Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The New Man in my Life

I have a new man in my life - he's wonderful.

Slick, suave, sexy and so far he proves to be most reliable.
He's sleek and slender - neat, organized and just keeps on surprising me.
My friends and family have all been replaced for a while as I bond with him. Our connection is grand and I've been dreaming of him for so long. If I'm honest, I've been an absolute perv over him for well over a healthy amount of time too. I finally nabbed him. Put my rod into the ocean and reeled him in. I couldn't be more thrilled!

He's really intricate though and it is going to take me a long time to learn him and he's modernized ways.
He has all of these hidden qualities that I have yet to discover.

He's super expensive though - buying him gifts such as protective gear and bags etc proves to be quite steep. Although I suppose that good things never come cheap.

I've called him - Optimus Prime. 

Of course my new Mac has got to be a man. His name may change if I find something more fitting.

I've already fallen head over heels in love with him.

Isn't he handsome??? 

Blogging is going to be so much fun now - especially with all the new and exciting news I have lined up for you all this month. Not only is it the month that I turn 23 (in exactly nine days), but it is also the month of big, big changes. 

I'll let you all in on my new shenanigans on a need-to-know basis ;) 

Until then.. keep tuning in.

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  1. Oh yes.....so sleek & perfect!!!!


  2. Haha, it first I thought it was some real man. Just love the nickname. :)
    Fashion Happenss

  3. Hey!
    You have a new follower now, I absolutely love your blog!
    You're so lucky to have a nice man in your life <3
    xx flyinginvogue.com

  4. OMG, for the first half of the post I thought that u actually have a man in your life.. Hehehe.. :)
    Congrats for the new man though :p
    Keep in touch

  5. congrats on your new relationship, haha! and i, too, often name the nicer items i own, good to know i'm not the only one:-) hope you and optimus prime are very happy together! x

  6. Ah ha ha! I love it! I thought you had a new pet kitten! A Mac works well, too! Goodness knows I got a love thing going on with mine as well! ;) Enjoy, Jade! T. http://tickledpinkwoman.blogspot.com

  7. love this post! very clever :) and nice name too! btw, you look fab on that outfit :)

  8. Hahahaha! Oh goodness I wasn't expecting that!
    Funny post and how very fortunate that you have a MAC.
    I always wanted one!
    By the way, so gorgeous =)!!


  9. Oh no, don't say that you were talking about your mac! I was VERY happy for you, now I am only happy… :)

  10. Haha no man could ever be as good as a Mac!!! Btw I think I have the same one. Yes blogging is so much more fun with a Mac. I used to have a windows and I know what I'm talking about :D

    xx Mira


  11. I need a man like that in my life too ;D You really look stunning! Not only your man ^^

  12. You got me you bugger!! Here I was all like.. ooooh she's introducing us to her maaaaaan. But the computerized man is super hunky and amazing too. ;)


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