Thursday, June 19, 2014

Thursday's Trio of Blessings

Where are the weeks going? I can hardly believe that we are now halfway through the year. Is it just me or is time just going too fast? So much has happened in my life that I wish I could just step back and process it all; but time and life stops for no one. You just have to keep carrying on. 

Today is another freezing day, grey and stormy with trickles of rain running down my windowpane. I haven’t slept since 3am. By 4am I finally kicked off the blankets and padded downstairs to boil the kettle. With the storm being so loud it was impossible to drift back off to sleep - so instead I put on Bones season 8. I am a few episodes away from finishing the season - which is excellent by the way. 

While writing this Thursday’s Trio of Blessings I honestly wasn’t sure if it was hard or easy to choose the three main points to mention. I’ve decided that to focus blessings on purely one day is way too hard. Instead I’m going to focus on three blessings that have happened throughout the course of the week from one Thursday to another. 

So here we go, another Jade’s Thursday’s Trio of Blessings posts:

Blessing One:

Walk With Me, my very first novel, has now started to be distributed into the homes of my friends and family. Copies have been shipped off all over the globe. 

It’s an intensely scary feeling knowing that your work is suddenly out there, breathing its own life. After all these years, I have finally kicked it from the proverbial nest and am letting it build it’s wings and fly as it falls into the hands of the readers. 
Already I have had the most wonderful feedback. 

I guess the most frightening part about writing a book is knowing that it obviously won’t be every persons cup of tea. My book has fallen into the hands of equal amounts of men and women which is great although I do feel that the men won’t thoroughly enjoy the chick-lit type of writing that I am automatically drawn more towards. 
I’ve asked each person to write a small review on the book once they have finished it - that’s probably the most exciting part. I’ve asked them to be open with me and tell me the good, the bad and the ugly about it. How else do you grow and learn? Constructive criticism is so helpful to us writers out there. 

In the batch of books I currently have printed I have 7 copies that are still available. 
Should any of you wish to make an order - please see below the details:

Place your order by either commenting below or preferably popping me an email as I will need a postal address to send the book to you. 
The book is R200.00 - depending on where you are in the world you can convert it into your specific currency from ZAR (South African currency).

Once I have your postal address I will request quotes to courier the book to you and quote you thereafter. 
Payment will obviously have to be done via EFT and once it reflects, the book will start its journey to you!! 

If you are a book reviewer - I would love a link to your website and would love to get in touch with you about reviewing my book. 

OK so with that bit of writers business out of the way… here is…

Blessing Two:

As I am sure the entire world knows by now, the FIFA world cup has begun and the festivities are ginormous! 

I have been having the absolute best time with my very best friends cheering and watching the matches, cooking dinners and getting merry on red wine in front of the crackling fire place. 

As of next week I won’t be seeing much of these guys anymore - as there will be a huge physical distance between us. We will all be in different cities - so we are currently just enjoying the last few days of our time all together. 

These people in these photographs are the most special and wonderful people I know. They have the warmest and kindest hearts and are just the most precious people in the world to me. 

It is so important to acknowledge how blessed you are to have the friends you have in your life. 

Blessing Three:

I just realized that it is one week until pay day - thank GOD. 

What were your blessings this week? 

Have a fabulous day lovely readers. 
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  1. How exciting for you to share your book with everyone, congratulations!!!!!

  2. Can someone tell me where the hell time goes! It's practically the end of June! June! Ahhhh! It's moving too fast and I feel like I haven't lifted a finger and done anything all year :o( but screw my mopeness and congrats on your book! Self published? And how could I look into getting a copy girl? Shoot me an email if you like at sonia[at]daringcoco[dot]com! BTW I too have been watching the soccer, much more than I expected too! It's been airing at 2am over here and one match so far from my team has been at that time - on a Monday at that. Sadly they'll have yet another match at that time slot so another day of sloppy sleep deprecation here we come. I only get excited about soccer during world or Euro cups thankfully! Too bad there is such a long wait between them.


  3. I offered before but so you don't forget I would love to review your book. I know i'm fallin gbehind on my review but I will do this one first!

  4. Woww...woww...wooow....CONGRATULATIONS on your book, you're amazing, Jade!!! I'm so happy for you :D
    Yep, time flies, we have to enjoy all the moments we get in our life. Love the photos, it looks like you all had a great time, true friends are the best gift only few have ;)
    Thank you so much for stopping by! Hope you have a sweet week ahead<3


    "Saúde & Beleza - Health & Beauty"

  5. Thanks so much for leaving a sweet comment on my blog :)
    Congratulations on the book! You sound so talented, and this blog is great, looking forward to more :)
    New follower xx

    MJ // www,

  6. Hahah, I know what you mean about payday! I basically just live and function for them! :D
    Sounds like you have been having a blast lately- I mean how awesome it is to have your book published- it such a huge accomplishment! I bet it is as amazing as you are! :)

    1. I think most of us do :)
      Thank you Maddie :D that is soooo sweet of you xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  7. A HUGE congratulations on your book - what an achievement! You should be very proud of yourself and all your hard work has paid off ... well done! :)

    Loren |

  8. Congrats on your book Jade! That is so super cool! I hope it sells a gazillion copies :) You should give free ebooks to your broke followers (like me) after that :p
    Keep in touch

  9. I think this book thing is super cool Jade. I would love to purchase a book but you might have to help me out with how to go about doing it. (You can e-mail me the details and I'm in.) I'd love to read your book and give you a real, honest review. I'd even review it on my blog, if you didn't mind.. !
    I love the look of your social life. My goodness, seriously enjoy it all while you have the chance. I'm not say that I don't love my life, because I love my husband and baby girl BUT... I wouldn't mind trading you a week just to see what it's like to be so freeeeeeeeeeee from my own personal responsibilities. Plus, those glasses of wine sure look delicious.

  10. oh my god! congratulations jade! you are truly blessed :) keep on being an inspiration to others :)

  11. Oh, congrats to growing success of your book. It´s great that you´re open also to constructive criticism. Looks like you had so much fun with your friends, you had to have a great time. Haha, the third blessing is the best. :)
    Fashion Happenss

  12. These all really sound like amazing blessings. I'm glad you were able to enjoy your friends before distance separates you. Enjoy your weekend.


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