Friday, April 19, 2013

Shoreditch, Covent Garden and Soho...

Back in London, I explored the insides of the Tate Modern museum, trying to figure out why anybody would call Liechtenstein's cartoon styled, dotted work 'art.'  
I personally found standing centimetres away from original Jackson Pollock, Pablo Picaso and Monet art pieces far more superior and worthy. The Jackson Pollock piece brought literal tears to my eyes, (behind the goofball demeanour as seen in the photographs taken!).

More shows came after my arrival back into central London too... The Book of Mormon's, which I was both hesitant and excited to see came first and I knew it would be hilarious but getting through the first few discomforting scenes would be incredibly difficult for someone even slightly religious. I do think that they took it a bit far flipping off God to that extent but after one or two pretty offending songs I started to laugh along with the rest of the audience and begin to really enjoy the show. It was hilarious, with a cast with facial features and expressions almost too perfect for what it was! 

Before Alice's Adventures in Wonderland the Ballet, I was taken shopping in Harrods for nice shoes for the evening. It appeared that my shoes I'd lugged across from Africa just didn't measure up to standard in the likes of the Royal Opera House watching the ballet in yet again the best seats in the house. 
I had Jimmy Choo heels slipped on my feet . . . just seeing a pair up close and personal had been a dream of mine for more years than I'd like to remember. 
I felt far too uncomfortable to have a pair bought for me, as it is the equivalent of about R5000.00 back home!! A girl can dream.......
And so I opted for a pair of Aldo's out of the sea of miraculous heels. I was thankful for not getting Jimmy Choo's at the end of it though as I fell on my arse in front of a less than impressed taxi driver obviously assuming I'd probably drunk my body weight in booze. That moment will forever be something that will make me cringe. I scuffed my beautiful new shoes - I was heartbroken. 

Country Girl + Heels = A Bad Combination

Jade in General = A Disaster Waiting to Happen.

Alice in Wonderland was by far the most spectacular performance yet. I was in absolute awe and have never felt more lucky. I had, at this stage, been introduced to a whole new side of life that I'd always wanted to be a part of if only for just one day. 

I did however pretty much collapse the luxurious evening when I decided to go out afterwards until 4am. I was just so excited to see some familiar faces and meet up with old friends that I had not seen for years. 
I went to a bar called Sushi Samba, which is up on the 39th floor of a massive sky-scraper, one floor below The Duck and Waffle. 
I went up in the glass lift where you can overlook London at its best. It did not disappoint. 
It was here where I met Jamie (someone that I have known since about the age of 3,) and introduced to his gay friend, Lindsay, who I adored from straight off the bat. We got on like a house on fire. 

Sushi Samba closed shortly after I got there so I was unable to enjoy a drink and the view there unfortunately! We had to venture to this really grungy, underground nightclub by the night bus and paid £5.00 each to get in. 
I had one Gin and Tonic and enjoyed as much dancing as possible in my new, already-scuffed heels before coming back to crash in my flat in Shoreditch. 

The following day I met up with an old school friend called Joanna. After depleting a jug and a half of Pimms in Boxpark, we trekked through the streets to find shoe stores while nattering the whole way like we had seen each other just yesterday. 

I was able to find a really nice pair of ankle boots in New Look, stepping up a notch in the London Fashion World.
We then found a bar called The Book Club later in the evening, (honestly, how much shopping can two girls do in a day!?) where we played a few rounds of table tennis before Jamie joined us after work. 

The three of us enjoyed some drinks and table tennis together before I headed off to Pizza East for dinner, where, ironically enough, I preferred their Mac and Cheese to their pizza . . . 

As I slowly became more streetwise and comfortable with exploring the streets of London alone, as well as learning the intimidating tube system, I found my way from a little coffee shop in Soho surrounded by sex shops and strip clubs, to Covent Garden. That might not seem like such a big challenge to some... but let me just point out here just how bad my sense of direction is!

I sat on the concrete steps in the centre of Covent Garden, watching a female street performer in a pink leotard and shiny gold hot pants juggle three knives whilst dangling upside down from a metal pole.

The street performers in and around London are absolutely mad. There is just so much here to be fascinated by.

