Saturday, March 9, 2013

Safe Haven - Book Review

Yesterday I finished Safe Haven; the first Nicholas Sparks novel I have ever read.
I bought the book a week ago, thinking it would last me until the flight over to London but it turns out that I could not put the book down!
Nicholas Sparks is absolutely fantastic - I've always known that he was a great story-teller, (I'd seen The Notebook and A Walk To Remember,) but although I am a complete bookworm at heart, I'd never taken the time to kick back and relax with anything more than the films based on his novels.
When I heard that yet another one of his books was being released as a film I jumped at the chance to read it first, before it comes out in South Africa... and I am so glad that I did!
Without giving away too much, the story is about Katie Feldman, a woman who runs away from someone dangerous from her past and about her trials of starting over and finally discovering independence.
I think the reason I found this novel so endearing was because it was based on a woman starting over. A woman who discovers what it was like to be alone for the first time; how she overcomes her fears and finally understands that she doesn't need people in her life that continuously put her down and hurt her, no matter how much she loves them.
This book isn't just your regular romance either - like most of Nicholas Sparks stories, there are twists and turns that make it impossible to put down or pause, (if you're more of a film watcher...). This book has suspence, thrill, romance, drama... it is a little bit of everything perfectly brewed together into a cup of delicious literature.
I haven't been reading as much as I'd like to - but after the first page of Safe Haven, my love for books came spiralling right back and in literally one week I devoured every page.
Safe Haven is the Creme Brulee on the menu of treats. After unwillingly reaching the last page, I thrust it into my mother's hands and forced her to read it too. I'd suggest it to anyone, as I think all woman would find it a fabulous story and pick up different things from it.  
There's no denying that it was pretty delightful to imagine Alex, the lead male character, as Josh Duhamel... Knowing who will play the characters is really something I enjoyed - as now I'll be able to watch the movie and see how different I imagined them portraying their characters or how accurate I was!
One last tiny thing... there is quite a nail-biting, spine chilling twist at the end that I did NOT see coming at all!!!
I did a sneaky and watched the trailer for Safe Haven on YouTube... oh lordy. I cannot wait!
Have you read Safe Haven yet? If so - what are your thoughts? If not, tell me if this was enough to tempt you! :)
I'm about to start a new book called 'Never Let Me Go,' by Susan Lewis. Anyone read that?
Happy Reading, lovely blogger friends'!


  1. I am so weird! I like to watch the movies first and then read the book. lol That way, the movie is surprising and the book fills in all the blanks :)

  2. i have read many nicholas sparks books and i am so happy to hear you enjoyed this story so much, theres nothing better than losing yourself in another world for a week. but i have come to the conclusion that when it comes to nicholas sparks his stories make better movies than they do novels. then again, i just earned my bachelors in english creative writing so im trained to be judgmental/critical of books. i hope one day i can suggest my own book for you to read! but for now, just finished gone girl by gillian flynn and if you havent read that stop what youre doing right this second and go buy it and start it, talk about a story you cannot under any circumstances put down and reese witherspoon is producing the movie version so you know its a story worth knowing and becoming a part of xo

  3. Thanks for sharing I love reading the book before the film but then I am always disappointed by the film lol b/c of all the details they leave out. I have been wanting to see the help but haven't read the book yet lol.


  4. I'm a huge fan of Nicholas Sparks as well! Glad you liked Safe Haven so much!


    Crystal's Beauty Corner

  5. When are you coming to the UK?

    I am the same with books, once I'm hooked I'll read so quickly!



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