Friday, December 6, 2013

SCIO - Therapy

I went for my first ‘session’ of Scio-therapy up in Johannesburg in late November and was completely mind-blown.

The reason that I had gone to get this alternate form of healing done is because I have been sick for a while; three weeks to be exact. It had started with getting rushed to hospital in the middle of the night with a meningitis scare. After being put onto a drip and having countless blood tests done the doctors confirmed that it was not meningitis despite all of my symptoms. From not being able to put my chin to my chest to pressure swelling on the brain – I seemed to have it all.

The next theory was that I had tick bite fever but the blood tests were negative for that too and I was only getting worse. Every day a new symptom seemed to spring up such as glands the size of golf balls popping out of my neck, fevers, excruciating pain in my eyes and a ring of red around my throat that made it impossible to swallow both solids and liquids.

I literally thought that I was on my deathbed.

Three weeks down the line and two courses of antibiotics later and things had only worsened. Now the doctors wanted to readmit me back into hospital and do a lumbar puncture on my spine. This is when a very good friend of mine stepped in. I was flown up to Johannesburg and sent to a woman who I was told did ‘alternate healing’. I was keen for a second opinion but also very interested in her form of therapy.

The woman figured out what was wrong with me in a matter of minutes and healed me within hours. There were no needles or x-rays needed. No chemicals or medicine. It was a miracle.

I arrived at her house at 8am in the morning barely able to breathe, with a fatigue virus so bad that I looked half dead. At first we just say alone together and got to know one another – although it must have been rather hard for her as I sounded like I had a pillow over my face whenever I spoke!

She asked me a few personal questions about my lifestyle and diet, jotting things down as she went. The questions she had compiled were so cleverly structured that they evoked long forgotten past events in my life to be shed into our meeting. Soon enough her page was filled with notes and scribbles – all the little intricate details that form who I am as a being.

She told me that the therapy session would take two hours – we were busy for two and a half.

SCIO (Scientific Conciousness Interface Operation System) is an electrodermal screening that tests stress and can give you biofeedback through the aid of a computer.

Basically you are strapped to the machine with roeps around your wrists, ankles and forehead. It measures your resonance pulse and send back a differennt pulse that your body responds to which creates a 'change'.

The Scio device scans the body and reads the energy that your unique body gives off. It is much like a virus scan on a computer. It looks for all sorts of interesting things in your body such as viruses and disease, food sensitivities, emotions, disabilities and abnormalities to name only a few.

The reason it was able to detect my ailment is because most diseases / illnesses are brought on by stress of some kind or another and the device is basically used to detect and relieve stress.
The machine picked up that I have sensitivities towards a number of things such as albumen (egg whites), MSG, tabacco and mushrooms. They suggest excluding these sensitivities from your diet for four months and then slowly reintroduce them back into your diet one at a time, noting any negative occurances such as digestive problems.

Beyond scanning and testing, the machine also balances the body using its own subtle energy levels.

It can detect whatever main issues you are currently facing in life - mine were nervousness (something I've always had due to my panic attacks), resistance to change and sexuality. The last issue left me confused and surprised me greatly but the lady was able to reassure me that it could be a number of things such as past trauma's or merely just exploring your own womanly body.

Another fascinating thing that this machine is able to do is pick up your seven chakra's and your aura. Not only that but it helps your aura too.
When they scan you, they need to leave the room so that the machine does not scan them too and interfere with the reading.
Ultimately your aura should be gold - my aura was multi-coloured (hey, no one is perfect, right?!).
Right in the centre my aura was red which means that I am angry at myself for things in the past and that there are certain things that I am not letting go of.
My aura also had a lot of holes in it which show up as white breaks between the colours.. it almost looks misty. This occurs from all of the negative impacts and substances in your life.
Yet, with one click of a button she took the red away from my aura and it turned purple on the screen before me. I must admit that I wasn't sure if that part of the treatment was more of a mind-game but I did instantly feel lighter.....

The thing that truly amazed me however is when she said, "Alright, in a few seconds you are going to be able to breathe clearly again..." and miraculously a few moments later I could breathe clearly for the first time in weeks. I'd been so blocked up with a fluey head cold on top of everything else that I was bewildered and astonished by the sudden transformation.

Just hours later I was feeling like my old self again - she discovered what virus I had caught and said my body had been fighting it so strongly already but with her help - we combatted it together.

I was beyond amazed and will forever be mind-blown by this incredible energy medicine.


  1. I am stunned , this machine did something with doctors and X-rays couldn't . But happy that you are feeling better

  2. It is incredible! What exactly did the machine do to make all those sudden changes to your body, except for identification of problem areas? I want to know more! I have never heard of this!
    Sorry to hear you were that ill!

    1. I've mentioned all the details I could - its so amazing!!! Recommend it to anyone.

  3. you look stunning!

  4. Wow, this story is so crazy, felt like I was watching a movie! I'm amazed by the immediate results Jade!?! I'm now going to have to google this you know? haha, I'm so curious.

    I'm happy for your outcome and that you are feeling better, sounds like some majorly scary symptoms.

    1. I was overwhelmed and amazed too - I tried googling as much as I could but I don't think I'll ever truly understand the miracle behind how it healed me

  5. Glad you're feeling better, and good luck! xx


  6. That is pretty astonishing, isn't it!? First of all, I'm so sorry that you were so sick! I can't believe how terrible that that must feel!! Especially not knowing what is wrong with you.. Talk about scary.

    It doesn't matter HOW it was done.. I'm just glad you are feeling like your old self again..

    1. Thanks lovely - I didn't really want to mention anything until I knew for sure what was wrong - but I am completely healed and back on my feet! Thank you xxxxx

  7. Seems like you went through a real rough patch... I have never heard of this therapy... And it sounds almost miraculous...! Good to know that you are getting back to normal!! Hope you heal real soon!!

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    1. I feel like it was some sort of a miracle! It still amazes me.

  8. Love your blog :)


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