Saturday, June 15, 2013

Outfit of the Day

It's not often that I suffer from 'major' hangovers. I always know when enough is enough and believe that a glass of red wine every night is good for your heart! That is my theory and I am sticking with it!
Well, the morning after these photographs were taken.... my head felt like it was exploding.
It was a Thursday evening and because my work schedule always varies, I was off the following day! So, naturally, I ordered a bottle of wine to share with my friend Claire while we caught up in our regular bar.
We depleted the bottle of wine and went on to order more by the glass! To make matters worse, I hadn't had time for dinner as I arrived at the bar directly after work.
That was my big mistake.
I vow from here on in to NEVER drink on an empty stomach!!!
My one day off was spent with me feeling very sorry for myself, nursing a mother of a hangover at home - but it was a fab evening and I got to see a friend I hadn't seen in months!
I loved my outfit. The pink jacket was from a store in Amsterdam. I'll have to check the label inside to give you the designer if interested but I loved the cut and the color and pretty much everything about the jacket!
I also got to break out my beautiful Guess heels (which I can barely walk in...) for the first time all year.
What I Wore:
Beige Vest - Oasis
Jeans - Sissy Boy
Heels - Guess
Jacket - ? (Amsterdam Bargain)
Scarf - Mr. Price
Bag - Mr. Price
Bangles - Mr. Price 


  1. Omg I love those shoes!

    1. Thanks so much! They were a present for my 21st!


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