Tuesday, February 5, 2013

What To Do When You're Alone on Valentines Day

Another Valentine's Day is fast approaching and I'm starting to wonder what the hell I am going to do.
As a hopeless romantic, unfortunately Valentine's Day is quite an important day for me. If I was with someone I would need to get dressed up and go for dinner with them. I'd spoil them silly with Valentine's gifts and really become a sucker for the money making holiday. It's just who I am. I love to spoil people and make people feel special.
Luckily I've been avoiding the shops so I haven't had a chance to see all the lovey-dovey cards and gifts. I haven't seen specially put together menus at fancy restaurants or even heard my friends speaking about their plans. I guess I'm blocking it out a bit.
I know how silly it is to think this way - but on a day that every couple in the universe is feeling more in love than usual and getting spoiled, you just can't help but feel a little envious.
Thankfully I am working until 7pm on Valentine's Day so at least the first few hours of the dreaded holiday can be spent focusing on work. I do however work at a spa... and we have just compiled a romantic package to share with the one you love.
Valentines Day. A Spa. Couples roaming around the front desk clinging onto each other in disgustingly sweet adoration.... ugh.
Call me the Grinch of February but I am not excited for this.
I've decided that after work on that day I am going to have a bit of a 'love-myself' pamper session.
It is going to involve face masks, a really delicious creamy pasta, a tub of lemon sorbet, a box of my favourite white lindt chocolate, a bottle of Rose, a pile of romantic films (so far I have chosen The Vow, The Lucky One, PS I Love You and The Time Travellers Wife,) and most likely a box of tissues followed by a rather decadent hour long bubble bath.

I'm hoping for rain... so that I can be completely and utterly cliche and put on massively oversized jumpers and sweat pants.
While I'm cooking my dinner I'll most probably be singing along to David Gray and while watching my movies I'll be snuggled up with my cats.
Well - that's the plan for now.
I don't think I could really bare the thought of going out, even if it is with friends. I don't want to see couples.
This all sounds extremely over-dramatic and it is. It's not that I'm not comfortable with being alone. I am. I enjoy having the time to myself... but for some reason Valentine's Day just pulls at my more sensitive heartstrings. I'm a romance novelist. Valentine's Day is one of the days I live for. I get inspiration for my books by the big romantic gestures. Now I'll have none. I'll be alone. So I'd rather just stay in a wallow in self-pity.
I'm sure it isn't going to be all that bad.
To be honest I'm actually really enjoying my own company and having quiet nights in since I've been single. It isn't as scary as I once thought it was.
I'm just being mellow-dramatic.
What are your V-Day plans?


  1. Yay for being alone on Valentines day. Ima get some chocolate, do some DIY beauty treatments and watch movies all snuggled up with my blanky =] xx

  2. I am sure you will enjoy your alone time, especially with the pampering and indulge session planned. It definitely doesn't sound like a bad way to spend your night, sounds quite fun!

    Why don't you watch some girly funny movies (silly things like 'The House Bunny' and 'Shopaholic' lol) I always find that a bit of girly escapism helps me to switch off from anything that upsets me or I find depressing, not sure if that might be something you would enjoy? I just love silly escapism movies, also Disney Pixar can fix anything for me (lol)

    Janine xx
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  4. I've been dreading this question, but it sounds like you have a similar mindset to me - cheers. I'm single (don't get the violins out, I'm quite happy living in my own little bubble) so on the big V day, I will go to work as usual and come home and eat my usual dinner. It will be like any other day. I may treat myself to a glass of champagne and some pralines! The only downside of being a Grinch on V day is no pressies, so I may treat myself to some new shoes too lol x

  5. V Day is a massive pain for singletons - I think your strategy is awesome!! Although personally I would swap the romantic films for piss yourself laughing comedy ones or gory horror. Otherwise I wouldn't change a thing, you go ahead and treat yourself, you deserve it!!



  6. I love this post, I am totally with you on being the Grinch of February!! Valentine's Day is extremely corny when you think about it. I'd be happy with a DVD night in to myself.
    Thanks for your comment on my blog, now following you =) xx

  7. Lovely post! I always find myself asking this when February sinks in :>

    I'm following you now on GFC and Bloglovin, hope you follow me back :>

  8. This was a great post great idea!



  9. That 'love-myself' pamper session sounds amazing! I am thinking about doing the same thing to survive Valentines day. :)

    Kisses, Lucy :)

  10. Good for you! :) That sounds like actually a lot of fun. Hehe, I remember most of my previous Valentine days I spent watching movies like Titanic! :D But then my little niece was born (her birthday is on Valentine's) so I can always go to visit my brother and wish my little niece happy birthday! :) But as for this year, I am working the whole day, but on evening my boyfriend of almost one year promised me to make dinner! So I will see what will come out of that! :D


  11. lol.. cute blog post! going to a bar with a girl-friend is always fun.. and a great way to meet single guys.
    i'm now following you on gfc - hope you do the same xx

  12. Being by yourself can be really positive - something about it makes you self-sufficient and you learn to make yourself happy and take care of yourself. Indulging in a bit of luxury and pampering is definitely something that seems appropriate on Valentine's Day! :)

  13. I still don´t know, but this sounds like a great plan! I am following you on GFC, would be very happy if you did the same! Maybe you also wanna follow on facebook and bloglovin? Let me know! Kisses <3<3


  14. That sounds like the perfect valentines evening! I'm like you in that I love all the romantic stuff, but being single makes me envious of other people in love. Pampering evening with chocolate and a good film for me then! :)
    Jess xx


  15. i wont be alone this valentines but i can try this on the weekend sounds fun.


    xo lala

  16. I too will be spending valentines day alone, but your valentines day for one plan sounds perfect! I love ps I love you, Bridget jones is also in that rom com category! Xx

  17. I have any plans for now on that day, but Im also a hopeless romantic and still believe in magic!)
    I hope your V day will be unexpected full of Love and Smiles!!!

    Im your new follower, hope you can follow me back!)

  18. Umm, after your reading about your night of pampering...can I spend Valentine's Day with YOU? Haha - your night sounds awesome :) And one day someone will be very lucky to have you as their Valentine!

    The Other Side of Gray

  19. While reading your post, I can't help but smile. I've been there, too. Being alone and hate to see couples. Haha. I agree to stay at home and pamper yourself than get envious of the sweets going on around. By the way, thanks for commenting on my blog. I just followed you now. I hope you can get back to my blog and follow me, too.

    XX, IamJenniya

  20. I'm not that fussed about Valentines day to be honest :) I think one of my best Valentines was spent watching chickflicks and eating ice cream with my friends!!



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  23. Really interesting post like your blog. Valentine's Day really just stay home I'll play with some of my things makeup. I do manicures. Things like that.

    Well I'm following you if you follow me back.


  24. David Gray? Movies? Cats? VALENTINE'S WIN

  25. wow your valentines day plans are not far from mine! I'll probably watch Titanic, cry, and eat pastas and icecream. :) haha.


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