Monday, February 17, 2014

Valentines Day Wish List

I guess that everyone has a dream Valentine's Day... right? It usually changes every year - as you grow as a person you find yourself wishing for different things. 

This past Valentine's Day I truly didn't really know what I wanted. All I knew is that I didn't want to make a huge fuss over it because I thought I'd have no one to share it with for a while. Well... it turns out I have some pretty great friends and people in my life that truly go above and beyond to make me feel special.

This is something that I wrote a while ago... which I thought was quite fitting for this occasion: 
I quite like being single. It is great to be able to be completely independent and do whatever I want to without needing to answer to someone.... but with that being said.. I am slowly starting to yearn for a partner. Someone I can cuddle at night, goof around with daily and experience life with. I need someone that isn't going to ever stop being curious and will always want to explore. I don't want someone that is just going to settle - I need someone with as much of an adventurous spirit as mine. 
I want someone to take photographs with - I know how silly that sounds.. but I always see images of my friends so happy and in love with their partners and I would love to find my soul-mate and see that in the pictures. I want someone that I can be silent with as well as loud with. I want to be able to lie in bed on their chest, entangled in each other while we both read, study, watch a film or just sit with our thoughts. I want someone who will enjoy midnight snacks in the kitchen with me, staying up until 3am cuddled up with hot chocolate and opening up to each other. I need someone who will dance with me even when there is no music... tickle me when I'm grumpy... kiss me and hold me when I'm sad. I need someone who wants to know about my novels and gives me advice on them. I want someone who will come to me with their thoughts, issues, problems or dilemmas and let me help. Let me advise. I need someone who will help me grow - who I can help grow and who I will know without a doubt will be the man I end up with. I am not searching though. I think that if you look for him or her - they will never be found. They arrive when you least expect it. So live - be YOU. Your soul-mate will wonder into your life at the right time - when the universe thinks you are both ready to face the hardships as well and the beauty of what a relationship really is.

This is what
I Wished for this Valentine's Day:

Starting with breakfast in bed...

A delivery of macaroons to work

A bottle of my favorite perfume.

I know I know.... A Louis Vuitton handbag is a crazy gift - it would be a true guilty little pleasure though. I've always wanted one.

Sushi and Oyster Dinner.

This is
What Really Happened on Valentine's Day:

I arrived home from work to see a scatter of roses in my front garden!

A little gift pack that was sitting in my room for me when I got home from work...

I got a bottle of wine... with my FACE on it!

A comic book from Kyle - we recently broke up but are still trying to remain friends.

Petals and Chocolate - what a great combination!

A letter from Haley all the way in Canada arrived! Although we've never actually met - I feel like we are good friends. She has such an awesome blog that you can visit by clicking on the link on the right hand side of this page! Blogging is how we know each other. Blogging is a beautiful way to connect with all sorts of people from all over the globe!

Mane N Tail sent me a package of a new product to review on my blog! (I'm NOT kidding! All of these things arrived ON Valentine's Day! What freaking awesome timing!!!)

My Valentine's Gift - my very own Eat Blog Love mug! What an amazing surprise!

Handgun Shooting - Such a blast!!

The Targets!

In Paolo Gouveia's drift car!

Watching the drift racing!

The drifting went on until late!

Driving in the Jeep Wrangler - roof down and listening to loud tunes!

Bloody Mary's for breakfast!

Drinking champage by a dam watching some kids fail in their attempts at fishing.

And yup... it ended in oysters. That equals one very happy Jade.

I think that what really happened on Valentine's Day this year was above and beyond what I could have hoped for. 
Sometimes I think you need to stop planning life and events and just let it unfold naturally in front of you - hold no expectations and it will pleasantly surprise you.

How was your Valentine's weekend dear Bloggers'? 

I hope you all have a beautiful week ahead.

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  1. Thank you for following dear, I am following you back on gfc, bloglovin and facebook ;)

  2. Aww! What a lovely gift from you Jade- a space on your blogroll! Yah!!! I'm totally tickled. You're a total sweet heart and I am oh so glad your letter arrived on Valentine's Day, along with all of those other goodies. A bottle of wine with your face on it!?!?! How cool is that!?!
    Your Valentine's Day sounded like it turned out AWESOME. Mine- less awesome. Poor Rob got the flu and was very sick during the day and he slept all night. I ended up drinking two glasses of red wine, with some delicious cheese and I watched two romance movies. It was a good time, but I felt bad for my man.. Oh well!
    Hey-check out this blog post .. It's just a crazy idea.. and I'm not sure if I can do it. But I just want to tell all of my fav bloggers about it.. and see if I can't inspire my favourites to consider it because then, I just might have to consider it myself...

