Sunday, June 30, 2013


I'm so lucky in so far as the fact that I can pretty much pull off any hairstyle. 


Short, Platinum Blonde with Dark Underneath

Wavy and Dark with Side Sweep Fringe


Platinum Blonde

Pitch Black Hair


Attempted Ombre Hair

Long Dark Brown Hair

Pixie Cut: Dark

Current - Pixie Cut: Dark Hair with Highlights

Which one do you think is the best?

I've been more... I've been red, black with blue streaks etc etc but I couldn't photographs of those stages and phases!

I'm thinking about trying this out next:

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Saturday, June 29, 2013

What I Wore on Friday Night

Last night I went out and met up with an old friend of mine called, Gustav, who was visiting town. 
I hadn't seen this guy in such a long time so I was really excited to catch up with him and have a good bottle of wine. 

The outfit I wore, I have just realized, is all proudly South African! 

The place we went to was very la-dee-da.

What I Wore:
Floral Dress - Edgars
Tights - Woolworths
Heels - Mr. Price 

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Friday, June 28, 2013

Second Hand Heart by Catherine Ryan Hyde : Book Review

At first, I wasn't sure that I liked the style of Hyde's writing.  

She wrote the book in diary form from the perspective of a nineteen year old girl called Vida, who is suffering from a severe heart problem. 

Her diary appeared to be very straight forward, kind of like 'and then we went to the park.' Full Stop. 'It was nice.' Full Stop. 

Then I thought it through, how would you be writing as a nineteen year old girl who literally cannot do anything but sit and wait for a new heart to be available? Sit and wait for a donor to die??? Or... sit and wait for herself to die...
Even going outdoors is a risk for her, there's no wonder the poor girl writes with half-hearted emotion (pun intended). 
That is literally what I thought in the beginning, that this story lacked emotion.

I didn't even notice I had devoured half of the book in one sitting until I paused to make myself a cup of tea.

What a delectable, beautiful story!

The book was also written in a sequence of emails and thoughts from a man by the name of Richard, to his mother-in-law, Myra; as well as a journal he begins inspired by Vida.

Richard and Vida are connected in the most unfortunate but special way possible.
Vida was on the top of the heart-transplant list and Richard's wife was a donor. One night, a tragic accident happens on the roads, leaving Richard a widow. As his wife's organs are distributed to patients in need, Vida finds herself getting wheeled into surgery to receive the heart.

Although Myra attemps to keep Richard away from the hospital, he cannot help himself. He ventures into Vida's room and lays eyes on the frail, borderline-annorexic nineteen year old who now has his wife's heart enclosed inside of her.

Although Richard is in his late thirties, Vida begins to reach out to Richard. She claims to be in love with him and starts to remember certain things that she couldn't possibly remember - so she starts to research cellular memory.

Eventually she gets Richard's attention on the matter and he goes off on a journey to find out all that he can about cellular memory; to see if there is any possible way that this girl could actually 'love' him and remember him.

Vida herself embarks on her first journey away from the suffocating grip of her controlling mother and the rejection she felt from Richard.
She and her best friend, Esther, a ninety-something year old German woman get driven to an old concentration camp by Esther's driver, Victor, who has the serious hots for Vida.

It is the first time that Vida is able to experience life, but will she know how?

Her mother is frantic and worried, not knowing where she is.

Will Vida return?

Will Richard come to find her and confess he finally believes her?

Does Vida really love Richard? Is there really something behind this cellular memory theory???

Absolutely incredible story that I enjoyed 110%.

It is also completely unpredictable! Whenever you think you know what is going to happen next, you are always, without fail, pleasantly surprised.

This has been one of the best novels I have ever had the pleasure of reading and reviewing.

Do yourself a favor and get a copy of this book... NOW!!

This book gets a big thumbs up from me! 

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Chocolate Tequila - My Nemesis

Oh. My. God. My head.

It is 08h11 on chilly Thursday morning. Do not ask me why I'm up. I only have work at 10h00.

If you've read previous posts of mine, you'll know I do not do tequila. Under any circumstances. 
A) it tastes and smells vile. 
B) it does weird things to me bro!!!! 

SO..... last night... a very unexpected night out on the town when I had originally planned to bond with my new DVD player because my old one left me -sad face- 
I'm getting off track here. Where was I? 
Unexpected night out on the town.. yes... hence the bad quality photographs taken from the trusty Blackberry again (sorry guys) I knocked back a few jagermeisters and then went to a club in town where a live band called Steeler was playing.

It was at this club where I thought I had the best damn jagermeister of my life. In between dancing and kicking everyone's butt's at pool (haha) my friend Shaheen bought us a round of jagermeister coloured shooter................... little did I know what it actually was. 


Chocolate tequila. 

I felt like I was sliding down a multi-coloured rainbow for the rest of the night... OK I don't know why I added in the multi-coloured part because that's what a rainbow is, isn't it? I blame the tequila. I think I'm still drunk. 

OK... Let's get to the point besides my insane promotional skills for chocolate tequila.

What I Wore Last Night (if I remember...)

TWO... I repeat, TWO pairs of Tights. It was cold - Woolworths
White Jumper - Mr Price (found in maternity section)
Floral Skirt - Mr Price (not found in maternity section)
Bangles - Mr Price (yes I am aware I am a slight Mr. Price whore. I swear they didn't pay me to do this... although I wish they had....)
Gold Chain - Mum's jewellery (private store...)

