Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The French Riviera - France


The Billionaires Playground.
Around my friends and my trip of a large slice of Europe, this was one of our stops. After winding through the roads of The Swiss Alps and cutting through Italy, we finally arrived.
You really cannot hide your awe and complete fascination in Nice. It is a truly magical part of France, with glorious villa's overlooking the yachts and cruise ships slowly gliding along the aqua blue water.
We spent our time here visiting the famous Fragonard Perfumery where we were given a lesson on how perfume is made. We were taken on a tour around all of the labs and got to experience each of the stages in the process.
There is a lovely retail area at the end of the tour where you can buy a bottle of your preferred scent to take back home with you as a souvenir and let me just tell you here, there are some pretty beautiful smells to choose from so come with some cash ready!
If you're in a big group like we were, you have the option of buying a box-set of your preferred perfumes which entails a great discount; they also make great gifts for your friends and family. There are some divine men's cologne's available too so don't think your man won't even slightly enjoy a quick trip here too!
Thereafter we all ventured into the heart of the town where a really friendly French lady went above and beyond to accommodate us all at her teeny-tiny restaurant for lunch! It's a tough world out there - every restaurateur wants you to come and experience a meal at their cafe!
Each place will offer you a certain discount or lead you in with promises of no service charge. You've really got so many options, it's great!
I really enjoyed a number of fabulous cocktails and an oversized bowl of delicious pesto pasta, but all of the food was pretty amazing! 
After lunch the weather warmed so we all strolled along the streets, letting the sun wrap around us in the afternoon light. All of the markets were set up with vintage bargains, tourist souvenir stalls and clothing stores. I hunted down the first bikini in my size and bought it on a whim, wanting nothing more than to go and jump into the icy water of the French Riviera. You just have to, don't you!? No matter how cold it is, how could you come all the way here from across the globe and not!? I stayed in that water for a good ten minutes before dashing across the pebbles to a nearby clothing store with Damian and buying an, 'I Love Nice,' towel to dry off with.
The beaches are nothing like what I am used to back home. They are adorned with pebbles! It was so weird to get used to that compared to the silky, sandy beaches I am used to where you can lie out on your towel and doze off - but it added to the atmosphere and made it just that much more beautiful.
We all climbed up the castle park known as the Ascenseur Du Chateau which a few of us were dreading slightly as we were still knackered from our hike up The Eiffel Tower.
Stairs were the last thing we wanted to see... but once up at the top, the views were absolutely breath-taking.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Nice, if anything it was far too short!
Where has your favorite place been in your travels so far?


  1. I could go for some pesto pasta right about now! And I've always wanted to see those pebbly beaches, so strange and different!!

    1. Pesto is divine! You should check out my recipe page! I made my own Almond pesto pasta.. such a delicious recipe! Left the link for you below:


  2. Wow, these pictures are so pretty! It looks amazing to be there! Thanks so much for commenting on my blog and for following me! It means a lot, and of course I am following you back! Keep in touch! xx Pip

    Easy Outfits by Pip

    1. Thanks so much! Unfortunately I can't take credit for the pebble photography! My friend Kirsti took those gorgeous shots!

      Thanks for the follow xxxxx

  3. These pictures are lovely, everything looks amazing; I so want to go on a vacation after seeing these pictures, I bet you had a great time and you look so beautiful.

    Pop Culture&Fashion Magic

    1. Ah thank you so much Sara! It was absolutely life-changing xxx

  4. The pictures are so lovely on your blog. It looks like an amazing experience :)
    Definitely followed! xx

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  6. Beautiful pictures! I'd like to go there sometime!
    Would you like to follow each other?



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