Thursday, January 23, 2014

Get Ready...

Tonight I finally have some time to myself - in which time I plan on opening up my laptop and rediscovering what writing / blogging is all about. 

(photograph found on one of the most entertaining lifestyle blogs I follow: )

Having the house to myself - I will be able to put on some great tunes (I found the best new South African musician that I need to introduce you to below...), cook a delicious meal for one, perhaps open up a bottle of wine although in my hungover state at present that might be a slightly ambitious thought for the evening, and finally put my feet up with my laptop on my lap to write you all a post about what is new is the world of Jade (Auntie Jade I should say... #Winning). 

I feel so abundantly blessed with my life and the friends and family I have got. Things are great and they are only continuing to get better.   

Over and out until tomorrow - and then the real post will come (along with a few photo's). 

PS I have loved revisiting all of your blogs and catching up on your lives and thoughts. Love, light and happiness to all of my readers who have become more than just blog followers - but rather 'friends' scattered all across the globe!

And now for my favorite song of this moment - and I am so proud to call the muso South African!

Matthew Mole - Take Yours, I'll Take Mine:

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  1. love this song too :)

  2. Love Matthew Mole, I walked down the aisle to one of his songs!

  3. Jade! I saw that picture and was like.. waaaaait a minute.. I just saw this picture.... ! This song is freakin' amazing. We totally have the same style in music. You know the app Shazam? You hear a song you like, you hit the "listen" button and it finds the song and saves it for you. Well I was looking over my list of songs I "Shazamed" and I found that Ben Howard a couple of times. (I'm pretty sure you mentioned him in the past!) I TOTALLY consider you a friend.. no joke. I love this blogging thing. I'm so glad I returned.

  4. I'm happy to hear things are wonderful with you Jade!

    I'm really digging the vibe of this song, it made me want to share one my favorite gypsy rock bands with you (maybe you've heard of them) Diego's Umbrella. Here is a link to my favorite song:

    Happy Thursday!

  5. never heard of this song before , thank you i'll go listen it right away !

  6. I'm so happy that things are going well for you! I'm off to go listen to that song (:


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