Friday, August 15, 2014

Day 12: What is Your Relationship Status and Describe What It's Like? #26DayBloggingChallenge

Oh boy... I was really dreading this one.


My relationship status is..... drum-roll please...


What is it like?

Well, it is a beautiful mixture between incredibly shit and incredible awesome.... to be honest.

Let me break down 'Single Girl Problems' for you:

(a) Unlike men (who become God's and Heroes when they hook up with someone..) us women get labeled sluts.
You can't go on a date with a man and get to know someone, then go on a date with someone else because you'll get a bad name.
How else are you bloody well going to find 'The One,' other than going on dates and testing out the water first??? 

(b) Enter Grandparents. All of their grandchildren start getting hitched and popping out spawn. 
Here comes the dreaded remarks: 
"Your next!" 
"When are you going to find yourself a nice man!?" 
Well....... in all good bloody time, you old woman.

PS: Thank you once again dear father of mine for calling me a "Crazy-Cat-Lady, Writing Spinster!

I kid you not. 
That is my new title in the Wright family - they decided this last Sunday, while I was bouncing my nephew on my lap... in between them probing me into answering questions that sound worse than nails being dragged down a chalk board: 
"When will you be giving us a grand-child too!?"

(c) Slowly but surely all of your friends start entering into their own relationships, so if you ever get together with them you feel like the third-wheel (and no one wants to feel that way). 
Plus..... seriously!? Stop eating in front of hungry people. Not cool, dudes.
THEN it gets to this stage where they are all out on wonderful date nights and you are stuck at home alone to devour a bottle of Chardonnay and have rented half a God Damned video store:

(d) There's something so gorgeous about waking up in the mornings and having someone to text 'Good Morning,' to, or at night wish them 'Sweet Dreams,' before bed. 
There are times when your phone remains silent all night long - and even though you know there is no one on the other end of the line you should be expecting a text from, it still gets lonely every now and then. 

(e) Call it jealousy if you must - but I prefer the word 'envy.' Seeing really happy, loved up couples holding hands while walking through the streets or staring longingly and lovingly into each others eyes over a table at a romantic, candle-lit restaurant.......


Until it happens for me, that is.

(f) Cooking for one? Awful. 
I LOVE cooking - but seem to only be able to cook enough to feed a family of 12 +
I adore sharing food, so when there is no one to cook for... it makes me sad.

(g) It gets to a stage where you wake up every morning looking at something like this: 

And that is when you know you're in trouble.

(h) You start to wonder when, if ever, you'll hear those 3 magical words again that make you feel like the most special woman on earth: "I Love You".


Here's the thing though... all of this aside, being single is great.. I've been able to really spend time with myself. I read, do pottery, paint, write, go on adventurous hikes and treat myself to a one-on-one date with myself. It's fabulous. Even though I think it is pretty safe to say I am NOT a potter: 

I am in no rush at all to find a partner, fall in love, get engaged and wear a pretty white dress then pop out a mini-me. 
It will come, in all good time. 
But right now, I am happy with where I am. 

Don't get me wrong. I am not the freaking Ice Queen. I still have a heart.
Of course I miss being a girlfriend. I miss having someone to share laughter, light and happiness with. I miss having a shoulder to lean on and I miss being there for someone and supporting them through the tough times. Being there for someone through thick and thin.....
It would be amazing to be able to find that one man who will one day be my best friend, lover and soul-mate; and I have no doubt that he's out there somewhere.

The point is this:

I am happy with where I am. 
I am happy with who I am.
I enjoy my own company - there just comes a point when you want to share that happiness with someone. 
That is the only way a relationship will ever truly work - you have to be content with who you are as a person and love yourself before anyone else can ever love you.... and I am there now. But I am not going to force a relationship. 

When it happens - it happens. 


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  1. I loved reading this!
    I am also single and at one point I was the only single one out of my close group of friends. #depressing
    I do miss having a boyfriend, there's nothing nicer than waking up to someone or waking up to a cute message on my phone.
    You're right "when it happens"! lol



  2. Wait a year and the married girls will envy you and your freedom. It's one of those the grass is always greener kinds of things. Just live in the moments that you have an enjoy them. Your special someone will pop up when the time is right and no one knows when that is so don't wait for it right? I like your style.

  3. great post!! nice reading
    I posted a new OUTFIT, I'd love to know your opinion
    would you like to pass from my blog?

  4. I think that your attitude is great. Being single is waaay better than being with the wrong person. When my husband I first got engaged, all of our friends were getting engaged and married. We seriously were attending at least one wedding a month for two years. (BTW, they all start to look the same). We then started going to baby showers/bris/baby namings every month. Guess what happened next, divorce after divorce. Luckily we are still together but a lot of of our couple friends were getting married and having kids because every one else was and they felt like we were at the "right" age (Late 20's). This is stupid. Tell every one to mind their own business, find some single friends and enjoy life. If you are happy, you'll attract the right man (and friends) into your life!

  5. Great post, I found myself in almost everything. I think every single woman thinks like this. It´s nice to have time for myself and also to be with friends, but still something is missing. :)
    Fashion Happenss




  7. OMG girl , same pinch on each and everything , my relationship status is the same , single with a lot of pressure
    loved the way you described the situation , i can see myself inthem

  8. Jade my love you freshly single... so trust me whenever Bart and I fight I go through this. Its like oh just shut up about anything love related and grandparents are the worst and so are portuguese parents who think you are taking to long and want you to end any relationship that isn't headed to marriage. Its like you always letting them down. Sad looks when their buddies speak about their grandchildren aaarrrrggggh lol. But on the positive single life rocks too, so just start having fun. Don't stress about the "what must happen and when". Sending you tons of good vibes.

    Meg | Meghan Silva's Blog

  9. Love the post...Lauren Conrad had a post awhile back stating that women shouldn't feel left out because they are not in a relationship. She stated that women should feel they should have something to look forward to. It's just a change of perspective! There's defiantly someone out there!

  10. Aw, man.. I totally get this. You wouldn't feel like a third wheel around Rob and I. I don't like those couples that are all gooey and smooshy around each other AND other people. I think it's incredibly rude to be overly affectionate in public. I mean really.... you have a home of some sort to escape to.. and a bedroom. Save it for later and quit making everyone vomit in their mouths a little bit.. jeeeeeez.

    You'll find someone when you're least expecting it.


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