Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Day 9 - Take a Photograph of the Town you Live in #26DayBloggingChallenge

This is a gorgeous photograph of the town that I live in here in South Africa. 

It's a scenic, tourist-attraction town with so many incredible outdoorsy things to do. 

As much as I love it though, I am very excited to be packing up my bags and leaving soon. 
Well - as soon as possible anyway. 
See, I have this dream of traveling. It is one of my biggest passions in life. 

Recently, the plans I had to change my life all completely fell through. I had tons of different options, but each one it seems, decided not to play along - and to be honest, that suits me fine; because now I am just keeping my head down in this stunning town I currently live in, working hard, saving thousands away each month until I eventually have enough to take a year or two off and just travel the globe non-stop.

That's the plan - and I am going to make it happen.

I don't want to settle down and get married, have kids or answer to someone. Now is the time of my life and I intend of being selfish and experience the world and all that it has to offer while I still can! The rest will come later. Babies, weddings and love. For now, I am happy with this decision and direction in life!

My first and most important stop will obviously be Bali, Indonesia. I have to go and be a beach bum for a few weeks (perhaps even months,) and go ride the waves over there, get bronzed, overdose on sushi and other forms of seafood. 

Other places on my definite travel list:

  • Ireland (HAVE to be there for St. Patty's Day either next year or in 2016!)
  • Canada (so many amazing friends over that side that I would be so happy to be reunited with!)
  • Mauritius (island vibes.. yes please).
  • St Lucia - Jade Mountain (DREAM of mine to go there.. although I have this huge dream of getting proposed to there. Always have.. probably always will.. and probably will never happen. Hahahaha).
  • Mt. Everest (Have to hike it!!)
  • Grand Canyon (Have to SEE it!!!)
  • Kenya (Masai Mara!!)
  • Mozambique (Are you for scuba???)
  • Jamaica (hey man.....)
  • Mexico (spicy food and good waves to surf.. why not!?)
  • Peru (more spicy food plus seeing one of the modern 7 wonders of the world)
  • India (staying in an ashram for a while, yoga and getting spiritually enlightened)
  • Finland (ice skating!)
  • Fiji (diving over the beautiful soft coral!)
  • Seychelles (more island vibes... if not, why not?)
  • Chile (Easter Island. 887 extant monumental statues called Moai.)
  • Niagra Falls (Waterfall obsession)
  • Zambia (Victoria Falls, Devils Pool.. just beautiful!!!)
    887 extant monumental statues, called moa
    887 extant monumental statues, called moai,
  • Morocco (Both Djemaa el Fna and Ait Benhaddou look magical. I'd feel forever blessed to visit those places)
  • Madagascar(fourth largest island in the world.... more island vibes! Yes!)
  • Vietnam (teach English!)
  • Hawaaii (SURF!)
  • Portugal (Considering my favorite restaurant is Portuguese I have REALLY high hopes for this place! Nom nom nom)
  • Spain (I want to go dancing here)
  • Croatia (I'm usually not one for yacht trips... but here I think I'd make an exception)
  • Greece (history, beauty, food.... just amazing!)
  • Brazil (Amazon River... yes, yes, yes PLEASE!)
  • Australia (friends and family, surf, sun and get to see a freaking kangaroo!!!)
  • Columbia (I've just been told I'd love it, so I have to see it!)
  • Egypt (I have always been fascinated by the history of mummies and the pyramids)
  • Miami (Ever seen Miami ink??? One day, a tattoo there would be pretty idyllic!)
  • New York (I just want to go and write in a quirky coffee shop here and experience the glam)
  • California (surf)
  • Belgium (chocolate..... I am not even really a fan of chocolate, but you just HAVE to if you go here!!)
  • Greenland (Kalaallit Nunaat is the biggest island in the world.... ISLAND VIBES!!!)
  •  Bermuda (beeeeeeautiful pink sandy beaches.. too insanely gorgeous. Just watching a sunset here with a cocktail in hand will make me happy).
  • Haiti (this is another place I'd love to teach in)
  • Iceland (hot springs, volcanoes, waterfalls.... this place has it all).
  • Namibia (4 x 4ing, hiking, watching the animals... another African country I'd LOVE to visit).
And many, many more amazing places too!! 

Have you been to any of the above?
I would LOVE to hear all about it.

It is going to happen soon. 
I'm happy to stick this place out for a few more months - but then, my friends, it's time for me to change my life. 

I'm so incredibly proud of myself for working so hard to achieve this goal - and to see it slowly but surely coming into fruition is so fulfilling. 

Do you guys have any big goals in life - and if so, what are you doing to make them happen???

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  1. Wow the list is amazing, I want to visit many of these place too, like Spain or Egypt. The picture is so beautiful, you live at such lovely place. Great approach, you´re totally right, enjoy the life. :)
    Fashion Happenss

  2. I have a pretty ridiculous list as well. If you make it to NY or Niagra, you will have to let me know, both are only a few hours from here and I would LOVE to meet up with you. We are trying to buy a house and get married next year but in 2016 it's looking like we are going to hit Paris, Venice, and Athens for a while. Then after that who knows?

  3. i love travelling too , its my passion and my dream to see the world
    I have also consciously made a decision to not get married and settle down , i need time for myself.
    SO happy to see India is on your list , so looking forward to meet you.
    have a great time on your vacation .
    keep in touch

  4. What an inspiring post Jade! The list is great and I love them all but I'm telling you that you HAVE to go to Dominican Republic and if you can go to Punta Cana it's the most beautiful resort. I am half Dominican so I have been there a few times but I get to experience it with people who live there so I get to go see all the secrets. If you ever go tell me! I'm loving your approach of following your dreams. Don't give up on this passion.

    You are not alone and lately I've been feeling as nothing that I've planned for my life is working out so maybe you might see me while I get out and discover too : )


  5. Woohoo! We made #2! Don't I feel lucky.. ;)
    Where you live looks like paradise!

  6. You live in Africa? Wow, so nice!
    I'm a huge traveling lover myself!
    Nice view, dear.:)

    Maybe you want to follow each other?
    Let me know on my blog & I'll follow right away!

  7. Bali and Morocco are on my dream travel list too.

    I've abandoned setting big life goals, I usually end up disappointed. I'm focused more on setting short term goals, right now I'm focused on finding a career path that is meaningful and satisfying, I want to wake up every day and not feel unsettled that I have to go work and contribute to someone else's dream. I want to look forward to work each day. I'm on my third job in less than a year... we'll see where this one leads me to.



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