Friday, August 30, 2013

My Weekly Fashion

There are only three photo's of my fashion this week as I was booked off work ill on Thursday and Friday. I woke up on Thursday morning with a massive spider bite all red and inflamed on my chest. Not cool. 
Needless to say - I felt absolutely dreadful and had a roaring temperature.
Luckily I was able to stay in bed and get some of my uni work done though which was great. 




Thursday and Friday:

This is when I got ill...

My cat desperately wanted to be in the photograph. 
Meet India - my pride and joy :) 

Everyone deals with being sick in a different way... 
To me, I couldn't think of anything better to do than put on my favourite hoodie, fluffy slippers and yoga pants. 
Be brought some delicious vegetarian gourmet sandwiches from my friend Patrick (as seen below), even though he did tell me that I looked like a heroin addict when I dragged myself out of bed to collect my little box from him. (He's the blondie on the right):

Make some damn good coffee to dunk some Eet Sum More biscuits into and rotate between the occasional study session (OK - its time to face facts... I'm a pretty big nerd. I really enjoy studying), and losing myself in some of the best feel-good movies I could find from my collection. 

How do you deal with being ill??? 

Oh... guess what? 
It's Friday!!!

I might not be able to go out and enjoy myself this time around but you surely can... so, I have taken the liberty of finishing this post off with such an awesome song to start your Friday Night off with!! 


Jake Bugg - Two Fingers

Enjoy and be safe!!! 

Love, light and happiness to all! 
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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Sick in Bed

It's winter here in South Africa for just a few more days, then Spring is hitting us - hopefully with full force. 

I love the rain, storms and cold IF I am safely tucked away in bed, preferably close to a lit fire along with copious amounts of hot chocolate (or wine, depending what time it is...) and a good book. 

A friend of mine, Jessie, tagged me in this adorable quote today that I couldn't help but share with you all:

She told me that it reminded her of me. How sweet is that!? 

Anywho... so today I have woken up with quite a painful and large spider bite on my chest which has inevitably left me feeling pretty awful. I have a roaring temperature and am in and out of dizzy states. 
I went to the doctor first thing and they have booked me off work and thrusted me some anti-biotics and pain killers to help.

To be honest I've been needing the break. I only just started my new job at this real-estate agency but at the exact same time I started studying my photo journalism course too. Not only that but I also have to study my NQF4 and PDE to become a qualified estate agent so things have been craaazy lately.  Juggling a social life on top of all of that .... some would say its impossible. By the time I finish work at five, cracking the spines of my textbooks open is the LAST thing I want to do. 

It's great to be able to lounge around in bed a bit and update my blog... it's great to be able to just take a few hours to relax! I do still need to be studying my course though - which I will get around to after this post. 
I've become so distant towards my blog over August because of travelling to Tanzania where there honestly just wasn't time to blog and also as soon as I got back life just hit me in the face, breaking my proverbial nose and knocking out a few teeth while it did so! 

Hopefully I will find a pattern of some sort soon. I'm sure things will get easier as the time goes on and that overwhelming feeling cluttering up my head-space has settled. 

So... this is what my next two days will be entailing: 

The book I'm busy reading at the moment (really good!)

Tomorrow I'll do my fashion post of the week, probably along with a lovely sickly photo of how awful I look just to show you that we're all human! Someone recently sent me a message saying, 'Why do you always look so good!?' and I almost laughed. Crickey.. you should see me in the mornings. Usually it looks like I've been electrocuted.
So I thought it would be a really cool way to show you all that its something we shouldn't be ashamed of.
That's all tomorrow!!! 

Have a goodie!!!  
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Monday, August 26, 2013

My Weekly Fashion

Last week Tuesday I started work at a real-estate agency literally about a one minute walk away from my house. Being able to walk to work every morning is great! It's better for the environment and gives me a dose of much needed crisp fresh air to start off the day.

I've only just started the second week now so obviously at this stage it is still extremely overwhelming. I'm also highly stressed and have absolutely no time for blogging lately as I just got my study material from a university here... I applied to study a 22 month photo journalism course through correspondence. My head is literally in a constant spin!

Anyway.. I'm sure I'll get the hang of this lifestyle soon. Guess I've just been far too comfortable as a globe-trotting hippie for too long that this is a huge shock to my system.

One thing I like about my new job is not having to wear a uniform. I mean, obviously you have to look presentable but you can be fashionable and feel good about yourself at the same time. Not feel like a complete twat in some mouldy old uniform probably handed down to you from about six other previous employees.

So.. my first week was spent wearing these ensembles:





I hope everyone had an absolutely stunning weekend and wish you all a pleasant week ahead!

A note to my regular readers:
I promise to get back to all your lovely comments you've been loyally leaving for me ASAP!!!! I haven't forgotten any of you... life has just given me a bit of a beating lately.

Much love to all!!
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Monday, August 19, 2013

Prague, Czech Republic

There isn't much in life that measures up to the beauty of Prague. What a beautiful place. 
I started off my time there by joining a historic walking tour of the jaw-dropping architecture, cathedrals and monuments. 

