Sunday, June 16, 2013

10 Years Movie Review

Channing Tatum. Enough to make me watch any film if you just mention his name.
I'd seen the trailer and thought it looked quite good, so I booked it out at the rental store and settled down to watch it with my folks last week.
One of the girls I work with told me that she didn't enjoy it. She told me that is was a bit, 'all over the place,' but I decided to give it a go anyway.
My take on it:
It was a sloppier, messier version of Love Actually, based on a group of old school friends at their ten year high school reunion. It tells the unique stories of each friend, going in depth into each person's life after ten years.
The whole film is based on one night which makes it slightly slow paced but I wouldn't say it was a bad film. I enjoyed it. There is a certain warmth to it that kept it going.
It is not a film I would rush to see again or recommend to someone who is bored and needing something to do... in all honesty after a few days I have appeared to have forgotten quite a large portion of the film which is saddening because a film should be something that sticks with you for a while after you watch it.
I'll never have a high school reunion due to moving around so much at that age unfortunately, so that made me feel slightly envious which wasn't a good tone to set but that is just my own personal problem.
Overall, it's a good cast and each actor / actress gets their own shining moment, but the predictability of it completely ruins it.
Did anyone else notice though, just how BIG Tatum looks in this film??? I couldn't help but be shocked! Please tell me someone else noticed??


  1. Fab review, darling!
    Love Channing Tatum :)


  2. Great review ^^


  3. nice post honey, i really love this review!


    1. Thank you! Checking out your blog now, too! xx

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    1. I'll take a look, thanks for dropping by!

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