Monday, August 18, 2014

Day 14: What is your Star Sign and Do You Feel The Traits Are Like You?? #26DayBloggingChallenge

I really don't know how I feel about horoscopes and all that nonsense.
I remember when I was a kid I'd buy magazines and flip right to the back pages to see what the little Taurus block had to say that month - but to be honest, they write it so cleverly that no matter what it says, you are bound to relate to it in some way.
I went on a little hunt on pinterest to try and find some things on Taureans and stumbled across these images in this post that I couldn't help but share.
These are the ones that I found to be true - and somewhat funny.
Firstly, the freedom thing.
That is SO true.
I don't know about other taureans, but I am incredibly free-spirited. I also have absolutely NO problem with spending time with myself and taking myself on little excursions alone. Lone walks in the forest, on the beach, camping. I love my alone time and feel it is so needed.
Taurus are supposedly known for their stubbornness.

I'll agree with that... but I often feel stubbornness is portrayed to be a bad thing.
It isn't.
We stand up for what we believe is right - we are opinionated and ballsy.
Yet, I have absolutely no problem admitting when I am wrong.
That's the big difference.
There is a fine line and you need to know when to admit defeat or it is a negative thing.
As for over-thinking things - yes, I'll admit I do that too.
I'm a writer.
My brain never stops thinking! I can't shut off and with every event in my life, I will analyse every second of it but I'm not over-bearing to anyone else.
We're the earthy, bull sign.

I don't like people stereotyping me.
Just because I'm a Taurean doesn't mean I'm an aggressive, stubborn nightmare.
Yes, it is true that if you piss me off, shit is going to go down. But that could be with anyone.

 And if you hurt me or bruise my heart, I take it badly.

It is not easy for me to fall in love or give someone my heart - but when I do, it is yours.
I have so much to give to someone - but I lock it away and hide it because the fear of heartache is overwhelming.

I have been badly burnt in the past and felt like my heart was run over repeatedly with a train and it takes a lot for someone like me to get over that pain.

I will like you a lot and have a lot of hope that it can develop into something incredible - but the word 'Love' to me is something I don't take for granted.

Here are some things on Taurus that I found on google:
Known for being reliable, practical, ambitious and sensual, the people born under the Zodiac Sign Taurus have an eye for beauty. They tend to be good with finances, and hence, make efficient financial managers.
Reliable - very.
Practical - no.
Ambitious - sometimes too ambitious.
Sensual - ..... I'll keep that to myself :)
Good with finances?
Well..... I guess I am. I save a lot.
The problem is though, that I save EVERYTHING away... which means I have NOTHING to live on for the actual month because I've deposited it all away into savings!!!

I also found that we are known as independent.
"Financially and emotionally, the Taurus prefer to be independent and strong so that they don’t have to look for support when life throws lemons at them."
I 100% concur.

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  1. I know that tauruses are known mainly for their stubborness, I didn´t know other things. I think that horoscopes are nonsense too, they never work out for me. :)
    Fashion Happenss

  2. I'm a scorpio and I feel all the traits are me to a T, but having said that, I don't know about the astrology thing. I certainly don't check my scope every single day like some.....


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