Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Local Organic Market

One of the things I loved most about London was the markets. I thoroughly enjoyed my days wrapping a snood snuggly around my neck, buttoning up my trench-coat and heading out into the stalls inside places like Borough Market. 

I adored sampling the foods, ordering Glühwein to warm my hands and throat as I paced blissfully through. Every smell was gorgeous - even the vegetable stalls were breathtaking. That might be odd to say about vegetable stalls but it truly was. Every moment was like a little slice of pure heaven.

In the small town that I live in now back in South Africa, we don't have much in the way of that sort of set up. Recently however, the Local Organic Food Market opened up, conveniently tucked right next to the art gallery that I work at! 

As soon as I heard about the plans of the market I couldn't wait for it to become established and I watched it slowly transform from an old, empty and seemingly lifeless building into this:

The fact that it is Vegan friendly is a huge convenience for me... not that I'm Vegan or anything... but I've attempted Vegetarianism a number of times but it got ridiculously hard not just because of my cravings for meat but also because of how expensive fresh veg etc is all the time!

It's idyllic to have this market right next to work because I can grab my basket and pop some veggies in before or after work and not have to worry about the hustle and bustle of grocery stores.

There's even organic pasta!

It is just pure bliss strolling through the market!! And it doesn't stop there...

My favorite stall.. the hippy clothing boutique. I love, love, LOVE hippy clothes although these pieces can get rather pricey it is completely worth it because the fabric is just DIVINE.

There are jewelry stalls set-up, selling all local and unique goodies which are just gorgeous!

These handbags are so cool... The photography, as far as I know, is all solely local so not only is it a sense of familiarity but it's also carrying a little slice of home with you wherever you go.
You can buy cards for any occasion.. as well as buy your own card making DIY set (something that I'm definitely investing in!).

There are so many quirky little things around the market too.. such as these gorgeous whistle kettle and the handmade button pots that I just fell hopelessly in love with! What a great idea!
Futhermore, a quaint little cafe and coffee shop has also just opened up and the coffee does not disappoint!

The set up of the cafe is gorgeous - especially during summer. The tables and chairs outside are all tree stumps, there is so much in the name of art scattered around... it is literally a little secret garden nook and one that I am all too please to visit regularly.

On my lunch-breaks I often like to take myself across to the cafe next to the market and do some writing on my laptop. Whether it be uni assignments, working on my latest novel or a new blog post... it is always nice to write here. I simply adore the set up; how rustic and humble it looks. I've even been mulling the idea around in my head of opening up my own stall in the market to sell the jewelry and key-chains that I make.

Are there any new and exciting places opening up around your area or do you have a local market that you enjoy spending time at?

I'd love to hear all about it. 

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  1. I can't wait for Spring, because as soon as it gets warm a Farmer's Market opens up in my town. Every Tuesday a bunch of farmers come down and sell fresh veggies, fruit, wine, homemade bread, etc. The new market that you're talking about sounds lovely and very convenient!


    1. That sounds amazing!!

      It really is convenient and amazing... very happy :)

  2. nice place! organic pasta? wow! i love how there are a wide variety of cheeses to choose from. the bags are adorable and that pot is totally DIY-able ;) thanks for sharing this!

    1. I know, I had never heard of organic pasta before! Granted it is a funny color but divine nonetheless!

  3. All those "hippy" clothing and jewelry are so cool! Great photos, Jade.


    1. Thank you Kierra! I just got that front dark top!! So happy :)

  4. Those bag are so cute :D


  5. All of meal looks so healthy and nature-friendly. I couldn´t be vegetarian either. :)
    Fashion Happenss

    1. Hahaha glad I'm not the only one who can't handle it :P although I would love to try it again.

  6. What a lovely marketplace! I'd be like you--outside the cafe--enjoying a quick break from the day. :) I adore organic foods/products and (aside from some seafood) I'm vegetarian--so this place would be a haven for me. :) Someday, I hope to venture to London--that sounds fab, too! Hugs, T. http://tickledpinkwoman.blogspot.com

    1. Oh I hope that you get to London too Tina!! It is home <3

  7. Awesome stores! It has such a retro atmosphere to it and I agree with Kierra "hippy" vibe to it!!
    I'm a sucker for organic foods and things :)
    Your pictures are so lovely as always Jade :)!!


    1. Thanks Aisha - just read your latest blog post, apologies for such a long comment back hahaha xxxxxx

  8. It's like that place opened up just for you! It's perfect.. everything Jade. I always tell you that you remind me so much of my sister in law. That place would be right up her ally as well!! I'm sure you'll run into each other at least once in your lives because you both travel so much! ;)

  9. How fun Jade, I'm so happy you have one now! I love the farmers market, I typically go on Sundays and get my usual fresh squeezed orange, veggies and eggs. The homemade croissants are pretty good too :).

    1. Thank you! So am I! We have a few markets now open different days of the week, but this one really is divine.

  10. Aww everything organic!! Such a great place to go and shop!! <3

    keep in touch

  11. Hi Jade!! Thank you very much four your visit and your comment at my blog!! I'm your new follower, your blog is amazing! I love it!! and you are so so so pretty!!;)


  12. I love your style dear!

    I’m waiting for your opinion on my latest post!

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    Kisses, Alice.

  13. I love this!! I am a huge fan of organic food, makeup and everything organic possible! ;)

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  14. Well lil later but i have also started hopping on organic stuff... very healthy they are
    well kinda one stop shop, for organic lovers..thanx for showing these pictures.keep in touch babe


  15. ME encantan las fotografías. Estas muy guapa en la primera foto.

  16. I'm a big fan of London markets too! You can always find some unique gems and lovely food :)

    1. Exactly :)
      Love love love them!! Especially Borough Market


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