Friday, November 1, 2013

Playing Catch-Up

Sorry that I have been so quiet... to be honest I needed some alone time. I've been back in touch with my creative side - and exploring nature, the beach and new musical instruments with the start of Summer looming close.
I've decided to learn the didgeridoo... it is such a unique and beautiful instrument and I'm having so much fun with it!

I have been back in touch with good friends that I hadn't seen for a while - having proper girls days.. something I haven't had in a very long time. It has been wonderful to get away from technology and just embrace friendships and fun days out in the sun filled with laughter, ocean, wine and sand.

I have pretty big plans and ideas coming up for 2014...

I plan on taking the online TEFL course so that I can go to China and teach English to children for a year! It will only start in China... from a few months residing in a flat there with some friends, I plan to hop across to Beijing, Vietnam, Bali, India and South America. This new journey will be the life I lead for the next year or two... the course is 120 hours and can be completed in your own time.

If anyone is keen to know more please inbox me because this is going to be the journey of an absolute lifetime!!!

Someone asked me what it is that I am seeking... and my answer was this: Travel, culture, adventure, experience, friendships, spirituality, freedom, love... my list could go on. You earn GREAT bucks doing teaching over there but it isn't about that for me... it is about so much more than money.

I also have been reading the most incredible book called Breaking Free by Chett Vosloo... its a South African book but please for my overseas readers that have a yearning to travel... try and get your hands on a copy. It has changed my life!!

Life is undergoing a major transformation for me. For this inner awakening to take place, I need to be away from home. I need to be away from all familiarity, in a place where nobody knows me. Both my friends and family know me so well by now that the personality I am around them I so deeply ingrained that I automatically behave in a certain way whenever I am with them. What I need now is to take off all these masks That I have worn for so long and to find out who I really am when I don't have to play the Jade Wright that everyone know me to be.......... Wow. Thank you Jed Matthews (Chett Vosloo) for those awe-inspiring words. Your novel just summed up everything I feel inside. Wherever you are in South Korea, I hope you are touching the lives of many others as you are with mine. Namaste.
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  1. Nice pics. Happy to see you back.. Instrument is surely unique, I have seen it for the first time..
    Keep in touch,

  2. Lovely pics! Good for you--so many wonderful, exciting plans! I, too, am feeling reflective as this season and year draws to a close... xo T.

  3. We had a digeridoo for awhile. It's so hard to play.. but once you get going it's pretty fun.
    So you're off on a grand adventure.. You must have just decided to do this. I know you were taking the writing courses and you were really excited about the job at the gallery instead of the job at the real estate office. (Correct me if I goofed up those two.. I'm pretty sure it was a gallery and real estate office..!)
    You remind me of my sister in law. She's always chasing her next adventure. This next chapter sounds like a big one. But if anyone is going to conquer it, it would be you.

  4. Beautiful pictures! This looks like a lot of fun.


  5. Oh, so jealous! I wish I could just go to wherever my heart wants…. Good luck with your journey!

    Min x

  6. Wow, these plans sound amazing Jade! I hope the experience is everything you wish for and so much more!

  7. OMG tell me you really didn't eat that : O How exciting I love hearing about people having adventures in their lives like this. And I will check out that book sounds intriguing.

    Ali of Dressing Ken

  8. China, Vietnam, Bali...--how exciting! 2014 will certainly be a big year for you!
    xx, Angelica

  9. Glad you took some "me-time" , it's quite necessary .
    Woosh , travel sounds so exciting . I'll be emailing you about your journeys because I'm way too interested in all this adventures .

  10. Even if it wasn't meant to this post inspired me so much, such big things are in store for you Jade! I can tell. You are gonna do great teaching kids english, I know they'll love you. I'm in love with the personality of this Jade that I read about. Good luck to you and everything you're going for. If you ever need to talk or anything what so ever I am here <3

  11. Good luck for all the goals that you're making. O em gee, you're going to travel much. I'm always attracted to travelling but as I'm quite young to be an expat. Lol this instrument didgeridoo looks so fun. I wonder how it sounds like, like a flute?
    Psst, I hope you didn't eat the worm, yikes! :P

  12. The story inspired me too. I really messed up my life lately. I don't know where i belong. My dreams is to spend a year in the US, but wouldn't know what to do there. I love your pictures! And i hope you figure out how to teach those children English, at least enjoy! damn great blog!

  13. Wow how incredible and what an adventure you're planning. I remember years ago I looked into that though with the intention of teaching in Europe. A friend's sister also completed hers and ended up in Japan. She loved it. There is also no better way than to reconnect and discover ones self than via traveling. I hope you include us in this journey darling. Also noted that book!


  14. wow! awesome!

  15. Definitely can't wait for 2013 and all the fun plans that are in store! :)
    xo TJ


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