Monday, September 22, 2014

Blissed Out.....

I had the most amazing weekend with Sam. We spent the entire weekend together, completely and utterly blissed out.
I started coming down with the flu on Thursday evening and by Friday I thought  that I was dying. Even so, I drove through to George and met Sam at the ten pin bowling alley where I whipped his ass! We also played pool and that's where he whipped mine. In between it all we couldn't keep our hands off of each other and in the end got told off by the owner for inappropriate behavior in front of kids! We felt like scolded school children and couldn't stop laughing.
We had dinner that night at Cocomo's where we watched live music. He stood behind me, holding onto my waist and swaying along to the rhythm of the music. He even sang softly into my ear, "Cos I wanna love ya... and treat ya right. I wanna love ya.. every day and every night."

Which is lyrics from a Bob Marley song called 'This is Love.'
He actually sung it to me all weekend long and spoke about us in long term... saying things like he's going to 'get me' on April Fools Day, he can't wait to meet my family, inviting me to Mozambique for his 30th birthday, telling me how wonderful it is that we got together just before Summer starts, wanting to come to Bali with me next year and even telling me that he thinks we would make beautiful children!! 
It is moving incredibly fast but nothing has ever felt more right to me. 

He even got me a present. A bottle of St. Johns Wort which helps with anxiety, which he knows I suffer from. He is out of this world thoughtful - it makes me melt!!! 

We did get an unexpected visitor at his house on Saturday morning directly after I'd met his dad and his dads girlfriend. His ex who stays next door popped over to basically give us her blessing. I thought that it was really brave and nice of her - it really helped lift a huge weight from our shoulders. Now that the initial meeting is done things will only get easier. 

Saturday was amazing. He took me into a forest to look for mushrooms that we could add to a pasta later that evening but unfortunately none had grown yet. The drive itself was gorgeous though and we parked by two different bridges over a river to look at the views and just held and kissed each other on the bridges. 

When we went out for breakfast and beer later that morning after a little excursion to this beautiful view point called Map of Africa: 

And a drive to his families river house, I picked up a sachet of sugar from the table. 
I always love reading the quotes and messages on the sachets; but the one I picked up on Saturday was just perfect. 

Sam is a miracle. He is my miracle... and I am falling fast and hard.

I kind of cocked up when I met his dad again for the second time on Sunday morning as we were loading his car up with fishing rods and tackle though.
Sam had told me that his dad was entering his 60's, but he looks so young! Instead of wording it like that however, I blurted out: "You don't look old at all!" while nervously shaking his hand....!!!!
Well done Jade....

Now, my mouth hurts from smiling so much - but it is so worth it.

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  1. I´m very happy for you. Looks like you a beautiful relationship. Haha, the incident at the bowling is really funny. My fingers crossed for you. :)
    Fashion Happenss

  2. I'm so happy for you, it sounds like you are enjoying every moment Jade!!!


  3. Oh wow what an exciting and fun filled weekend :)

    It is always so great finding someone who constantly gives you those amazing butterfly feelings. :)

    ~ Lu

  4. great post ,love
    thank you for your share

  5. Im so happy for you, Sam sounds amazing!!!!


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