Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Day 16: Views on your Outward Appearance #26DayBloggingChallenge

Look, we all have our insecurities.
For example – I feel that I am riddled in stretch-marks. My bum is flabby, my thighs too wobbly. I cannot stand my toes, the big toes are too big and the others look like stumps. The nails are awful… I won’t even start on my wrinkled old-looking hands and brittle finger-nails. My nose is too big, my chin too prominent. I cannot stand my freckles and my hair is damaged beyond repair from so much chemical treatment. My boobs are too small, my knees too knobbly, my legs too short. I feel stumpy – it’s not just my toes!!! I’m incredibly self-concious about the right hand side of my face where I have a disfigurement that I usually cover with my hair. No one else really notices it – but I do. It drives me crazy and it is the biggest cause for my low self-esteem.
My low self-esteem got to a stage of being so bad that I wouldn't wear a bikini without board-shorts covering my legs. Yet now, I go and model in front of 50+ women for a charity event, advertising airbrush tans!!!
 I was SO worried about the smallest little things and no one could understand why. Now I realize my body isn't bad.
Yes, I have stretch-marks.
Yes I'm not perfect - but no one is!
What you see in magazines of all those glamorous celebs is all air-brushing, photo-shop, plastic!! That isn't real!
We are the real women of today - and I recently heard this:
"Real women have stretch-marks and cellulite. Without it, you aren't a real woman!"
Now I'm not saying that this is the mind-set you need to adopt and suddenly pig out and become a major fatty.
Have respect for your body! Treat it like a temple.
Exercise, eat healthy - but still indulge every so often!   
It’s funny how you instantly start blabbing about your flaws though, isn't it?
A while ago I watched this incredible Dove advert. Watch it below – it brought tears to my eyes.

There are good things about my outward appearance too – but people never really focus on the good things about themselves do they?? That’s the sad thing. We all just seem to solely focus on the negative!
Some of my good physical qualities include my eyes. I love the colour as they remind me of the ocean. My smile is bright and vibrant. I have curves in all of the right places and pretty cool curly hair when I leave it to be natural and don’t GHD it (which I do more often than not...). I have plump, pink lips and pretty perfect teeth. I’m blessed with a gorgeous olive skin-tone. My skin is good, I don’t suffer from acne and rarely get spots.
I’m looking down at myself now in between typing this and trying to find other things I like. It’s hard.
I think that everyone, myself included, needs to focus on self-love.
No one is perfect – but you aren’t ugly.
What defines ‘good looking?’
Everyone has a different type – and everyone will find something else beautiful and that is one of life’s most incredible blessings.
Give YOURSELF a chance!!!
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  1. I can't even believe that you think some of those things, granted my toes are weird too, maybe we should just all except that feet are not the prettiest, but you dear Jade are absolutely beautiful. Your insecurity certainly doesn't show in the pictures that you show on here. I have always thought you were stunning, so I find it so odd that you dislike so much about yourself. This challenge has brought so much out of you, I love it!

  2. I totally agree with everything you mentioned about what makes you beautiful, but I have to say, the thing I find the most beautiful about you, Jade, is your soul!


  3. Hi dear :) nice blog and great post!!! i follow you now on gfc and facebook, you look to me :)

    Fan page:


    Kiss Tea

  4. Love this and love that you're so honest. I have a ton of stretch marks on my back side, by my hips and above my bum and its from growing too quickly.
    You have stunning eyes my dear :)

  5. Beautiful post, my lovely Jade! We (as women) are often too critical of ourselves. I applaud Dove. They have done so much to encourage us to all see real beauty--not the manufactured stuff. One thing I've found as a woman of a certain age... Somehow, with age, we do come to embrace what we once found fault with. Hugs, Sweets! T. http://tickledpinkwoman.blogspot.com

  6. you look absolutely fabulous! its so important to take it easy on ourselves we are all perfection in some way :) i hope you're doing well Jade! its been so long

    Alexa <3

  7. You´re totally right, everyone is unique the way it is and we should respect ourselves. If we don´t how can we expect others do, right?
    Fashion Happenss


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