Friday, April 19, 2013

Asparagus Breakfast Recipe : Egg and Soldiers

It was in an apartment in Shoreditch overlooking the graffitied walls of Brick Lane, that I was first introduced to this recipe. 

Egg and Soldiers is a classic breakfast dish that I grew up with as a kid. It was my favourite in fact, dipping my buttered toast into the runny, warm and rich yolk of a soft boiled egg, seasoned lightly with some ground salt and pepper. 

This dish is a little different however... 


  • A Batch of Fresh Asparagus
  • Duck or Chicken Eggs
  • A Pan of Boiling Water
  • Salt and Pepper to Season
Snap your asparagus down the centre, keeping the speared end to use for your dish and the other to use in a stock pot at a later stage if you want to. 

The asparagus will snap where the fibrous, woody and tough part starts, which starts to happen as the asparagus is harvested. 
In other words: Starch to Sugar. 

Once your egg is softly boiled (4 mins for a duck egg and 3 mins for a chicken egg,) remove from the water and crack open at the top. 

While your eggs are boiling, plop the asparagus in with them for a maximum of two minutes. 

Grind a mixture of salt and pepper onto the side of your plate to dip the asparagus in after plunging the spears into the yolk. 

I had been so excited to cook with asparagus for such a long time and I really wasn't disappointed. 

I love this breakfast dish and will definitely be preparing it on a more regular basis. 

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  1. this sounds delcious! and healthy! definitely a must try. thanks!


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