Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Personal Growth

January 2013 - a long, black-haired version of myself.. sporting a fringe and a pretty painful sunburn. 
January 2014 - sporting another painful sunburn (when am I not?!) and much, MUCH happier with life!

I find it truly amazing to look back into the history of your life - and in the space of a year see how much you have grown, developed and learned...
You get to see what you have experienced throughout the last 365 days.

I have decided that once a month, I will include a photograph of me from this time last year as well as the most recent one. January's post is a little late but there we go - fashionably late as I'd like to call it!


Cuddling my cat, India, back in my old bedroom... just a few days after moving back in with my folks.

Dressing up and going out for cocktails - making new friends and starting to feel like my own person again!
Hiking and enjoying the amazing South African weather and views with friends.

A year ago, I was at a major turning point in my life. 
I accepted defeat and moved back in with my folks after a nasty breakup. It was hard giving up my cottage - especially to move back in with my parents. 
It felt as though that small slice of independence had been taken from me. I could no longer cook my own meals if and when I wanted to, I had to share the television and could no longer plod around the house dressed however I pleased - if dressed at all! 
It has been a difficult adjustment and now, a year later, I am still there. Living back home has never gotten easier and I am searching for my own place but to be honest - I am in no rush. I have support, love and a coziness living back home that I am going to enjoy while it is there. There is plenty of time to grow up and establish a life away from my folks - I am not scared of it, but I just know that when I do, it needs to be right. 
Over the past 365 days I have been able to make the decision to see the positive out of situations instead of continuously focusing on the negative.

So, after one of the worlds most nasty breakups... I became free.. hence my tattoo across my ribs reading, 'Live Free.' I felt great not needing to answer to anyone or have to be someone that I'm not. It felt like I was inhaling a breath of air for the very first time and I just knew that this new found freedom was something I would never let go of again. I started to enjoy single life and put myself out there for the first time. I made new friends and did new things... for the first time I became my own person without being influenced by a partner.   

Another wonderful thing that changed throughout the past twelve months was my job. I used to work at a spa and I was never truly happy there. The hours were terrible, the people were two-faced and the environment was downright unpleasant. Since then, I decided to take a leap of faith and quit to go traveling with no job security when I returned. It was the best decision I ever made. I followed my gut regardless of knowing that I was being completely naive by returning without a plan... but when I returned, I found a job I'd consider to be pretty close to my 'dream' job. It isn't writing... but I am happy. I wake up each morning and I am excited to go to work - how often does that happen?! In actual fact - today marks my six months of being employed at the gallery. I think that deserves a glass of champagne if I do say so myself! 

The past year has been an amazing time of growth for me and I am overwhelmed by how much I have matured since January 2013.


In the garden trying to sneak a photo in with my cat, Guru, loving life and living it to the fullest.

Reveling in my new title as: Auntie Jade.

Experiencing and enjoying foods that I used to squirm at the thought of touching! 

Where were you this time last year???

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  1. Amazing recap.... lovely pics!!!!!!!
    Happy Wed darling!!!!

  2. It really is crazy to see how much has changed in one year! Obviously for me.. A LOT has changed. Last year at this time I was HUUUUUUUGELY pregnant.. and so so so so so nervous about what was to come. I was freaked right out about having Alina.. totally terrified. But guess what!? It wasn't so bad!! Not at all. It wasn't a walk in the park, but it was alright. Nothing like I imagined it to be.
    It's great that you're enjoying what you have now.. the freedom to save your money for that next big trip.. and to appreciate living at 'home'.

    1. Amazing to think this time last year you were pregnant and now look how much you've grown!!! Amazing x

  3. What a great post, thanks for sharing. It's refreshing to see that you take time to reflect and learn from the past year. That's wonderful!

    A lot has changed for me, I quit my old job (which I didn't like) and moved to LA with my boyfriend. I left my home that I had worked so hard to purchase, only to rent it out to a stranger and now live in small little apartment. I'm glad that we made the move and changes though, we feel so much freedom and adventure. Not having all those commitments allows you to think beyond the confined space that you have somewhat created for yourself. I feel like I could get up and move anywhere now.

    Happy weekend Jade!

  4. I love your blog


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