Monday, September 29, 2014

September Favorites

I haven't done one of these posts in ages - but I thought as this September is more than marginally special, I'd swing back into an old habit.

September Socials:

I didn't really realize it until creating this post but September was an extremely sociable month for me!

I got to see my best mate in the world, Lucien.. A LOT. It's a wonder we aren't completely sick of each other by now. 

I also made a new girl friend... Sandy. 
She's such fun and it is blossoming into a lovely little friendship which I'm thrilled about as I don't have many girl friends left in my little town anymore. 
I'm at this horribly awkward age where everyone either abandons this tiny town to go off and obtain a degree or otherwise sets foot on different land and gets the travel bug! 
I'm not really sure why I've stuck around as long as I have... but I am pretty content right now doing my online degree in journalism, working my little tush off to save enough up to get to Bali and surf there next year and just spending some quality time with family and friends. 
'Aint a bad life, I must admit.

Speaking of quality time with family.... there's been lots of that with my adorable 9 month old nephew, Jenson. He's growing so quickly it's frightening - I cannot believe it is nearly his 1st birthday... it seems like just yesterday he came into this world. 


I got lots of snuggles from my beautiful cat, India while on my three week holiday from work. She is quite possibly the best snuggle buddy in the world.

Addo Elephant National Park:

My family and I managed to escape for a few days and head out into the wild on some game drives. It was so nice to get away from the inevitable routine you build around yourself.

Port Elizabeth:

The weekend after Addo, I went on a little excursion with my three best guy friends: Lucien (as seen above,) Ashley and Louis. 

It was a mad weekend and I doubt I have ever felt more hungover than I did on that Sunday morning.


I picked up the guitar again and have been played it Like. A. Boss.

I got my hands on my friend Justin Serrao's second album which was released recently. 
I am seeing him live next month and cannot wait! 

My Favorite Recipe:

I have always been the biggest curry fan - so when I had the chance to learn how to make Chicken Tikka Masala I was so excited! 

Unfortunately I didn't have all of the correct ingredients so I made the curry with a bit of a unique, 'Jade' twist. 

There will be a Jade's Chicken Tikka Masala 'With-a-Twist' Recipe coming soon.


As with any birthday... when my manager turned another year younger we celebrated it the good old fashioned way at work with a bottle of bubbly and lots of laughter.

The Dreaded Flu:

Why is this a favorite you might ask???


I am now officially a girlfriend to the most incredible man on the planet.. Yip.. that's right. On the 17th September, this handsome bearded fellow asked me to be his girlfriend.... and while I was practically dying from the flu, he was shoving vitamins and meds down my throat, giving me back tickles and head massages and just being an absolute gem.

Once I was recovered however, we wasted no time in devouring three and a half bottles of wine, an entire season of The Walking Dead and battling through a mean ass hangover the following morning with the help of some double bloody mary's.


It's been a few months since I have hauled out my pliers, beads and gut but I took this as a fabulous opportunity to give my incredible man a little gift. 

I made him this bracelet with his three favorite colors: red, blue and green. 
I added in the wooden bits as I thought they were very beach-vibey and he's an amazing surfer and beach bum just like me. 

I've also been working on my novel, The Other Woman, in which I have just finished the most amazing chapter! I am absolutely loving writing it out and have so much inspiration spilling out of me lately... I wonder why! Hehe

Lastly I've been dabbling in a bit of painting again too. Granted this piece has taken me freaking YEARS but I'm enjoying it when I do occasionally pick up a make-up brush (because I don't own any actual painting brushes.... nor can I afford them....) and put some paint to canvas:


Sam and I had lunch with his family this weekend and I decided to make them all a trifle. 
On the way to their house the trifle cream just kept thickening as we drove over every speedbump - until we ........ had a fight with the trifle.
The trifle won. 

September was such an incredible month for me - and I have no doubt that it is only going to get better as the year continues to fly by.

I am beyond blissed out and ecstatically happy.... and we are also booking our tickets to Bali soon for our holiday next year. 
Then these two surfing beach bums will be playing in the waves across the globe.

