Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Last Weeks Work Weekly Outfits


(clearly I was not feeling my best on this day...)


(Then I started to feel better!)




Sorry this post was later than usual! 

Unfortunately I have been studying my tush off the last couple of days; completing assignment after assignment for my photo journalism course. So far it is going amazingly! I have yet to receive anything below 80% as a mark and have just submitted in my first short story to them for marking which I cannot wait to get feedback on. 

My next assignment that I need to begin working on tonight is definitely the toughy in the bunch so far though!!! 
They want me to:
a) Write a synopsis (plot / storyline) of a short story (ANY short story I want...) and a short summary of the main characters
b) Write a scene about half a page long in which they will get a vivid impression of the main character of the story. 
c) Write the short story no longer than 3 typed pages. 

My brain is SPINNING with so many awesome ideas for short stories and I just don't know which one to settle on! It is an extremely daunting thing to be able to literally pull anything out of your creative brain and put it onto paper for them. They aren't expecting it to be of any specific genre or follow or certain path.  ANYTHING. 
This task is both appealing to me and incredibly scary. I think it is going to be a ton of fun to be able to just let my creative juices flow and produce a brand new story but I hope I meet their standards! 

If anyone is interested in my short stories please do leave a comment below as I think if I get people who are interested in reading them and giving me feedback etc (or just wanting to kill some time in the evenings by reading a quick short story in the bath or before bed....) I may just publish them onto this blog. As previously mentioned, the novel I have written will never come onto this blog but short stories I see no super big problem with sharing with you all! All feedback would be much appreciated. 

Anywho - I must be off to my absolutely AWESOME new job! 

I solemnly swear to update my blog more often - I have been far too slack and I miss it so much!! I also miss all of you!!!! Thanks again and again and again for the constant support and love and comments! 

Peace, Love and Harmony to All!!! 


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  1. you look so lovely

  2. Yes! Please do post your short stories.. when I get a chance.. I will sooooo read them.. and tell you what I think too. I LOVE writing.. I was in a writing work shop once. It wasn't for school.. but for fun. I absolutely loved every minute of it.
    I almost want to take your homework and do it myself! I love "writing" homework!!
    And, like it matters.. but Wednesday was my fav. outfit last week!

  3. Loving Tuesday and Thursdays outfit!

  4. I adore all your outfit pics, Jade! My two faves are the Chevron print sweater and striped maxi dress. :) Creative burst is both exciting and scary--I totally agree. I try to jot it all down--even just short notes on the ideas/inspirations I get. That way, I can explore everything a bit further later--and I don't forget what I envisioned. Hugs! T.

  5. Thanks..followed back on GFC and Bloglovin

  6. My favorite are Monday, Thursday and Friday outfits, you look very stylish and gorgeous!

  7. You look absolutely stunning in all of these pictures! I really wish I didn't work in an office, where my outfits would be wasted. :(

    Definitely post some of your short stories on here, would love to read them. There's something in jealousy that is born out of reading a skilled writer's work that I totally thrive on! :) xx

  8. Namaste :) very nice outfits

    Will you like to follow each-other?

  9. AMAZING POST!!!!!

    Thank you for your great comment!!!


  10. love the last 2 outfits!!! :D looking forward to more of your future posts!!

    Animated Confessions

  11. Hehe all your outfit look so lovely (: , do post some short stories! It'll be lovely to read about them (: x

  12. love the outfits!!


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