Monday, April 7, 2014

Unmap Your Life

"Yesterday when you left the house, you forgot your handbag. You went back to find it and discovered that you'd locked yourself out and couldn't get in. You wasted a whole hour looking for a locksmith, when you could have kept the appointment you'd made, met the man who was waiting for you and got the job you wanted. But if everything had happened as you planned that morning, in six months time you would have died in a car accident. Forgetting your handbag yesterday changed your life."


That was taken from a chapter in Paulo Coehlo's incredible book, 'The Witch of Portobello'. 
I am almost finished reading it but I couldn't wait to share that little snippet with you.

Everything in life happens for a reason.
The traffic light turning red as you approach it steers you in a completely different direction to what you would have experienced should the light have stayed green.
You will see different people, different cars and different happenings...

Have you ever seen the film The Adjustment Bureau? It is one of my favorites. I adore the concept of how life could be mapped out for you yet with one simple tweak, everything in your life can change.

It makes you think about your next move, doesn't it?

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  1. Woah! This got to me! It's crazy how unreal it seems but how true this really is.
    Lovely post, it's true - it does get me thinking of my next move!!! Thanks!

    1. Thanks love, I loved your Monday post too! Very inspiring - good when REAL things are on peoples blogs - not just random crap :) xxx


  2. What a lovely post! I love Paulo Coehlo's books and the idea of 'everything happens for a reason'. If I'm reading and commenting on your post today; it's because of something! Why it will be?

    1. Ahhh Cam that's an amazing thought isn't it!?!?

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  4. It really does! I often think about things like that. My step dad died in March of 2005 which caused my mom and I to move. My boyfriend at the time was coming with until he rolled his truck days before we were supposed to leave. He ended up staying behind to fix it, meeting the love of his life and dumping me a month later.
    The following month I met Rob and nine years later; I have a beautiful baby girl, a husband and a lovely life on Vancouver Island. What would have happened if my step father lived? I always wonder, but never question it anymore. Everything certainly happens for a reason!

    1. I love hearing your amazing stories - always so thought provoking xxx

  5. Totally love that little snippet from the book!
    It was so intriguing that my eyes were craving more!
    Sounds like an awesome book, looks like I'll have to pick it up someday!
    This post was so profoundly deep, that it brightened my day! :)

    1. Thanks Aisha, it's an incredible book and I really hope that you get a chance to read it someday!! xx

  6. It also makes me think you cannot control it, and must go with the flow!!
    Simona/OFF DUTY

  7. It does make me think of my own life, but it also reminds me not to overthink it. I like feeling that my life is made up of organic situations and encounters, just like coming across your blog :)

    Hope you're having a great week!

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