Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Savages | Movie Review

Released in 2012, I realize that this is a fairly old film to be reviewing - but I just couldn't help it. It blew me away when I watched it about a year ago and I always wanted to do a review on it. A few nights ago, I watched it again for the second time and it was even better than I remembered it to be!

"Oh it's an Oliver Stone movie - it's bound to be good." - This is what my mum said as we started watching this movie.

It is a fantastic combination romance, love and lust with sex, blood and guns to keep both females and males equally as entertained.

The film is narrated by O (Blake Lively), the opening line being:  

"Just 'cause I'm telling you this story doesn't mean that I'm alive at the end of it."

'O' finds herself in a love triangle with two best friends, both know and accept that she is, for lack of better words, shagging (and in love) with them both. The two guys also happen to be extremely successful growers of cannabis originating from Afghanistan seeds but they have decided that they have had enough of the business and want out.
Enter the drug-lords (and Cleopatra lookalike Salma Hayek). They are not happy about their decision and demand three years of their service before opting out of the cannabis business - but when they refuse, they kidnap O in the hope of changing their minds. They threaten to keep her away for a year, until they prove their loyalty to them.This is where DEA agent (John Travolta) steps in and they fight for O's freedom.

This is nothing short of gory, graphic and truly fantastic! There are no care-bears and rainbows in this movie - it is shot beautifully and doesn't fail to portray every scene and moment to the fullest... for example, at one point someone is getting whipped until their eye is literally hanging out of the socket!!! Gruesome!!!!   

This is by far one of the best films that I have ever seen - no exaggeration. 

May I just add here just how completely and utterly in love I fell with this man:

Aaron Taylor-Johnson

Nom nom nom. 

Have you seen this film?? What were your thoughts? 

Seen anything good lately? I'd love to know.
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  1. love this movie:)

    1. Thank you! It is definitely one of my favs xx

  2. Looks really good and it´s also full of starts. Jackson Rathbone looks amazing in this. :)
    Fashion Happenss

    1. Nothing beats Aaron-Taylor Johnson.. sorry. No one.
      He has my heart.

  3. Yes I have seen this movie and I thought it was really good too. It was one of those movies that left me saying, "Finally! A good movie!" I started to watch "Her" last weekend when Rob went to a fire call. I was into it but turned it off once he got home. So I'll have to put it on again so I can finish it.

    1. Awwww dear!!! Why did you turn it off? Not his cup of tea??

  4. I have not seen this, but it sounds like a great thriller.

    Over the weekend we watched Mr. Nobody, also an older film, and it was great, I recommend it if you like films that make you think and form your own conclusions.

    1. Ahh that's with Jared Leto isn't it?!? I've actually been DYING to see that film too!!!!

  5. Great review sweetie! Thank you for sharing!! <3

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  6. Yes I have seen it and I have it on blu ray too!!! I liked it a lot. Not so happy with the end but it's really an awesome movie. Yes I looove Aaron. He's absolutely amazing and Taylor too :D

    xx Mira


    1. I loved the end - how they trick you into thinking it was something and then rewinding! Such a cool little twist at the end!

      Aaron Aaron Aaron.... nom nom nom.


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