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26 Day Blog Challenge: Day 1 | Take a Photo of Yourself and Describe Your Day

Every so often, we all feel a bit uninspired and end up wondering what to fill our blogs up with.

I've often seen these 'Blog Challenges' around the blogosphere... 30 Day Challenges, 100 Days of Happiness etc.
They seem like fun - but I never really knew how exactly to join along.

Then, a fellow South African blogger, Lisa-Jade, suggested that I make my own blogging challenge. 
So I have compiled a list of things to keep us busy with over the next 27 days of August.
Join along if you'd be interested in doing something like this - I think that it's quite a fun way to link up and share your life and experiences with others.

So here is my list - come join in the fun - start WHENEVER you want to, it doesn't have to be today!  I'd love to see what you share with us from my list!

DAY 1: Take a photo of yourself and describe the day that you had.

It's the start of a new week - and pretty much the start of a new month! Golly... where does the time go!?

I woke up at about 02:30 this morning and decided to crack open the spine of my book in order to drift back off to sleep. I ended up reading until about 4am before I eventually drifted back off. Needless to say, by the time my usual alarm went off at 06:30am - I shut it right back off and cheekily ignored my running shoes placed ambitiously by my bedside.

I am such a procrastinator...

I had this great idea that if I lay out my sports wear close to the bed before going to sleep, it would give me the inspiration to shove them on in the crisp new morning sunrise and get some endorphins flowing.

So far - it has been unsuccessful.

In my defence though, it is still icy cold winter here in South Africa so curling up under the blankets with my cats and a book with my morning coffee sounds far more appealing.

One good thing came of this though - I finished my most recent book this morning and can now start on something new! To me, that's always exciting.

When I finally kicked off the blankets, I chucked myself into the shower to wake my groggy self up. Thereafter, low and behold the dreaded: Bad Hair Day.
Yip.... today was just one of those days where my hair did everything EXCEPT what I wanted it to.
So, what's a girl to do? I waltzed out on my lunch break this afternoon on the hunt for a hat, which yes, means I had to endure the scraggily hair-do for a few hours before the hat came around!

I managed to find this cute white hat as seen below in a really cute little store called Bloom.
It was R 99.00 and from the moment I saw it, I knew that I just had to have it.... although I felt pretty much the same with about twelve other things in the shop but alas, my budget did not allow those things to join me on the car ride back home - sob.

When my phone buzzed in my pocket, I hauled it out and had the lovely surprise of a book I had ordered a few weeks ago arriving at the local bookstore.

I've never read John Connolly before and I get a feeling that many of you haven't either... well... my usual books to settle down and read at night are all these easy-to-read romance, chick-lits. They're lovely and all - but I'm really craving a little something different. I'm also starting to get this idea of maybe writing a murder mystery / thriller novel once I've completed my second novel (almost done by the way!!).
So, I was recommended this series by John Connolly. I usually can't stand 'series' books, but even so I ordered to first in this series and have high hopes for it actually! Very excited to start the new and different read.

If anyone has read him before, I'd love your thoughts and opinions!!

So after work I sang along to some music in my car, drove by the lagoon-side watching the gorgeous sunset before slipping into some pyjama's at home and pouring myself a large glass of Shiraz.

That brings me to now...

The fire is lit, my glass of shiraz is close to needing a refill and I have a bowl of Chicken Ala King awaiting me in the kitchen!
Extreme Make-Over Home Edition is on the telly - so there's bound to be some tears. It ALWAYS makes me cry.

That's me for my first challenge post!! I really hope that you all enjoyed this.. it's a little something different and something fun.

Have an amazing evening (or day, depending on where you are in the world).

Until tomorrow,

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  1. Great idea to create your own challenge. Very inspirative challenges through the 26 days. Love the idea of putting exercise clothes near the bed, but in my case it wouldn´t work either, I´d probably want to sleep even more, haha. Very cute hat. Congrats to almost done book, some new genre is great idea of you feel up to it. I´m looking forward to tomorrow´s post. :)
    Fashion Happenss

    1. Glad other people struggle too haha thought that I was the only one.

  2. love this idea! such a great plan for august! this picture of you is aforable!
    Helene In Between

  3. i need to do this challenge once my cousins are gone..
    u look great in the pic, i like the hat
    getting up in the middle of night and reading is one of the main reason's I dont start reading any new book , i get so obsessed
    keep in touch

  4. Haha aaaw I know what you mean, I always have to cry when I watch these home makeover shows because it#s so touching ;D

  5. I love it Jade, I will start playing along tonight. I do the exact same thing with my running gear every Saturday morning and it's always a epic fail!!!!

    1. Ahh loved seeing your first challenge post!!! Amazing xxxxxx

  6. What an amazing challenge. I wish I could take part but I've been rather lazy and busy at the same time which equals procrastination. A whole lot of it! Maybe I can join in on one or two days? And good luck with the sportswear by the bed. Don't give up on it just yet. I reckon one day the adrenaline will kick in and you'll get ready for that morning run. It'll happen! I have faith in you! ;o)

    BTW thank you for your last comment on my blog. Made my day and made me smile. I would be so honoured to have such a beautiful human being as you to a friend and do hope our paths will cross soon!

  7. I'm so glad you took my advice! I knew you'd come up with something amazing!! Can't wait to read all your posts :)
    You're awesome, Jade!!!

  8. This sounds like fun! I'd be glad to join in :) I agree with you... There are days when we're just in a rut and simply do not know what to blog about, so this really seems like a great idea! <3

    1. thanks kylie i look forward to seeing your posts! xx

  9. Great idea, I'm going to partake in this challenge if I may, when I can. Feel like I have nothing to write about when I sit down and want to write so thank you for this :)

  10. Great idea, I'm looking forward to the daily posts!

    I really like the hat you found too :)


  11. I haven't been doing my usual workouts either! Eeep! BUT.. I start them back up regularly tomorrow. Boooooo! I did two days of the week last week but failed to blog about it because of the big move. I think the shoes beside the bed is a great idea. That way, you know you don't have to do too too much to convince yourself to drag your butt outta bed and get goin!


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