Monday, August 18, 2014

Day 15: What Kind of Person Are You Attracted To? #26DayBloggingChallenge

This was another really difficult post to put together as I have been told countless times that no one actually knows what my 'type' is...
I don't really have one.
You don't need a certain hair colour or physic. I'll go for someone based on their personality. That is what is important to me. Someone who makes me feel like the only woman in the world, treats me well and makes me laugh and smile.
Here is a list of 20 things that I find downright wonderful in a man:
  1. Good Time-Management (this is a BIGGIE for me. I've dated men who have been over 2 hours late for dates - sometimes don't even pitch, and I NEVER want to feel that way again).
  2. Contagious Laugh
  3. Driven
  4. Ambitious
  5. Gentle
  6. Passionate
  7. Communicative
  8. Good Listener
  9. Adventurous
  10. Outdoorsy
  11. Fun-Loving
  12. Honest
  13. Respectful
  14. Family Orientated
  15. Humorous
  16. Truthful
  17. Loyal
  18. Faithful
  19. Foodie
  20. Romantic
(Notice how none of those are physical features? That's because looks come second. If you're a good person, that over-rules everything. I'm not going to lie, there has to be a big level of attraction towards a person for it to work out... but I find good, kind-hearted people attractive in their own way!)

Physical features I tend to lean more towards are things such as the following:
  1. A warm smile
  2. Kind Eyes
  3. Tall(ish) - as long as they are taller than me that's fantastic. Can't be doing short-man-syndrome.
  4. Love me some hairy chest! I know, I know... weird..... but Its true.
  5. Beards also have a way of making me go weak at the knees but it isn't a necessity.
All I care about is giving my heart to someone good - someone who will look after it.
Someone who will be my best friend, my lover and my soul-mate... yet someone I have space from.
Someone comfortable with time apart yet we both feel confident that we are 'That Person' for one another.
That is what I want.
Someone confident in himself.
Someone who will not cheat on me or lie to me.
That is what I am attracted to. 
And that 'Someone' I know is out there.
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  1. I think having an actual type is silly. You don't actually get to choose who your heart falls in love with, but it seems like you have some good principals that make sense, and I think that's the thing that counts.

  2. I agree with Sweet Love, having a strict type of dream boy is ridiculous. In many cases people fall in love with right opposite of the dream boy. Wow, they were late for 2 hours? I have just one word for them, idiots.
    Fashion Happenss

  3. type thing... well I do indeed have my type- tall, blond, tan... and to be honest with you I have never ever dated a guy who would fit into this type.... hahhaha I do know though that I search for some things regardless phisical appearance... its about respecting other human beings (including myself!), being ambitious and self concious, not to be miserable every-single-day... owh and actually like hundreds more....
    if you want to find a perfect partner remember that beauty changes with time and personality stays forever ;)

  4. You look gorgeous love xo ALl very respectable qualities in a partner. :)

  5. You look s pretty in all of your photos, especially in the first one! This sunny yellow blazer looks fab on you!
    Haha I totally agree on most of the points above concerning men (yes, including the hairy chest). And I don't have a special type either.

  6. I thought I am the only one who likes some hairy chest and beards! Seriously I find the men with beard really attractive!! But my finace doesn't have either!! :D

    Hugs & kisses

  7. I love that the first item of business is time-management... I agree, if he can't be on time for the first few dates, it's probably all downhill from there haha :).



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