, I'd never even really looked too closely at the picture on one of these pendants to notice it was a man carrying a child across a river.

Oblivious much?

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  1. Love it! I have just received one as a gift from my goddaughter on her christening so when I go on my mission trip to Ghana I am protected :) such a lovely and meaningful gift to give to someone you love :)

  2. Hey, Jade :) You look lovely with that necklace. Take a look at my article about the St. Christopher medal if you're interested. Thanks. NASA Pilot takes St. Christopher medal with him

  3. Robin Turner I remember as a child my mother gave me and all of my sister's one to wear arond our necks for proctection

  4. Robin Turner I remember as a child my mother gave me and all of my sister's one to wear arond our necks for proctection

  5. Gift from my departed grandfather, to protect me on my travels


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