Friday, February 15, 2013

The White Dress

A few days ago, I did a modelling shoot for Besters Bridal Boutique and Eon Photography.
It was my first time in a bridal store - it was my first time in a wedding dress to be perfectly honest! Needless to say, I was extremely overwhelmed.
In the end, each dress just kind of morphed into one big massive cloud.
It was exactly the opposite of what I had in mind when I used to think about my first 'wedding dress fitting' experience.
I'm a very simple woman; I like pretty, elegant, simple things. I want to get married in a forest or on a beach one day . . . so these fairy-tale, princess dresses just wouldn't survive my big day.
It was difficult for me to wear these dresses and think of them as a photo-shoot dress for a company instead of a dress I LOVE and would one day wear to my wedding.

The first one is the simple, almost Greek styled 'one-shoulder' dress. That was nice. I modelled on a day that reached a high of 37 degrees here in South Africa so this dress may have just saved my life in the heat!
It was soft, flowy, light... if I had to choose between the two this would definitely be the winner but still it's not what I have in mind for my own one day.
The one thing I didn't like about this dress is that it didn't have a tail... I'm kind of a sucker for the long trail at the back! (But the following dress is just WAY too much unless you're Kate or Pippa.... see, I'm fussy!)
The second dress everyone adored for the photo-shoot. I cannot deny it, it makes for some unbelievable shots and once the sun had set it wasn't too hot in it thank goodness.
I would definitely say that this is a Winter's Dress... it is just so thick and bulky and my poor mock bridesmaid had to haul the massive tail around with her at all times!
I did like how this dress gave me some cleavage boost! I'm quite petite so any extra help is appreciated! I also really like how it hid my tattoo on the back of my neck.
I've already decided that one day my hair will be down on that big day, I don't want any tattoo's showing. I think it looks awful! But they were adamant that they wanted up do's so this dress made me feel much better.
It's a dress I would have never even tried on if it was for my own big day . . . but I am so glad that I did. I think it looks beautiful on with the cascade of dragonflies. It opens your mind to what other dresses will look like 'on' instead of just hanging whimsically on a rail.
If you are looking for a wedding dress in the Garden Route area, please check out Besters Bridal Boutique. They have some absolutely breathtaking dresses in their store and they are such a wonderful group of women.

What sort of dress would you wear on your wedding day?
Hope everyone has a blessed weekend!


  1. Awe . . . Pretty!!! =] Ima wear a pink dress <3 hehehe xx

  2. Love love love the first dress, it looks stunning on you, but its also so classic!

  3. You're so pretty! Lovely gowns! Congratulations for being their model.

    XX, IamJenniya

  4. You look awesome , the one shoulder one is great on you .

    xo Meg

  5. great post!
    new post is up!

    xx Patty & Mira

  6. Oh my gosh youre so beautiful!!! You look soo pretty in white dresses :D
    XOXO Abby

  7. you look stunning in both dresses! what a fun, and different experience for you!

  8. these turned out SO beautifully!!!! thanks for sharing!


  9. Beautiful, great post!!

  10. What gorgeous pictures! I love all of them. I loved my wedding dress but I would probably choose something different if I had to choose now.

    Classy with a Kick

  11. These pictures are absolutely gorgeous! You are stunning!


    Fashion and Beauty Finds

  12. I would absolutely LOVE to do this, pretend to be a bride and wear an amazing dress all day..erm YES please! haha.
    The one shouldered dress is literally gorgeous, you look beautiful!


  13. hi, i just nominated you for a liebster award please check my blog for the details!

  14. You look lovely in these photos! Like Daisy I've nominated you for the Liebster award too! Have a look here for details!

  15. Oh wow Jade you look just gorgeous - stunning! What a fabulous photo shoot - you must have felt like a princess! I agree I prefer the first one, it looks fabulous on you. I've never tried on a wedding dress either so I can imagine it must have felt quite strange. Congratulations on getting to participate in such a great photography project though.

    I am doing well thank you, hope you are too - you look like you are x

  16. Aww isnt it gorgeous to jump into a wedding dress just for a day? You look absolutely gorgeous. I probably would go for a playful yet elegant design when the time comes :-)

    Also like your eye make up but probably to intense for a wedding in my opinion ;-)


  17. Amazing photos!! And the wedding dress with the blue details, is gorgeous!!!
    Hi, from Greece!!

  18. What beautiful graphics! I love all of them. I adored my wedding costume but i'd typically choose some thing extraordinary if I needed to select now. just Amazing all of them.The smoke wind with white lady.
    Bridal Party Dresses


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