Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Lake District

Soon enough it was time for me to head out on my road-trip to The Lake District out in the countryside and boy was it different to London! Besides the distinct lingering smell of rich manure and freshly cut grass, the awful signal and lack of things to do in the evenings - I had a superb time there. 
It was homey. 
I even had the pleasure of dining at a Simon Rogan restaurant, with a set menu of about sixteen courses of complete and utter culinary perfection. It was quite odd to have such an elite establishment set up in a tractor run, cobbled-street town. Dressing up and feeling like a million quid out in the heart of the countryside was a strange contrast of events.  

I got really ill in The Lake District though whilst out on a hike / walk through a beautiful forest adorned with waterfalls and mounds of the final remains of snow fall. One of the evenings was spent with me curled up feeling like death in bed alone, having slept for just under sixteen hours, not being able to keep anything down or even hear the word, 'food,' without needing to gag. 
It seemed to be a 24 hour bug thank goodness and the next day I was ready to travel again. 

Besides the odd snowball fight and walk in the forest, most of The Lake District was spent huddled close to a coal fireplace in a cosy English pub playing games like, 'Shut the Box,' or, 'Scrabble.'

My favourite parts were definitely going Clay Pigeon Shooting, which I was surprisingly good at! Especially for my first time. The instructor was really blown away by how quickly I picked it up. I mean, I'm no expert but I hit my targets every so often!
Also playing a round of Crazy Golf, which I won! (Thanks dad, definitely your little girl!) 

I also visited my Hometown on the way back to London too, which was a beyond special moment for me. I had a proper walk down memory lane, surprising myself with my memory of where things were from the Mcdonald's by the roundabout, the old Safeways which has now turned into a supermarket called Morrison's, the old Hightown fish and chip shop at the corner of my old friend Kae's house, the little blue local newsagent my mum would take me into as a kid to pick up some sweeties and animal magazines after school, the Primary School I attended, the little lane I would walk nearly every day to get to school with my brother... it was as though I had never left.
I sipped on my first Dandelion and Burdock in years and even stood outside my first ever house!!
I had a drink in the Coach and Horse's pub, my folks regular hangout as new, funky parents back in the 90's.

It was surreal and a truly fascinating day for me that I will always remember.

More of my London shenanigans will be soon to come! It has been such a busy three weeks, I can hardly find the time to sit down and have a quiet moment at all! Be patient, it's coming!



  1. Ah, what a lovely trip down memory lane is must've been to go back to your old town. Your photos from the Lake District are lovely, it's one of my favourite places in the UK.


  2. Omg and this is where I grew up as a child, Lytham is about half an hour away from the Lake District it's so beautiful there. Looks like you've been having a pretty epic time xx


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