Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Planning a Baby Shower

I have a baby shower to plan!
Gosh - it feels weird to say that. How did life fly by so quickly!? It seems like just yesterday I was planning my thirteenth birthday party . . . a disco party in my father's restaurant. Not a time in my life that I think too fondly of if I'm being honest. I wasn't what you would call, 'popular'. Think 'Thirteen Going on Thirty' (the shitty film.. yes), - well yeah, at that stage of my existence that film was basically based on my life. No exaggeration. 

Things, for me, have changed so much since then. I'm not a fan of hearing people say things like, 'I was a different person back then,' but in this case, it comes pretty close to be acceptable. 

My little munchkin will be born in roughly three months time and so, to celebrate, my friends, family and I are planning the shower. 

Tomorrow evening a few of us are getting together at a local pub to throw some ideas around and this is what I have in mind so far:

(Bare in mind that these are ideas for a boy's baby shower - and if you have any suggestions or ideas to contribute I'd be absolutely thrilled to receive them!)

The Invitations

The Theme
(everyone wear mustache's to the party!)

The Cake

The Beverages

The Snacks

The Games

The Sentimental Messages
(everyone write on a blackboard, something special for the little guy and sign his onsie!)

Any ideas??
Let the good times roll!

Awwh.. look he's waving at us!!

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  1. Haha I love the "waters breaking" game. Good luck planning your shower, all sounds so amazing! Can't imagine how excited you must be.

  2. Oh my god!!! Best ideas ever! No, seriously.. these are awesome. I love the "water breaking" idea.. ! If I ever have to throw a baby shower for anyone ever again, that is seriously going into the mix. I hosted a shower for a co-worker and for my sister.. Your games are way better. But there is one that was sort of fun.. (Although I don't think you need anything else, your party is going to rock.) You need two big salad bowls a spoon and cotton balls. Blindfold the person and have them transfer as many cotton balls with the spoon into the other bowl. It's really funny because usually the person is transferring nothing because you can't feel the weight of the cotton balls.. We laughed our asses off. (Not sure what it has to do with babies.. the cotton ball part??) Oh! I had four baby showers thrown for me.. wow, I know. But my mother in law made the melon baby at my shower.. it worked out really well..! Another really nice idea, for a keepsake was printing off little cards that had the guest fill in the rest.. Ex: I wish for you: To Hope You Laugh ____________ I hope you Remember _____________. Here's a link to what I'm trying to explain.. lol :
    (Mine were really cute and they touched me.. So I'm going to present them to Alina when she's 16.. to show how many people love her and for her to maybe take some of the advice given to her...)
    The party looks stinkin' awesome. I love love love the mustache theme. You rock at baby showers, girl!

    1. Hahahhaa wow thank yoU!!!! Its my first one - but I do love a good parrrrrtay!!

  3. Amazing inspiration. I really enjoy it!
    Please give me more pretty stuff like that. I LOVE IT!


  4. Love love love all your ideas so far! Make sure to take lots of pictures at the baby shower or have someone do it. Can't wait to see!

  5. How wonderful--a baby boy! I have two sons and they are such joys!!! They are both grown now (sigh), but we have so much fun when they are home visiting. I love the shower ideas you've crafted. The blindfolded diaper changing sounds like a real hoot! xo T.

    1. Ahh congrats on your sons!! I'm too excited to meet the little guy xxx

  6. Great ideas, I love the mustache theme!


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