Friday, September 6, 2013

Works Weekly Fashion

What a week! Just when I thought life was seriously plummeting downwards after returning from my incredible adventure in Tanzania... Friday has come about with an absolute BANG!

But let me start from the beginning...




I have been absolutely LOVING yellow blazers for so long, seeing them on all my blogging friends fashion posts left, right and centre! 
South Africa just doesn't seem to have many edgy, funky clothing that is affordable so when I stumbled across this awesome blazer in Mr. Price (the equivalent of UK's Primarks...) I could not resist! I know I'm supposed to be saving my money away right now to pay for my ridonkulously expensive dentist bill and to also eventually fly over to Mauritius and Bali... and India.... and Ireland for St. Patty's day...... I'll stop now! Many travel plans ahead! It may just take a while.... 


On Thursday I had to do a show house for work (I work at an international real-estate agency). 
You know all those boards people drive by on their way to work that have FOR SALE printed across it or in my case: SHOW DAY....???? The boards everyone LOVES to vandalize or steal??? 
Yeah well it was my job to hammer in about nineteen boards. Only one got stolen though, across from a local pub.... figures. 
Another got cracked in half. 
Back to the point ... I decided to wear my: KEEEEEEYAAAA!!!! (insert karate sound there) clothing. Hammering in nineteen real estate boards is HARD! It got seriously hot and tiring and it was a beautiful Spring day too so I suffered big time! It was much better than being cooped up in an office all day though so I really have no complaints. 


Friday.... today everything changed for me. 
I had been feeling really low and stressed out to the point where even blogging seemed like a chore to me. I have been really quiet lately and for that I'm sorry. 
I spoke with the real estate agency and was extremely honest with them. I told them that after a month there I've realized that it really isn't the environment for me. 
They are sad to see me leave and made me feel really good by saying that I had been such a huge help to them and was a fast learner but that they understood. 
Directly after that I was offered a job at a Fine Arts Gallery in the centre of town!!!!!! 
I was so unbelievably happy I hugged the lady who interviewed me (who also happens to be my English Teacher from school days!!) and she gave me a big hug back, welcoming me to the team. 

So real estate is no more than a distant memory to me. 

I now have acquired my absolute dream job working in an artistic environment, a beeeautiful fine arts gallery in town. It is so much more 'me'. Words cannot describe the relief and happiness that I feel right now. 

Working in that environment is going to be such a huge inspiration for me while I study my photo journalism course too. Finally it feels like this could be it.... this could be where I am supposed to be. I hope and pray that it is and cannot wait to start there hopefully as early as next week!

Have an incredible weekend bloggers! I know I will :) 

Peace and love! 


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  1. Lovely outfits!


  2. My favorite is Monday's outfit. Congratulations on your new job!

  3. I loved your yellow nlazer outfit.. Yellow blazer is so in trend, i see it all around blogger, want it too.,
    Keep in touch

    1. Thank you!! I know I'm so in love with yellow at the mo! :)

  4. Yes, your yellow blazer is gorgeous. I was thinking of you today when I was trying to find something to wear. I was thinking, "Ohhhh I want something young and funky like Jade.."
    Good for you for quitting a good job that you just didn't love. I mean who has the guts to do something like that!? Not a lot of people, that's who. Now because you followed your heart, you have your dream job. Huge congrats to you.. I wish that I had your courage.. and your clothes;)

    1. Thank you Haley!!! What an amazing comment to receive!!! Wow :) xxxxx

  5. First of all, congrats on getting a job that you're going to enjoy! And secondly, I absolutely loveeee the Eiffel Tower that you're posing next to.. I only have one for my desk but I'd love to have one that size! And thirdly, love your Wednesday outfit :) xx


    1. Thank you honey! The eiffel tower was a gift from my mum when i got back from travelling I saw an eiffel tower in my room! So special :)

  6. Love the outfits and the yellow really pops!
    Also, congrats on a big job change! I'm sure working at an art gallery will be really awesome! I love volunteering in art galleries.

  7. Your everyday outfit look amazing (: , everyday with style. x

  8. Muy guapa, los 3 primeros son mis favoritos.

  9. Is it just me, did I miss a post, or did you just become BLONDE as well?! It looks amazing on you!

    1. hahaha its been blonde for a while now but I have been updating old travel posts when I have got the photos :) xxx

  10. First of all I LOVE your outfits!! You have amazing style---that yellow blazer is SUCH an awesome statement piece!!! You're beautiful! And CONGRATULATIONS on landing your new job!!! :) It sounds like the perfect fit for you girl!



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