Thursday, August 14, 2014

Day 11: List 5 Things You Would LOVE to Buy #26DayBloggingChallenge

A Camper-Van:

One of my biggest dreams is to buy a camper-van and travel through Africa. I find them so idyllic and so magical. One fine day, one will be mine.
When that dream comes true, I am vamoosing out of town in my home on wheels and will be gone experiencing the world and the different cultures, foods, towns and people for as long as that thing runs. 

I used to dream of starting a family of my own while traveling Africa with hubby and a baby bump in tow...... I guess that's still an option.... but right now, I really couldn't care less about weddings or babies. I have my nephew and that is enough for me. Every ounce of broodiness and willingness to get hitched evaporated. 
Now is the time of my life - and I intend on enjoying every minute of it! 
Don't get me wrong - I would LOVE a man in my life. But a man I could take things slow with. Not rush things. Just focus solely on falling in love and letting the rest naturally happen on its own.

St. Christopher Necklace:

When I first started my travels, I bought myself this gorgeous St. Christopher pendant and it meant the absolute world to me.

St. Christophers are believed to keep you safe while on your travels - and this beautiful piece of silver saw me through all of Europe and Tanzania. I had the time of my life with it swinging around my neck - it was incredibly sentimental to me.

Alas, I got drunk on the beach in Wilderness about a year ago and somehow amidst rolling around in the waves at 2am under the moonlight and star-splattered sky - I lost my necklace.

It broke my heart.

It would be easy to get a new one - but the fact that THAT one was with me through my first solo travels means a lot to me.

I'll definitely get another before departing on more travels... but this time I want to really splurge on it and get something really unique and special... something like this:

I just think that they are so beautiful and I decided that if I am ever a really lucky lady and someone spoils me with one for say.... Christmas or something... (hehe,) then I'd ask that wonderful person to engrave a message on the back of it for me from them. It could be from my folks, my sibling, a future special man.... who knows. I just think it would make it that much more personal.

Prada Perfume:

I am obsessed with perfume - but I am also incredibly fussy with it. 

I found this bottle in Heathrow Airport a year ago when returning home to South Africa and fell hopelessly in love with the fragrance. 

 Michael Kors Watch:

This would probably be a really stupid purchase for me considering I can't even tell the time unless it's digital. No lies......... But I have been in love with this watch for years.
I love the rose gold color. I love everything about it. 

Michael Kors is one of the few brands I really love. Everything from their bags, shoes, watches... it all tickles my fancy.

Flags For My Nomination Bracelet:

Nomination Bracelet Flags (I already have the bracelet. I just need more flags: South Africa, Tanzania, Thailand and Singapore... then hopefully many, many more once I have visit them!)

I never take this bracelet off. If ever I am having a bad day, I just glance down at my wrist and remember the amazing memories I had in each country... and think about how many more flags and memories there will be one day. That usually helps me stick out whatever I'm going through.

What would you buy if you could buy anything in the world right now?

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  1. I want a camper van so bad, but I have also fallen for tear drop trailers, since I can tow them with my car and it's one less engine to upkeep in the future. Some day, Some day.

  2. i can see how passionate you are for travelling
    christifer necklace , hearing the first time i have heard about it and now i am qurious , need to know more
    hope you fulfill all your dreams asap

  3. One day I envision you in that camper van--touring Africa--joyously and unabashedly! :) Hmmm... What would I buy? Right now, the only thing that comes to mind is a leather biker jacket. And...the one I'm mad about is a Michael Kors. :) Birds of a feather, yes? xx T.

  4. Beautiful things, the bracelet is amazing, love the idea. I don´t want any special, nothing comes to my mind right now. But probably some brand piece if nothing else. :)
    Fashion Happenss

  5. I have never heard of the Nomination Bracelet, what a amazing idea. I want one now.

  6. Oh! I have a St. Christopher's pendant that I have always hung from my rear view mirror of my vehicle. It was once my Great Granny's.. so it's pretty special. I like the idea of the new one you are looking at. I'll think about getting my sister in law one for a gift. She's a traveling gypsy like you!


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