Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Plannning a Vlog In Between Getting Kicked in the Ass by Technology

Bah Bloody Humbug...... That is how I feel right now. Why??? Well.. because technology flipping HATES me. That's why.... and I hate IT! 

I can't even figure out how to use that silly new app called Bitstrip or something or another! My friend Shaheen posted this cartoon up because I just cannot figure it out. 

I have concluded that if the world was to be taken over by robots .. which in this day and age is a pretty plausible happening.... I would surely die within the first split second. 

Let me get to the point of this short post today... on Sunday I made a video.. a 'vlog' if you will... I wanted to publish my first ever vlog to you all as I thought it would make a nice little difference to rather hear me speak and communicate in other ways rather than always writing. So the video I made went well but turns out the format doesn't work for YouTube or for Blogging.... so after work today I have a meeting with a techie to teach me the ways of editing it to make it easy to publish you you all. SO... hopefully tomorrow or this evening I will be publishing my first VLOG!!! Which is pretty exciting.. if I get it right. 
I plan on Vlogging maybe twice a month... depending on how it goes. We shall see! 
In the meantime though... here are some pictures of what I got up to over the weekend:

Hope you all had a wicked weekend and enjoy the week ahead!


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  1. I smile and nod my head in agreement... Technology and me don't always see eye to eye, either... Fabulous pics, Jade! I envy the warm weather you're enjoying! Hugs, Doll! T. http://tickledpinkwoman.blogspot.com

  2. nice! jealous!


  3. Lovely!!!


  4. Lovely photos.


  5. Very cool pics.. :) I miss summer
    Good day
    Keep in touch,

  6. I had some issues trying to post my video from yesterday too..! I was getting so frustrated, but then it all ended up working.. Good luck!

  7. Excited for the vlog! You are so gorgeous, Jade!


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