Thursday, June 26, 2014

Thursdays Trio of Blessings

Blessing One:

6 months ago on this day, my family was blessed with the most incredible gift. 

Jenson Charles Preston Wright. 
My nephew. 
The happiest, rosy-cheeked baby I have ever seen.

My sole duty as an Auntie is to spoil the nonsense out of him. Which I cordially did quite happily.

I bought him a little blue bunny. Do you know how challenging it is to find a bloody teddy bear that isn't a safety hazard for a 6 month old baby!? The teddy cannot have eyes.... not sewn on eyes anyway. 
At 6 months, babies start pulling and grabbing anything that they can get their hands on - so teddies with eyes that can come off is a big no-no. 
I finally found this adorable blue bunny rabbit though.

I also pimped him out with some new baby fashion. 

The army-print hoodie is so warm and snuggly - which is perfect for winter here in South Africa right now. Plus lets face it, he's going to look too cute in it, right!?

The second item I got him was the long sleeved, red-checkered baby-grow. When I saw it, my heart just melted. It's even got a collar... too cute!!!! 

Amazing how when you get a nephew / niece or your own baby, suddenly you're more excited to shop for them than you are for yourself!!

So... anyway, here's to my little nephew. 

Happy 6 months birthday little man xxx

Blessing Two:

A typewriter is something that has been on my wishlist for years. 

What writer wouldn't want one???

I have this big dream to one day open up a 'Writers Cafe,' and the decor will be old wooden tables, an adornment of typewriters, black and white photographs of classic cars and a record player playing crackly jazz tunes.  One day....

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams!"

Blessing Three: 

While on the topic of dreams... I'm fairly certain that by now, you all know that writing is my biggest passion. It is what drives my every waking and sleeping moment. I breathe writing. My blood is ink. I may not write the worlds most jaw-dropping work - but I write what I feel, what I imagine and what I believe in. My novels may be simple chick-lit - quick, feel-good rom-coms of the literature world... but for me, that's what I want to do. 

I also want to be a journalist. With every speck of hope I have in me - I just want my work published. Novels, articles, news, reviews, recipes . . .  that is my driving force in life. 

Currently, I am three assignments away from finishing up an online course in journalism. The course itself has been fun - but I've always dreamed of going to university - experiencing the student lifestyle. Listening intently to a tutor. Discussing writing and the world of all forms of art with other students - meeting people who like me, have such a deep-rooted passion for words and books. 

I finally have an opportunity. 
My Auntie told me about this competition a few days ago - and ever since, my brain has not stopped working in overdrive. 

Basically, the competition is about appreciating the beauty and art-form of a hand-written letter. You need to write something that is addressed to a fictional character - with the intention of being opened far later than expected and requires context for the year in which it is written. 

The prize???? 

A 3 year scholarship to any accredited university of South Africa to study a degree of your choice. Includes fees and textbooks, excludes residence fees, transport and sundry costs.   

If I win - my degree of choice would of course be something to do with the writing world. Where - well, I'd have to see. I never really looked into any universities in the past besides Rhodes University in Grahamstown because of the fact that it is so artsy. 
Alas, after realizing that university just wasn't a plausible option for me (basically, I couldn't afford it,) I stopped getting my hopes up for it. 

So... this could be my chance. If there is even the slimmest chance, I'm going to take it - and if someone else wins, well then, I'd be thrilled for them! It's an amazing opportunity and I wish anyone that enters all the luck in the world.
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  1. You have so lovely nephew, like little angle. I´m sure you´re great aunt. You bought amazing pieces, I know that it´s difficult to buy something what doesn´t harm a kid, even a gum duck can´t be used by kids under 3 years, ridiculous. Great typewriter, good luck with your dream. Oh honey, it´s amazing competition and even bigger prize. I wish you big luck with you, I bet you will win it. :)
    Fashion Happenss

  2. What a beautiful baby. Happy 6 month birthday, Jenson!

  3. Your nephew Jensonnus too cute, he actually has those big rosy cheeks, I am sure you cannt stop kissing them
    Kever knee finding bunny for a 6 month old has so many specifications
    Keep in touch

  4. 1000000000 kisses for your nephew so sweety!!!

  5. Lovely baby!!! Happy birthday!!

  6. You are a shoe-in to win that competition, Jade! And...your little nephew is one beautiful little guy! I'd spoil him, too! Guess what? I learned a few weeks ago, a new little one will come into my life later this year. My oldest son and his wife are expecting. Yup, I'll be a Nana before the holidays, and I can't wait. :) Hugs & blessings, Jade! T.

  7. Your nephew is adoooooooorable. Seriously.

    I love your idea of a writer's cafe. You probably shouldn't even post this idea online, someone will snap it up. If there was a writer's cafe, you bet your butt I would be going to it! Hell ya, and it would be really nice to scope out the other writers..! I heart old typewriters too. I will have to get one for my library/study/writing room I dream of having one day, with a ladder for the books because there will bookshelves up to the ceiling AND- a big bay window for me to lay in like a cat and read in the sun.

  8. Wow I really hope you get the scholarship, what an amazing opportunity! I'm going to be sending positive thoughts your way Jade!


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