Monday, July 28, 2014


I’ve got a confession to make to you all.

Lately I’ve been developing this big fear that my blog is getting increasingly boring. I just don’t have as much to say as I once did. This is because I now save an entire half of my salary away each month. I used to save a lot less, which enabled me to buy a whole bunch of materialistic bullshit that I never actually needed and now I’m kicking myself for it.

I mean, I bought myself a brand spanking new MacBook Pro which I’ll be paying off for the next two bloody years yet all I have done is open the ‘Pages’ application and begin writing a new novel. Granted, it looks sexy as hell, but did I really need such a snazzy ass laptop in order to write a book? No. No I didn’t. It may seems glamorous and comforting to have such luxuries, but my other little laptop wasn't bad for what I actually use a laptop for.

We all make mistakes when it comes to our money and sometimes we decide to spoil ourselves with something to make ourselves feel good. That’s fine – that’s normal. But now I have seen the bigger picture. The faster I save up, the quicker I’ll be able to hop back on-board an aircraft (hopefully one that actually lands up to wherever it needs to go!) and jet off overseas.

It was a big decision to make because after splitting my salary in half plus then still needing to pay all of my bills, there is close to zilch left to play with at the end of the day. This could in theory start to make my already rapidly diminishing blog a complete and hopeless mess.

All along, I’ve been known as the free-spirited and exciting blogger filled with life and fun – but I think this blog is heading for a big change in that department now as I won’t be getting out much until I eventually reach my travel goals. As soon as that happens of course, I’ll be back to the old me! But for the meantime, I think if I have any hope of keeping this here blog running to some extent, it is going to have to adopt a new ‘style.’

From now on, it will probably based on book reviews and movie reviews… and the occasional whimsical thought that inspires me that I decide to share with you. I'll throw in some recipes and vlogs here and there should I have anything worthwhile to share - but just know it is heading for a big change.

Sadly, this blog is going to be about the South African version of bloody Sleeping Beauty. I’ll be locked up in my bloody tower, waiting for the day I can finally be set free.

Seriously, the highlight of my week will be plopping a bath bomb (can you believe I've only just discovered them!?!?) in the tub and enjoying a candlelit aromatic soak while reading a book.

It isn't exactly the most endearing and exotic life of a mid-twenties woman with a supposedly popular blog - but I am working on it. Nothing in life comes easy - and if I put enough hard work, passion and dedication into achieving my goals right now (AKA traveling the world,) then I have no doubt that one fine day 'Bohemian Muses' will be back up and running as its former self. 

Until then, you'll just have to excuse my random and sporadic blog posts - but know that I will not be abandoning your blogs. I'll still read them regularly and stay in touch, try my best to pry some inspiration from you guys! We all need a boost in that department occasionally and right now, that's where I'm at.

That, my friends, above, is my ever-growing reading list, in which I plan on writing book reviews on every single one. It really is high time that I invested in an actual book shelf, as these are just the ones that I have yet to read. My room is absolutely scattered with books, on the floor, on the desks, on my bed... in pretty much every nook and cranny I can find. I cannot bring myself to give books away after devouring them (unless they are really shitty,) I just love keeping my sentimental reads regardless of if I'd ever actually read them again. 

Alrighty... I guess on that note it is time to sign off for now. 

Have a fabulous week guys - and don't worry, I'm sure I'll be out of this little rut soon. 
Very soon, in fact. 
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  1. I feel the same about my blog. I too was gonna get a mac, but opted for a cheaper Sony Vaio xx great post x


  2. I think that everyone has problem with money. I´m the same like you, I buy things and then I´m wondering why I spent money on this. I´m sure you´ll use your new laptop also other ways. Change is good, the most important is to be happy with blog. Enjoy the free time. :)
    Fashion Happenss

  3. I wish I could save more to do more traveling. I wish I could save more in general. Congrats for sticking to your goals!

  4. It' a nice thing to do to discover the little pleasures of our daily life.

  5. My fiance and I are currently living on half of our income as well, saving for a house is big stuff, but I don't think that has to be the death of your blog by any means. I love your writing style and thoughts and I think that they make as good a post as any. In fact I'm not really a huge fan of concert reviews, or product talk anyway. What I would love is to read more about your books, short stories and other random stuff like that. Being cheap might even force you to become more creative, so in the end this could all be a good thing. Good Luck!

  6. Can't wait to read all your travel adventures!!! I can only dream about travelling these days, but again, I am not even in my twenties anymore… :)

  7. A blog is a way to journal ones journey and if something changes or grows I feel your blog would change to, its normal. It would be interesting to read how you adjusting to a budget lifestyle like what fun activities you can do on a budget.

    Meg | Meghan Silva's Blog

  8. Don't be so hard on yourself! I've never been anywhere, really.. and I still have a blog that people come to read! You're doing just fine! Sometimes it's nice to hunker down, save and enjoy what you have right in front of you. :)


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