Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Day 24 - Spiritual Moment in Your Life #26DayBloggingChallenge

This is a story I shared back with many of you in 2012. 

It was during an extremely difficult time in my life when I fell in love with someone that I couldn't have - because he was married. Before you judge me, just know that it is a long story. There are many layers to it in fact and rather exciting news - my second book which is based on the whole debacle is nearly finished!

Anyway, 'Married Man,' turned out to be a Christian. Ironic right? Haha I laughed actually just typing that. No wonder I'm so bloody cynical these days. Goodness me... 

Meeting God, for me, was more of an overwhelming, dizzied feeling rather than an actual handshake.

I had been on my bedroom floor, in an absolute state, crying. I hadn't know this guy was married when we met and it was as close as you can get to love at first sight.
See, I was in an abusive relationship at the time. One that my dad had to get involved in to get me out of. It's a really horrible, long story but when my book is complete you can order copies through me if you're interested?
To top it off I was head over heels for a man who loved me back but we couldn't be together because it was wrong. 
Married Man was on the phone with me, trying to calm me down during my breakdown (I think I'd just had my leg slammed in a car door or something by my ex,) and told me to just sit, breathe, close my eyes and think of God and him. He said he would pray while I was doing this. 
At first, this brought on more tears, but then suddenly it felt as though this essence, this out-of-world being wrapped me up into the most perplexing security blanket and I felt my head completely clear to the point of dizziness.

It felt, in an arbitrary way like some gentle but strong force was touching my forehead and with that, I wiped my tears, got up and somehow I had gained that extra strength I had needed to get me through the day.

It was by far the most surreal feeling I have ever encountered. 

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  1. reading your story i feel i am not the only one with horrible past
    best part is in both our cases god made us strong and got us out
    i am sure your book will be very interesting and deep , all the best
    keep in touch

  2. It's amazing you can share these experiences, I think I would like to read your book, you seemed to have been through so much! x


  3. No one should judge, because we never know when this can happen to us. I´m not sure if I believe in this kind of thing, but if it helped you, I´m really glad. Good luck with second book. :)
    Fashion Happenss

  4. Wow! Your second book! You are so prolific, Jade! There's been growth on your part--since the time you mention in this post. No doubt, you have come to have a strong relationship with the person who should mean most in your life--you! Onward and upward, T. :) http://tickledpinkwoman.blogspot.com

  5. don't be hard on yourself ,no one is judging you dear,stuffs like that happen and you find yourself in the middle and not knowing what to do ( remember Joe's song, ''why are all the good ones taken every time ,why do i keep falling for someone's else's girl) in this case a guy. i'm really sorry to hear about the past relationship and what you had went through ,You're strong , and i'm definitely looking forward to reading your book.



  6. Nobody is judging, life's journey is full of so many unexpected obstacles, what matters is that you came out of it stronger than ever, look you girl you are on your second book! It feels like you just finished your first one yesterday!

    Cheers to you Jade! Wishing you a lifetime of happiness, love and continued success!



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