So that about wraps it up for today bloggerino's... 

Have a fabulous weekend if I don't catch up with you before then! - but I'm sure I will. 

I'm going to go and find a hangover cure now before work. 
Any suggestions?

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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Pisa - Italy

On our drive from France to Florence, Italy, we made a quick pit stop to be complete and utter tourists in Pisa for one reason and one reason only:

Why, this big guy behind us of course!!! 

...It was a love at first sight...

But soon it became a bit of a 'love-hate' relationship you see. The thing is that this devious bastard just wouldn't co-operate with my shameful amount of attempts to catch a good picture of us together. 
You wouldn't think that a famous tourist-slut like this big guy would be camera shy but my theory is that he really is!! 

So eventually I just had a fight with him.

Guess who won?

Yes. That is me... toppling off of a pillar I climbed up to kick the crap out of The Leaning Tower of Pisa. 

Epic Fail.

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Sunday, June 23, 2013


While my friends and I were staying in The French Riviera for a few days, we hopped across to Monaco to visit the Monte Carlo Casino.
This was our excuse to get dressed to the max, well, as max'ed as you can get on a 21 day camping / backpacking trip around Europe! I think we all gave a valiant effort!

On our way to the casino we visited the palace that the royal family resides in - stunning!!!
We also drove along the same track that the Formula 1 races will be held on which was a pretty amazing moment really. How often do you get to watch some adrenalin-rushing sport on telly and get to say, 'Oh! I've been there!'?

Sadly, I lasted all of two minutes around a blackjack table inside of the casino. I lost my twenty euro's just as fast as I put it in - then I realised that I should rather spend my limited cash at the bar and watch the more experienced people give it a bash. So I tottered off to a grand little bar in the corner, my proverbial tail between my legs and ordered a horrifically strong Bloody Mary.  I watched as each of my friends slowly did the same as I did, some venturing off to the slot machines and some, like me, lingering around the tables to watch the pros.
I'm normally pretty decent in blackjack and poker - it must be something to do with the intimidating environment. There are all these upper class business-men in Hugo Boss suits floating around and sour faced losers working on your nerves as their chips slowly deplete.

So all in all, Monaco was not very kind to me and my puny purse but it was jaw-droppingly beautiful nontheless.
A few Euro's shorter than I like to admit, we left France and headed back into Italy.. to a beautiful city in Tuscany called Firenze.

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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Outfit of the Night

What I Wore:

Top - H&M
Boots - H&M
Jeans - Sissy Boy
Ear-Piece - H&M
Leather Jacket - YDE
Silver Necklace - St. Christopher
Leather Handbag - Somewhere in Venice

I have fallen so in love with my top, which is a find from H&M about a month ago. Beyonce wears it in one of their fashion shoots... see, see, right there: 


In light of my good friend Rene's going away party last night, I took the opportunity to dress up and go a little bit cray-cray on the dance-floor. Because, well... why not? It has been a while since I have been able to have some quality time with two of my closest friends: Coco and Rene. 
Also, as you can CLEARLY tell from my previous post, it has been a while since I consumed alochol too........ scouts honor!

We went to a local club in town called Zanzibar where a live band called Zebra & Giraffe were playing. We had such a wonderful evening of dancing and having the usual far too deep heart-to-hearts once a few drinks were in us - we all got pretty emotional about Rene leaving but at the same time we are all so happy for her too. The town we live in is really small and when you're in your twenties, there really isn't much in the way of opportunities over here. So, she has taken the plunge into the big wide open world and moving to a big city! I am so proud of her and wish her all the best for the future - may we always remain close friends and see each other often.

So raise your wine glasses, Bloggers'... to one of the most wonderful, kind-hearted ladies I have ever had the pleasure of meeting: 


On that note... here are a few shots (the photographic sense of the word... not the drink! Thank God...) of our night out and what it all entailed, parental guidance is advised. Not suitable for photo sensitive viewers. Also.... you may possibly get nightmares..... just saying:

As you can see, it all started off with us acting pretty socially acceptable - some slight gangster-tivity going on but on a whole things were going great with our new found friend, Marnus.

Add a live band, a few more drinks and a shooter or two and this is the outcome: 

(Definitely not Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice..... the ingredients chosen to create the perfect little girls!!)

Bubbles. Buttercup. And Blossom??? See the resemblance? It's uncanny!!!

"Blossom, commander and the leader 

Bubbles, she is the joy and the laughter 
Buttercup, she's the toughest fighter 
Powerpuffs save the day... 
Fighting crime, trying to save the world 
Here they come just in time, the Powerpuff Girls 
Fighting crime, trying to save the world 
Here they come just in time, the Powerpuff Girls 

Seriously.. we deserve our own TV show with this shit!

We did manage to get one or two decent enough looking shots in the mix though, but they aren't nearly as much fun. I've added them in though so that you can see that we aren't completely and utterly bonkers.... No. Wait. We still are... regardless:

So... to conclude this fashion gone wrong post of the day.... this is my analysis of the night:



Our alter-egos were set free. Yep. I think I pretty much nailed this one. 

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