Friday, May 23, 2014

Thursday's Trio of Blessings

Blessing One:

 My debut novel entitled Walk With Me is now complete, edited, polished, printed and ready for sale! It is the most fulfilling feeling I have ever experienced. 
To be dead honest with you, I feel like I now just need let the book go. Kick it out of its proverbial nest and let it build its wings on the way down.
I've been writing furiously away at my second novel which, to me, is far better. 

Walk With Me was written at the tender age of 19 and has been coming into fruition ever since. 

I can pick up on how my writing has matured and my story-telling grown as I flip through the pages of my first bound copy of Walk With Me. No amount of editing and polishing can change that and I am completely torn about what to do about it. 

 In one way, I feel I should be proud at what I wrote in my 19th year of life... in another way I feel like the book doesn't portray my writing to its full potential. 

I guess that's the thing about debut novels though isn't it? They are a learning curve and it can only get better from there. 

So... If you are in the process of writing your first novel I urge you to complete it, as long as it takes! Once it's done - edit and complete and then let it go! Start the second. Never give up.

Blessing Two:

I'm not sure if this one is a blessing or a curse.. but my good friend RichO has arrived safely back in South Africa after working on the rigs in Vietnam.

He's only back for the weekend and has planned a second birthday bash for me.... last time he was here was when THIS happened:


He is back with a vengeance!!!
When they work on the rigs they aren't able to drink - so it has been about 6weeks now.
Save me.

I've only just recovered from the last party with him!!

Let's go for round two.... oh dear Lord.

Blessing Three:

This morning I woke up with some of the blankets still covering me!

I don't know how she does it, but somehow my cat, India, tends to find a way to ensure that she hogs every last inch of warmth in my bed! It is winter. It is cold. Yet this morning I was so cozy - it was hard to get up! I adore my snuggles with my little Indie though - so she gets away with it.

How was your beautiful Thursday? 

Have a happy weekend, folks!

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  1. Those are huge blessings, especially your book! It's a huge accomplishment at any age, but especially for someone so young. I think as an artist nothing is ever perfect from the perspective of the artist, it's a lifelong journey of personal curated creativity, but it's really about the path of self discovery and the lessons along the way. Bless and release it my friend! And celebrate your glorious accomplishment.

    Cheers Jade!

    1. Thank you lovely lady!! xxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Omg! Look at your book! It's so exciting. What is it about exactly!? How did you get it published!? I"m sooooo interested. Email me please, I must know. OR- you could include the answers to my questions in your next letter to me. I am so excited about all of this Yah you!

    1. Hey Haley! It is all about travek, self-discovery...
      Tell you what.. how about you keep a look out in your mail box as one may be coming your way ;)

  3. Cheers to finishing you novel! That's a HUGE accomplishment! I'm nowhere close. Keep writing! It's great to see how your style will evolve!


    1. Thank you very much Audrey! So thrilled xxx

  4. Congrats to publishing your book. It has an amazing cover and I´m pretty sure that it will have a success. I´m also sure that you will enjoy the party your friend will organise for you. Have a great time. :)
    Fashion Happenss

  5. Congrats on your book. That's awesome!

    You do have a lot of blessings!

  6. wow that's so amazing you've published a book! I really want to write a novel/screen play. Maybe one day? ;) xx

  7. Congrats on the book publishing! You should definitely be proud :) And thanks for the support on my blog :)

  8. Such a lovely post darling,love your blog:)))

    xoxo Antonella!! <3


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