Joanna met me by the steps that afternoon, feeling more than a little hungover from our sneaky Pimms jug and G and T's the previous day!
We sat ourselves down at a famous french bistro called Laduree where we had tea and macaroons, which was delicious although personally I do think that £2.00 per macaroon, (the equivalent of R30.00 back home,) is a bit extreme! At the same time though it is a real treat and one of the best macaroon spots in town, so why not? When next would Jo and I see each other again?? And so the decision was made to spoil ourselves slightly.

After our snack, we took a walk in the sunlight, (I swear I stole all of South Africa's sunshine and brought it here with me!) and we found our way to the British Museum after a wrong turn or two . . . or  if you want to get technical, three. 

The exciting thing is that in London, even if you do take a wrong turn and get hopelessly lost, there is always something to interest you around the next bend. That is one of the things that I love most about London. 

The British museum was spectacular. I honestly think that you'd need to stay there for a week at the minimum to be able to take it all in and see all that it has to offer. 
The majority of my time was spent with the mummies and the Buddha's. I covered a slight part of Mexico's history too and also found 7000 years worth on the history of Jade, which naturally I had to inspect. 
The mummies definitely stole the show though and as I crammed myself into a corner to read all of the information provided, I was knocked about left, right and centre by all of the excited tourists wanting to press their faces against the glass to ogle at every beautiful artefact. 
There was so much to learn in there. It is magical to have that much under one roof. Each and every artefact must be worth hundreds of thousands of pounds. 

Eventually we moved on to find Oxford Street, enjoying a tasty fast food lunch along the way.
For the record, and no offence to any fast food chains, but after having my food knowledge further widened, I will no longer be a fast food supporter. 
It does slightly break my heart knowing that I'll be abstaining from delicious fast food burgers from this point on, I mean come on, there is no denying that they are tasty as hell, but the amount of chemicals, processing and fat poured into those meals quite literally makes me sick. 

Moving on!!!

So we went all the way to Oxford Street and all we bought between us was a bottle of clear nail polish for Jo and a disposable razor for me as I stepped on mine in the shower and snapped off the handle. 

We said our goodbye's in the middle of rush hour (bedlam!) and went our separate ways on the tubes. . .  her back to Hemel Hampstead and me off to Sloane Square to get dinner at this really authentic Chinese Restaurant that doesn't believe in menu's. They ask you to trust their choice, after taking down any dietary requirements and asking if you're alright with consuming brain. 
It was here, after getting completely lost (once again!) in a super swanky part of London and finding my way into a billionaires pub filled with men in business suits relaxing after their day at work, where I tried things such as tongue, jellyfish and frogs legs for the first time! All of which were absolutely impeccable but my mindset about chewing of a tongue did freak me out slightly I must admit. 
Lets just say that I am a work in progress.

The 17th of April was my first day of having no plans. I know that I should have gotten up early to attend Margaret Thatchers funeral, as it is a once in a lifetime event and the show that they must have put on must have been nothing short of a phenomenon. I think that the next funeral to match one of Thatchers will quite possibly be the Queen's herself.
However, I really enjoyed lounging around in my hoodie, updating my blog and just pampering myself in the bathroom with the likes of my new razor!


That brings me to today, sitting in an aromatic coffee shop with a brand new hair cut and nails, one of my many early birthday gifts from a friend.
I got treated yesterday to a spa day at this incredible place called Richard Ward, apparently where Kate Middleton goes to get her hair done.
I had a really luxurious hair treatment and a cut and blow dry, to take off my split ends as well as a manicure.
Champagne was included in the treatment as well as loads of little snacks... it really has been the glam part of my travels, the last few weeks. Soon enough I'll be setting up a tent every night and travelling my way through Europe for a month!! Just a few days to go. I may get quiet again after that but I'll do my best with keeping you all as updated as I can.

Until next time, 



  1. It looks like you had a fabulous time - great photos!
    Would love you to check out my latest outfit post :)
    Have a wonderful weekend Hun xoxo

  2. Sounds like you're having a great time and lots of fab adventures.

    I don't think there would've been a 'show' for Margaret Thatcher's funeral though so I doubt you missed anything.



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