Thursday, June 5, 2014

Thursdays Trio of Blessings

Blessing One:

Bundling up in an abundant amount of wintery layers this morning, I slowly hobbled off to work, stiff and sore from my jogs around the island in the mornings. 

I fired up my PC and logged in to my email, clutching desperately onto my first cup of coffee for the day. That was when I saw it. An email from a client that I have been corresponding with for over a week. He's decided to buy a painting from the gallery for his home in Australia! I made a sale! It still feels good every time I make a sale. Just yesterday I sold a beautiful chandelier to another client - so on the work front, I am feeling incredibly productive and blessed!
Blessing Two:

I know that many people would find this an odd 'blessing' to mention, but considering that we all have one vital thing in common (we are all bloggers,) I have a certain amount of faith bestowed in you all regarding this one... I am sure you can all relate. 

My writers block has finally been vanquished! 
The past week or so, I have been really struggling to pick up my pen or open up my MacBook Pro to continue writing my second novel. 
Writers block happens to the best of us and there are many ways in which you can attempt to overcome it. 
This time though... I decided to just give myself a break and forget about writing completely and let me just say that the break was indeed, definitely needed. 

I let it all go - every chapter, every character and every smidgen of an idea that had been blossoming in my creative noggin. 

What did I do instead?
I rented and watched an entire season of Pretty Little Liars... thankfully NOT in one sitting... I might have gone crazy had I done that.. Oh wait, I already am! :)  

I caught up with some of my oldest friends. 

I made new friends.

I cooked... a lot. 

I read... a lot. 

I painted.. messily. 

Sometimes, just living is just what you need. 

Stop continuously pressurizing yourself and give yourself a chance to breathe... a chance to MISS the things that make you tick - the things that you work hard on. You'll appreciate it so much more when you welcome it back into your life after a few days break. 
We, as human beings, are always trying to achieve something - just be careful you don't end up resenting your greatest passions by asserting too much pressure on yourself. 

My writing is now back in full force!
Blessing Three:

I received a bouquet of flowers at work a few days ago and they have finally started to bloom. There's something truly beautiful about watching the petals slowly unfurl... I've been watching them gently open for a few days now and it has made me appreciate the beauty of flowers so much more than before. 

Lately I have been inspired to head back out into the garden. I wanted to start up my little herb garden. How wonderful will it be to make dinner one night nip out into my backyard to collect the basil and cherry tomatoes? 

Today - on this blessed Thursday, I feel inspired. Very inspired.

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  1. Beautiful flowers!

  2. Congrats on the sell!

    I'm glad things are going so well.

  3. Aw, these are such nice blessings! You always seem so happy and have such a peacefulness in your life. Congrats on all of these blessings!

    1. It isn't all sunshine and flowers Savannah, but I try to focus on the good xxxxx

  4. Huge congrats on the sale (and departure of writer's block, too)! :) Lovely flowers--white lilies are so elegant, aren't they? xx T.

    1. I know - lilies have to be my favourite flowers. xxx

  5. It sounds like you had quite the Thursday. It's a nice idea to stop and think about your blessings once a week.
    1- Laughing at work. I love the dynamic I have with the people that I work with. Laughing at work is truly a blessing.
    2- Living close to work. This way I get to walk to work every single day and I enjoy it so much. I drive Alina to daycare early, just so I can zip back home, park and walk to work.
    3- Watching Alina drink her morning/night milk. She always looks so peaceful and sleepy eyed. It's the most precious thing. She's growing up so much that seeing her like this reminds me that she's still a baby.

    1. Your day sounds wonderful Haley, thank you for sharing! I really enjoyed reading about it xxxx

  6. It's great that your writer's block disappears. You made lovely painting and you got beautiful bouquet, I also like seeing how flowers bloom.

  7. Wow, I didn't know you painted too? It looks beautiful so far.

    1. Haha I paint for fun - I'm no good really :)

  8. Wow, looks like that you have really successful and happy week. Congrats to selling your paintings and disappearing the writer´s block. Your painting is so beautiful and you received really wonderful bouquet. :)
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