Sunday, March 3, 2013

Kicking off March

To kick off the month of March, the Island I stay on hosted this beautiful Sun Downers' Music Festival. 
It was such a gorgeous day and I heard that about 700 people attended, which for our little Island, is a huge amount!
I, unfortunately, did not get to go to the festival as I had to work and also head out of town for the evening - but from seeing the mass amount of cars as I drove past, I knew that it was going to be a great success.
When I returned home late that evening my folks, who I have recently moved back in with, urged me to pour myself a glass of wine, (how could I have said no?) and come sit with them while listening to the live band that I'd missed from the festival.
The pair of them could not stop raving about how fantastic the show had been and I had to admit that the music was beautiful.
They are a Cape Town based band called Blacksmith and they honestly blew me away. From the patio I could hear banjos, bass, violin, harmonica's and the most divine set of vocal chords I think I have ever had the privilege of hearing live.
It just so happens that they had booked accommodation at the African Breeze Guest House - my neighbours.
Coincidence? I think not!
I think my parents were living in the days of their youth because after toying with the idea of gate crashing their party for literally all of two seconds, (I mean come on, this amazing live band playing right next door to us?! What would you have done?!) and topping up our drinks, we all walked over to our new neighbours who we had yet to meet and my father gave me my first 'How To Gate-Crash A House Party' lesson 101!!
It was absolutely hilarious - a proper bonding moment with him. I haven't laughed and smiled that much with either of them in so long, it was a lovely feeling to reconnect. Things have been so difficult lately with his illness. Life has not been easy. My break-up plays a large part in the chaotic mess too and as the house is still a clutter of boxes.. it is less than ideal. Last night however, we all just let our guard down and had such a fantastic, easy evening.
Turns out our new neighbour is an Aussie lady that I used to personal train in the gym and after literally letting ourselves into their house, she couldn't have been merrier!
The band played the most incredible Irish / Folk songs for a handful of lucky listeners' and I was surprised by how many people were in the band.
Ranging from literally 20 years old all the way up to 60+ these are a group of seven people that are quite honestly breath-taking.
Folk music has become a wonderful pleasure for me since discovering Mumford and Sons but this band was even better!
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  1. that's great you got your bond with you father - great post :)

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  3. Sounds like a great festival hun and imagine finding a band better than Mumford & Sons at your local festival.

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  7. Pretty sure I'm still thinking ab how you live on an island and how I don't. Sigh. So jealous!


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