Saturday, June 1, 2013

6 Vital Things I Learned From My Exes

All (yes, all...) men secretly get into The Bachelor.
It is true. If forced to sit down and watch it, every single male I know end up addicted to the show that sadly steals me away every Friday night.  Even my father. Hilarious.

How to roll your own cigarette.
A noble sport. A (disgusting) skill that has been wasting away since my decision to quit smoking last year. It's been going well, too! One or two nights have occurred where a ciggie has found its way into my hand (thanks for that reminder, Gareth!) but not for a good few months now!

How to hold my liquor.
Friday night used to be, 'Lets Get Pissed on Brandy and Do Stupid Shit,' night... and boy did we. I think that my liver developed an immunity to alcohol at a very tender age.
Ok... that's a lie. I still get drunk and make an utter ass of myself every so often. Sorry mum.

That gangster / hip hop music is STILL shit.
No explanation needed.

How to surf. 
Ok. Let me clarify this. I am not 'good...' but at least I can stand up. I've nailed the basics and the satisfaction that it gives me is beyond addictive. It is without a doubt one of the worlds best feelings.

The difference between champagne, prosecco and cava. 
Probably the most vital one yet... don't believe me?
Champagne: From the Champagne region. It's not proper champagne if it does not say it is from Champagne.
Prosecco: Italian.
Cava: Spanish.
The variety of grapes used to make each one makes them unique too. Soil composition also comes into play as well as climates and methods of their production. Google this for a more in depth lesson. I find it fascinating... and also delicious.



  1. Haha, this is a great post! Too bad I didn't get any skills outta mine!

    xoxo, Julie @ OBSESSED

    1. I did have to have a long, HARD think about it... this is all I came up with.

  2. Great post...
    Re The Bachelor and men
    I still have to try it on my hubby he likes the Discovery Channel and those men stuff too much... yes the ones that bore women.

    Props to you for quitting on smoking
    Drinking... don't give it up completely... it is too much fun.

  3. I agree with the how to hold my liquor and rap music - and I did not know about the different names of bubbly!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  4. Haha! I love this. We have to learn something from our ex's right?

    Tasteful Texan

  5. Being able to say that you surfed at all is pretty awesome I think! :) Thanks for your comment on my blog. I appreciate it.


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