Saturday, June 7, 2014

Got Ink?

Who here has tattoo's??? If you do.. you'll know just how delightfully addictive they are. 

There's a fine line when enough is enough (for me anyway). I'd never judge someone else on their tats because their body is their canvas.

I'm desperate to get more. I already have four - that feeling and buzz on the tattoo machine is just too divine. I love everything about it.

Here are the one's that I already have:

I am on the far left of this photograph. 
I covered up an old and silly tattoo with the only thing I could find that would cover what I'd had done in Thailand many years ago.... stars. 
These stars have no meaning and I really don't like this tattoo. I'm very sad that I didn't take the time  to choose something more meaningful. Although I do hope that one day, maybe, these stars will symbolize my future family??? Who knows. Only time will tell.

On my right ankle I got a quill to symbolize my passion for writing. The quill is made from an eagle feather. To me, the feather symbolizes freedom. There is also a swirls sprouting out of the feather which means happiness, in the swirls are thorns, which symbolize the hard times. Amidst it all is a single rose, which symbolizes the beauty of life with the good and the bad times. This tattoo is my favorite that I have and to me, by far the most unique and symbolic.

The past for all of us, is both painful and beautiful. 
This African symbol on the back of my neck means 'Learning from the Past.'
I liked it because it has the 'African' history to it and as I moved to Africa at the age of 10, it is a very special place for me.
I also like it because it reminds me that whatever happened in the past, it made me who I am today... and it made me all the wiser. 

My newest and latest addition I had done in Prague.
I had 'Live Free,' tattooed on my left side of my ribs. It was when I was traveling around Europe, backpacking and camping completely alone. I knew no one and had to make friends along the way. It was wonderfully liberating - free.

And the following tattoos that I am sharing with you, are SIMILAR to the ones that I am still wanting to get done. I say similar because I would like to believe that any future tattoo I get will be only mine - that no one else will ever have the exact same thing. I guess that is why the stars bug me. The African symbol too, as much as I love it, is on a lot of other people... but I guess it's like clothing. Unless you design and make all of your clothes, someone is going to have the same shirt as you somewhere! 

I would absolutely LOVE to get 'C'est La Vie' tattooed on my right inner arm. C'est La Vie is French for, 'It is Life.'
This is the sort of look that I'd be going for with it:

The second tattoo I would adore on my body is cherry blossoms on my feet. 
Cherry blossoms symbolize mortality and as my dad's health isn't at it's best - I thought this would be a beautiful reminder of not only the fragility of life but also of his life. 
Cherry blossoms bloom for one day - and in that space of time they become such a beautiful flower. They make the most of the time that they have on the earth and I think that is an important part of life. Making the most of the time you have. 

In addition the the cherry blossoms, I would also have the quote, 'Happiness is a mood, not a destination,' entwined in the branches.

It is clearly no surprise that I have a slight (ok .. huge,) obsession with feathers and freedom. 
The third tattoo I would love is something similar to these beaded feathers, dangling down from the back of the ear. I just absolutely love them. It looks so free-spirited and beautiful with your hair both up or down. It is almost like a permanent accessory that I just have to have.

The Om symbol is the most special symbol in the world to me. I wear a pendant of the Om symbol around my neck nearly every day. 
In short, the Om symbol  is an ancient Sanskrit word. It is close to impossible to describe the meaning in English unless you are a spiritual being. Om symbolizes everything... the seed of all creation. These two letters together contain all of the power that there is in the universe.

Instead of just getting a plain black Om, I found this beautiful design and was so inspired. 
Buddha statues and paintings adorn my house and garden. So the Buddha eyes for me, especially being peacefully closed, is very comforting. 
The lotus flower you see is also something that holds great meaning to me. 
Lotus flowers grow in muddy water. They rise and bloom above the murk to achieve enlightenment.

Three in one. Just stunning.

This famous Dr. Seuss quote is a must have on my body. I have decided to place it around my hip in one straight line, written in small italic writing. It will look almost like a tiny link belt curving around my side.
The placement I have in mind is something like this:

Then there's my fascination with dream catchers (and of course, more feathers).
This I would love on my rib, either below my Live Free tattoo I already have or on the other side.. I haven't decided what will look best yet????

It won't be as big as the below image, more so the above. But the below gives you a better indication as to what it looks like. 

Lastly - and happening only in the very far away future... is the tattoo that I have been planning since I became the broody, motherly woman I am today.

