Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Weekend Madness

I do not have your normal 8-5pm, Monday-Friday job. I get one weekend off a month, so when that time eventually comes around, things tend to get a little bit mad.

To kick it off, my friends and I met up at a local sports bar and restaurant called Mos On Rex, otherwise known as The Best Damn Place In Town! 
We watched South Africa absolute annihilate Italy in the rugby match and had a good old celebration after our big win. 

This guy right here is most definitely the best guy in all the world. He is everything to me and my dearest, dearest friend. I am the luckiest lady ever.
We started our day off with the most amazingly relaxing massages at the spa, followed by a mini road-trip just outside of town to our local surf spot. For winter, the weather was delectable! So we soaked up the sun and watched the waves roll in while drinking double vodka's with dry lemon with a couple of other mates of ours. 
We ended up getting slightly too tipsy as we made our way back into town to a half price sushi special! A few more bottles of wine later and we were merry as can be and waiting for my two friends from my European Contiki tour to join us. 

It was so amazing to see them again. When I saw Roxy in the parking lot I literally ran and jumped into her arms, wrapping my legs tightly around her waist and clinging to her like a small child... my over-excited reaction may possibly have been wine-induced. 

We all slummed on the sofa's when we got home and passed out watching The Green Lantern. 
Not exactly the crazy, boozy evening I had expected with them but they had driven a long way and we had been nailing our livers for the entire day already.

The next morning we had a coffee and watched Homeward Bound in bed, before Matt and I took a stroll around the island I live on. It was another beautifully sunny day so I took them up to The Heads to a breakfast and lunch cafe called East Heads Cafe, otherwise known as The Best Damn Place To Get Eggs Hollandaise... EVER. 

We had to part ways after breakfast and it was a really hard goodbye. They are the first people I've seen from the Contiki trip since getting back last month. Most of the others are still floating around Europe and meeting up in places like Greece and Spain... I am so envious! 

Hopefully I'll be seeing a few other Contiki-ers in the December holidays though which I am very excited for. 

What did you all do this weekend?

Hope everyone is having a fab week so far. 



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