Monday, August 11, 2014

Day 8: 5 Celebrity Men you are Excruciatingly Attracted to #26DayBloggingChallenge

Gabriel Macht

Man + Suit + Jade perving over him on a weekly basis. Yip.

Gabriel would never be my usual type, but I have seen him act in a number of things now... besides Suits, the most recent was a BRILLIANT movie called Middle Men. I have just fallen head over heels in a non weird way. I know what I see is all acting and glitz and glam.. but   he's beautiful non-the-less... and a woman's allowed to dream.

Robert Downey J


Mister Iron Man. 

It's probably just his eccentric and quirky role in Iron Man but I just adore him. 

Matthew McConaugh-HEY-HEY

His voice. His eyes. His freaking smile. Mr. McConaughey is one of my oldest (not age wise.. time wise,) 'celebrity crushes'.


Even typing 'Celebrity Crush' makes me cringe.
What on earth is my blog coming to????
I keep having to remind myself that it is for the blogging challenge and although there are some great posts out of it, there are also posts like this.... mindless bullshit. I hate it.;

Anyway.... my point (before I got off track... again), was that McConaughey has a special place in my heart as he is probably the guy I've fancied to socks off the longest out of all of these gorgeous blokes.

Ian Somerhalder

I fell for Ian when it was still a cool thing to do. No one knew who he was when I set my eyes on him.... yet now every woman I meet is besotted. With good reason obviously..... but still..... he'll always be someone I drool over without a doubt... but meh...... everyone is all over him now... and I enjoy being different.

Beautiful Ian gets enough attention now, so I move on to the below:

Aaron Johnson

I saved the best for last.

Good God.


Riddled with goosebumps and adoration for this beautiful man.
From Angus, Thongs and Full-Frontal Snogging right down to Savages... this actor has just stolen my heart.

If only.......

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  1. aaron johnson is perfect omg haha, fab blog btw x

  2. I must be living under a rock because I haven't heard of 3 of these guys. I must say they are all rather delicious.

  3. Ian is so handsome :) :) :)

  4. Great list, all of them are really handsome. My fav is Ian. :)
    Fashion Happenss

  5. Wonderful post dear, cool picks. :D
    Mind to follow each other? Let me know.

  6. I've only just started watching Vampire Diaries and love Ian Somerhandler, but I agree with you Aaron is HOT ! x

  7. OMG Gabriel Macht!! So good looking - I totally agree! <3
    xoxo, | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog 

  8. I totally agree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Aaron Johnson can pull off most looks but I his most attractive in my eyes was his performance in 'Nowhere Boy.' Delightful.

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  11. It's mindless but enjoyable.. Sometimes it's just nice to have a little fun on these blogs and write about mindless stuff. J.Lo was part of my celebrity crushes when I wrote about em. She's gorgeous and I seriously watch American Idol because I like to see what different look she'll be sporting. (And NO I'm not a lesbian, but I can say when another woman is HAWT..!)

  12. All great choices... I watched Ian act for the first time this week in the film The Rules of Attraction. He looks so young, but the same piercing eyes.



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