At first I thought I'd just get the hand print of my baby tattooed, but then I came across this image and fell so in love with the look and feel of every inch of it!! 

All of these tattoos are pieces that I really feel a strong connection with and would feel honored to display on my body.. but as I mentioned earlier, for me, there is a fine line when enough is enough. I am worried about getting ones that would be visible for my wedding day, such as the C'est La Vie I really want on my inner arm. I know that sounds stupid. Any other day and I'd happily show them off to the world - I just don't want to look like a tacky bride. So silly though - as I'd need to find a husband for that to be possible first! hahaha 

I have NO idea which one to start with... I really desperately want C'est La Vie... I want them all!!

Which one do you think I should start with????

Somewhere along the way I'd also love to get a little surf board tattooed on the back of my ankle. No more than 3cm high. Just a tiny dedication to the ocean - which stole my heart and soul many moons ago. 

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  1. Wow, I really admire people who have tattoo /tattoos. I always wanted one, but I´m deathly afraid of needles. Love your tattoos and that fact that (almost) all of them have really deep meaning. I think you should start with C´est la vie, in my view, it describes unpredictability of life. :)
    Fashion Happenss

    1. I had a huge fear of needles but overcame it after about 7 root canals were done on one tooth!! hahaha

  2. I always think of getting one but I am very scared of the pain.
    But if I ever would I will duty look for the patter u got on your ankle as I love writing too
    U know, om symbol !!! It's a Indian symbol , I thought only we in India value it
    Do enter my Zarop Summer Dress Giveaway in touch

    1. The pain is temporary.. the tattoo lasts a lifetime (and that's supposed to be a good thing!) :)

      I love the om symbol Pooja - and would love to read your take on it xxxx

  3. I loved reading this! The second one you have is absolutely gorgeous! It's so unique and meaningful. If I were you, I'd go with the hip placement one first, just because I understand your concern over the 'tacky bride' situation and it's a nice place to put it!
    Oh, and for the record, the om symbol pictured is not complete, it's missing a bit - but I love the idea behind it!! <3

    1. Oh cool, thank you SO much for the headsup!! I'd love to see the full piece but also this is really just ideas.. mine would be unique xxxx

  4. I have one tattoo that I got when my step dad was dieing of cancer. I hurried to the nearest tattoo place to have the name I called him as a little girl tattooed on me, so that he would see it before he died. And he did.
    Unfortunately it was a rush job and I would love to have a different place for it (Not on my lower back) and it does need some touching up for sure. But it would have to get bigger and I'm not ready to commit to any decisions on that just yet.
    I love the placement of all of your tattoos.. all classy places. I love the idea behind the quill tattoo because we share that passion for writing. If I ever get another, it may have to do with writing because that is one thing I'm the most certain of in my life- besides people.

    1. Your tattoo is a beautiful symbol representing your step dad.

  5. Lovely post dear!

  6. Your tattoos are so cool! I'm such a baby about pain and will probably never get any, plus I'm not sure I could pull them off. I'm not cool enough!

    1. I don't think it is as bad as people make it out to be - and it is so worth it in the long run xxx

  7. Very cool ideas. I love the one with the feathers behind the ear and the ones with the dreamcatcher. have 2 tattoos. Got my first when I was 18 and got the cliched pixie which another 20,000 girls around the world probably have too because I was dumb enough to choose it from an album and have already seen about 5 girls in my own tiny city who have the same one as me. Thankfully, I got it on my waistbone so Its always hidden. Got my second a few years ago and its visible in my latest post too. I have 3 swallows behind my shoulders and all I can say is - I love birds. They are very tasty!
    Keep in touch

    1. Oh dear! Sorry to hear about the pixie - but add onto it, funk it up and enjoy it. I feel the same about some of my tats but you just need to make the most of it xxxxx

    2. Hahaha your last comment - they are tasty! Had to giggle!

  8. These are all so great for different reasons. I've always wanted a tattoo, but have never found anything I love enough to put it on my body (or with enough meaning). I think you should go with that tattoo that represents you and this point of your life the most.

    Good luck deciding!

  9. I have one on my wrist. It's on my blog under 'Bucket List' if you want to see. I had the idea since I was 16. I saw it in a magazine and loved it. It's the Christian symbols for Love, Faith and Hope combined. I drew it myself for the tattoo artist. It took me 15 years to get it. I was chicken. However, the pain wasn't that bad...I thought it would be worst. I am not opposed to getting another one, it just has to mean something.


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