Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Day 2 - What's in my Make-Up Bag!? #26DayBlogChallenge

My make-up bag... probably the most uninteresting, dull place that a woman could possibly find herself in. 

You'd never guess from this little Hugo Boss clutch that I am in fact a qualified make-up artist. Yip. That's right. A few years ago I graduated with distinctions in Bridal, Day and Night make-up. 
Not that I actually EVER use these skills I obtained on myself, let alone on anyone else. I used to do brides make-up on their wedding day or Prom / Matric dance make-up; the occasional fashion photo-shoot. It was fun and all but it wasn't really something I was that passionate about. 

This is the contents of my make-up bag:

  • Woolworth's 'Warm' Foundation (have yet to find a foundation to beat it!!)
  •  A thick powder brush
  • Bronzer (The Body Shop)
  • Blush - pink (no brand)
  • La Lu Waterproof Mascara (it's really clumpy and old now. Time to invest in a new tube!)
  • Eyeshadow Brush
  • Gold Eyeshadow (The Body Shop)
  • Black Eyeshadow (no brand)
  • Mixed (and broken) Eyeshadow Palate (probably from some cheap Chinese store... sshh)
  • Almay Black Liquid Liner
  • Maybelline Black Kohl Pencil Eyeliner 
  • Dark Brown Lip Liner (Alia.. I think?)
  • A collection of lipsticks. I have thousands - I have this huge lipstick fettish. 
  • Lip-Ice with peppermint beads (this is my new discovery... I ADORE this product!! It's so minty and refreshing on my lips, especially over this winter period).
  • x 2 Tweezers
  • x 1 Pink Pair of Nail Clippers (no idea how they got in there....)

Just FYI: I don't usually wear all of that at once!

There is my ever so fetching no make-up 'selfie' from this morning. Straight out of the shower and getting ready for the working day. 
(before the caffeine fix I so desperately need):

My usual routine is to usually wash my face with some luke warm water, pat dry and apply my Vichy moisturizer. 
I then slick on some eyeliner if I feel like going for a darker look that day before applying my foundation with my fingers (I used to use a sponge but got sick of them). 
Then I take my black eyeshadow and brush it across my eyebrows to give them more definition and shape. 
I use the same brush to put some dark shadow under my bottom lashes and around the crevices at the top of my eyes. 
I blend in some gold eyeshadow and sometimes put brushes of white shadow under the eyebrows and on the inside of the eyes to highlight! It really helps to make the eyes POP.
I choose either my bronzer or the pink blush to apply over the apples of my cheeks to give my face some color.
Then I brush some mascara onto my lashes before dabbing some minty lip-ice over my lips and finishing off with a coat of lipstick. 

Today took under five minutes to get ready and this was the look I went with - including the wild and curly hair:

I'm attempting to go for a no heat styling month... 
Wish me luck!

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  1. Pretty cool Post! i Love the Last pic! Awesome eyes!

    Hugs Anni


  2. Wow I didn´t know you´re make-up artist. But your makeup is always flawless, so it makes sense. Like in this pic, you look beautiful. It never took me 5 minutes to get ready. :)
    Fashion Happenss

  3. Nice post, you look so nice in the pic!

  4. Our make-up bags are quite similar with a variety of brands. Your eyes look amazing as per usual, you always make them POP!!!!!

  5. Your eyes are so beautiful Jade, they are captivating with and without make up.... and that lip ice balm sounds so interesting.


  6. I love makeup that looks simple! How long does this take?

  7. I adore these lovely pics, dear Jade! So, you, too, are an Almay girl... Love that stuff--have for years! :) xx T. http://tickledpinkwoman.blogspot.com

  8. I like this challenge.. could be fun to do. And you look great with or without makeup!!


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