    1. Your blog is wonderful and I think everyone should have a chance to read your inspiring words!
      I'll definitely check it out - thanks for sharing! So intrigued now!!! xxxxxx

      PS sorry to hear about Rob! Hope he's on the mend!!
      There's nothing quite like red wine to accompany you - any night :)

  3. I'm so glad it turned out to be memorable and happy for you Jade!

    Your soul mate is out there, I know it. I agree with you that if you look, you will never find, but I also think that you must always have hope and your heart must always be open. There is a reason you haven't found this person, but when you do, it will all make sense; the lessons, the heartache, etc. When it does happen, it will wash all of that out of your heart and it will be so worth the wait.

    Sending you love from Cali!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind and thoughtful words - you are such a sweetheart x

  4. Great pictures! It sounds like a lot of fun!! I agree with you is better not to plan sometimes. My Vday weekend was very relaxing! <3

    New Outfit Post: Brown Tones

  5. My Valentine's evening was lovely. My husband cooked nice meal for us, so we got to chill out a bit. I sometimes wish I could talk about big passion, adventures and lots of romantic stuff as my life has become a bit stale after we had kids, but I can't complain too much I have my Valentine and I am happily married.

    1. Lovely that your hubby cooked <3
      I feel my life will only start once I have a family of my own.. well, start in an entirely different way. I am so excited to become a mother and a wife one day <3

  6. awesome day for you!!! you are right, we shouldn't plan things...
    I got a Valentine post at


  7. ooo looks like you had a lovely valentines day! I loooooove that eat blog love mug! im going to search for one now! where did you get yours?

    Mollie xoxo

  8. You have a beautiful blog <3
    It'd be cool if we'd follow eachother via GFC (:
    If you'd like to keep in touch, just let me know!

    Alina à la Mode

    1. Checking your blog out now - thank you for stopping by! xx

  9. such a lovely blog..and lovely pictures.. PERFECTO wishlist for valentine, no wonder chocolates is must, flowers and so on... luck you, u got a wonderful freind.. im your follower following you via GFC, care to add back plz..

  10. Lovely post.... amazing pics!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Have a lovely day doll!!!!

  11. I followed you on facebook since my previous comment ;)

    Following you on twitter now.

  12. Wonderful post. That´s great that you have so good relationship with your ex-boyfriend. Great activities- my fav is the gun shooting. :)
    Fashion Happenss

  13. Hi dear! Hope you got everything you wanted for Valentine's Day. I think Louis Vuitton bag is a perfect gift (doesn't matter the occasion actually). Also the macaroons look divine. I would love some delivered to my work too!

    1. I got everything and more than I could have dreamed of - the bag is just a silly materialistic thing on my wishlist in general :) I knew I wouldn't actually get one hahahaha but hey I had the best weekend of my life!!

  14. What a gorgeous post!

    Stay in touch with me on BLOGLOVIN


  15. I love your beautiful description of your soul mate! Looks like you had a marvelous Valentine's Day! Super-big, belated Valentine's Day hugs! T.

  16. Thank you for your comment on my blog. I'm following you now on GFC #282, FB, and bloglovin. Please follow back.

    Louisa Moje

    1. Thank you sweetheart! So appreciated! I have followed you back xxx

  17. What a great guy to send you gifts after you've broken up.
    Looks like you had a lovely day.

  18. Nice post!, You want us to follow? Please let me know in the blog. Kisses.

    1. Thank you... I just don't understand this tit for tat thing..... if you like my blog - follow it because you want to actually read what I write... and vice versa. Just a suggestion. Blogging isn't about gaining as many followers as you can - it is about writing, connecting, sharing... it is about a passion that many people are just dulling with their annoying comments to only advertise themselves.

      OK - that's my rant of the day done.

  19. Well that sounds like you had the most exiting Val's day!!! Would you like to follow each other on GFC? Please let me know on my blog so I can follow back. Thank you.

  20. I want macarons everyday not only for Valentine's day!
    New post on my blog…let me know what u think about it!
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  21. Great post! Looks like a great Valentine's Day!

  22. You got soooo much amazing stuff on the day.. I like the wine bottle with your pic on it
    Keep in touch

    1. Thanks Pooja! Me too! Haven't cracked the bottle open yet - maybe tonight ;)

  23. Nice pics! Love these styles! They all look genius!
    Thanks for your sharing and posting!
    Have a nice day!

  24. great post
    new post


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