We all met up in the town center at a certain time to watch the clock tower go off.... which to me just seemed like such a waste of time. Honestly. Everyone was so excited for some massive show... the square was cram packed with people to the point where we couldn't even move. 
Some old man nearly managed to pick-pocket me but luckily another traveler noticed this guys creeping hand and helped me out!!!
When the clock did strike, there was a little show put on by the little 'puppets'???? A tiny skeleton rang the bell. 
Totally not worth it. I'd say go and see the thing go off but don't get your hopes up for some amazing show the way that I did.

It was in Prague where a bunch of us all decided to get tattoo's! I have been wanting a few more for a while now, especially one on my foot... but I thought it would be a stupid idea to get a tattoo done on my foot while traveling, especially considering we go on so many walking tours. I need my feet!!! So... the crave and urge to get some more ink was too strong so I decided to get one across my ribs on a whim. It was very spur of the moment and not planned at all.

I got: 'Live Free' written across the left-hand-side of my body. How much more perfect can you get??? I was freshly single from an extremely rough and nasty breakup, I was alone in a beautiful city with no family - just traveling the world by myself and gaining independence...  it was perfect.

After the tattoo's we all hopped onto a cruise boat and enjoyed a scenic boat trip along the water with the most delicious all you can eat lunch included. 

One of the reasons I was so excited to go to Prague was because I was meeting up with an old friend there. I was so excited to see a familiar face, someone that knew me from home. As fun as it was going to new places where no one new my name or my story, a little slice of home was more than welcome.
As he is a local there, he took me to this amazeballs little restaurant with the most stunning view and most awesome cocktails called U Prince. U Prince is situated in the Old Time Square and is so worth the visit so honestly if you ever get a chance to get to Prague.. please go there and have a cocktail and enjoy the view for me! 

In Prague we did a pub-crawl. My friend got arrested (that still remains a mystery to me!) so I didn't get to see him for more than one drink out in the clubs before he disappeared. 
I don't necessarily remember all that much of Prague Nightlife to be dead honest with you.... other than the fact that it was completely and totally out of this world awesome!!! I do remember getting hopelessly lost at around about 2am though while trying to hunt down a pie or some form of edible creation before I passed out. Luckily I went with a friend who kept me safe!  

I will say this though: Please come with cash!!! There are friggen no ATM's anywhere but the odd one that you do come across is always swarmed with tourists. 

Taxi's are also really expensive so it's best if you go in a group and try to stick together so that you can split the ride back afterwards!

Prague was beautiful and I was sad to leave it behind, but further on I ventured back into Germany and came face to face with the great Berlin Wall.......... that's all next time! 

Peace Bloggers' 

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Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Jambo bloggerino's! 

I am SO sorry for my terrible lack of updates of late - but I do have the most incredible tales to tell you all about my latest travels to the exotic African island of Zanzibar, Tanzania (hence the ''Jambo'' introduction!) Swahili is just the coolest language and for those of you who have seen The Lion King then you can speak the basics already too! 

Jambo - Hello
Hakuna Matata - No Worries
Asante Sana - Thank You
Rafiki - Friend 

Before I do however, I just need to say how amazingly overwhelmed I was when I logged back online and saw all of the feedback I got from my previous post on Munich. 
Oh. My. Word. 
I received so many lovely comments from you all I couldn't quite believe my eyes! I promise to get back to each and every one of you through time and to also update you on my latest travels.

The travels I have not yet been able to fill you in on are on the following countries:

  • Prague - Czech Republic
  • Berlin - Germany 
  • Amsterdam - Netherlands
  • Johannesburg - South Africa
  • Zanzibar - Tanzania
I swear I WILL someday catch up with all these travel posts that I owe to you all.

As much as I enjoy blogging and connecting with people from all over the globe... I cannot describe the feeling of just disconnecting for a while. I had no phone, no email, no internet. It felt great. I really do recommend it to everyone every once in a while. It revitalizes your soul. I had no idea what was going on in the world of Facebook or home or anywhere really. 
Logging back on, I saw one of my closest friends, Chanel, is now in a relationship with a wonderful guy. I saw two of my friends got married and I saw an abundant supply of beautiful messages sitting in my inbox awaiting replies. 
I am beyond blessed. 
Thank you to everyone in my life who make living and breathing and being such a fantastic adventure. 

I have one more big 14 hour road-trip coming up tomorrow and then my travels will at a standstill for a while. Not for long though... I have recently learnt that travel is life. I cannot be in one place for long before it is time to get back on the road again. 
2013 has been an absolute blessing to me so far. There have been some gorgeous memories, some hard times, good times, confusing times and times I thought I'd never be able to work through but I did. I keep getting stronger and wiser and growing as a person and it is incredible to be able to document it all and share it with amazing people such as yourselves. 

This entire year has completely changed me and it will keep doing so as the time goes on. 

For instance:

I have become a full blown vegetarian for one and for another: 

In about five months there will be a tiny baby boy born into this world that will just be the light of my life. At least I think it is a little boy... I will find out soon what sex he / she is but there is an 80% chance of a boy. I couldn't care less what the sex is anyway.. as long as he or she is a healthy baby I couldn't be more happy. 

Thank you for your constant love and support and I promise to update you ASAP!! 

Peace be with you for the meantime.... 

... Bronzed, Happy and Refreshed ...

... Jade  ...

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