Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Berlin - Germany

Berlin was not my most favourite place to visit... Munich by far blew it out of the water. There was still a hell of a lot of history to be taken in and so much beauty and eeriness to it but that place is just so under construction! I actually barely took any photo's in Berlin because everything was so under construction! For every view you could find, just add in about three or four cranes destroying it and that's pretty much the way that I remember Berlin! Not even the Berlin Wall was a huge 'wow' factor for me. Honestly, I hadn't researched Berlin at all so I had no idea what to expect and that is my fault but I really wasn't expecting something so historic such as the Berlin Wall to be covered in graffiti. It was beautiful in it's own right and very artistic but not at all what I expected from it but like I said, it was my fault for not doing the proper research as I had been advised to do so the fault is on me. 
There are all these little postcards you can buy that have a little plastic container attached to them with tiny shards of the Berlin Wall kept inside. Makes for a great gift actually but I figured it was a bit of a tourist gimmick and walked away. Now though, I would have loved to be able to put one in my little memory box. Damnit. 

The best story I have about Berlin to be truthful is my first Tram experience! I had never seen a tram before in my life and had no idea what it was! (This small town girl seriously needs to get out more!) 
A tram is probably one of the weirdest pieces of machinery / mode of transport that I have ever seen. Its like a tube or a train... but it works on the roads.... attached to a cable above it. Whadafuck????? It looks beyond odd. People must have been laughing at me so much as they watched me try to figure out this strange contraption. 
Anywho... so the riding part of it was pretty manic. Trams can get PACKED. I also got separated from my group and had to find my way into the centre of Berlin all alone - but I did it!!! Which was awesome. I didn't get lost in the middle of Germany.. for long ;) 

I also FINALLY had Ben and Jerry's ice cream for the first time! I'd always wanted to try it so got pretty darn excited when it was finally available to me. I must have had about twelve tubs in one day. Shh. 

Berlin was pretty much our resting spot before we headed off for Holland, Amsterdam. We needed to rest our livers (and our lungs.......) to be able to survive what was ahead of us in The Red Light District!

(This is a pic of me looking mighty hungover in my jammie's, walking along the Berlin Wall. If you look closely you'll see the Hinduism Om symbol there, which I thought was pretty awesome).

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  1. You have had so many great traveling experiences! I am so jealous!! Also, no shame in the Ben and Jerry's (:

    1. haha ben and jerrys owns my heart, its official :)

  2. You don't have Ben and Jerry's where you live?! We do here, but it's so expensive.. I'm cheap!!
    Berlin, yup I'm right there with you on the ignorance part. I wouldn't be able to tell you much more than what you posted about.. The Berlin Wall is there.. I had no idea it was all under construction. Too bad. But, of course- it's just another adventure to add to your collection.. the good, the bad and the meh.

  3. Even though it wasn't your favorite place it sure does sound fun. Love traveling.
    Love, Kierra Makayla


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