I cannot wait. 

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  1. I'm stoked for you! I love that picture with cream over both of you, it's pretty hilarious. Love to see you so happy! And what's this move you've mentioned?

    1. It was such a good day - and that was the icing on the cake. So much fun and laughter :)
      Oh - the move is just a new house I'm moving to xxxx

  2. I love this post! Thank you for compiling all of your September favorites into one article <3 It was a very fun read!

  3. U had quite an eventful September, specially the proposal form your man
    so happy for your
    ur nephew is soooo cute , those chubby cheeks and pretty eyes
    ur guys played holi with trifle :)
    Keep in touch

    1. I did indeed, and this wasn't even half of it! I just chose the best bits to share :)
      Jenson my nephew is too adorable - I know. Best little guy in the world xxx

  4. I'm so happy for you Jade, thank you for sharing your happiness with us :).


  5. Love this :) SO happy for you! And glad to have you now on my IG feed so I can see just how happy you are and how good life can be <3

    1. I have you on mine too - happy happy days xxxxx

  6. so beautiful scene~

    1. Why thank you Aulia, what a gorgeous name!! xxx

  7. What a great post! I loved seeing all the photos. Sounds like you have had a wonderful month. Thank you for your visit to my blog. Nice to meet you! :-)

  8. Wow! It sounds like you had an INCREDIBLE month! Your nephew is adorable and congrats on the new relationship! :)

  9. Surfing in Bali?!?! That sounds amazing!

    I too love a good curry. I'm always scared off at the thought of making it at home though because I just know my whole house would stink of curry for a week!


    1. It's going to be amazing - I can hardly wait :)
      hahaha I love the smell of curry in my house .. maybe I'm weird. No.. I definitely am :)

  10. you and Sam look so happy together! Love your favourites, it's good to see something different other than beauty products x


    1. Thank you Laura Anne, we are very stoked together indeed :)
      I am one happy, lucky lady :D

  11. Your nephew is adorable. Its always nice to make new friends.Looks like you had fun.


  12. You guys are such an adorable couple, the photos are amazing especially the one with the trifle. In response to your question I don't have gfc or bloglovin but I have an IG: Mikkayylla, follow if you want and will follow back ;) xo

  13. What a great post idea!

  14. Great selection of pictures doll!! Love them!


  15. Great Post! Follow each other on GFC, Google+ and Bloglovin? If yes, follow me and i follow back as soon as i see it. Let me know with a comment on my Blog

    Keep in Touch xx Rabea from germany

  16. I love every pictures of your September. They seems to have a beautiful story behind them. Thank you so much for you kind words on my mine, I really much appreciated a lot:). Stop by again and you are always welcome there:). Wish you a really wonderful day:).


  17. Such wonderful pictures looks like you had so much fun. It's so good to have documented memories in pictures. I need to take more pics myself ♡

  18. Congratulations on your fresh relationship. I really like these pictures. Great post.


  19. Lovely photos! I wish you all the best, you look so happy. Good luck with your novel!

    Jasmine ♥
    For a Real Woman - Instagram - Bloglovin

  20. Imagens maravilhosa arrasou
    Canal de youtube:

  21. You're just adorable!!! I know it's tough when people start moving away but the good news is, some come back once college is over! If not, new people move into your life and it all works out.

  22. Well, you know what they say, if it ain't broke don't fix it. And if your content that is all that matters. Jensen is such a cutie-patootie! September was a gem indeedy. I'm so happy you've found a special someone, and he sounds like a keeper. A Walking Dead marathon then getting your booze on the moment your better. Yeah, definite keeper. Plus he's inspiring those creative juices. Boom. I hope October will be ten times more amazing than September!


  23. Hey Jade, thanks for stopping by my blog. It led me to follow you back. And I love love love scrolling through your pics and hearing about your amazing life. To me, it is pretty amazing - great friends, great adventures, awesome contentment.

  24. Love love love this recap, September was good to you Jade. October can only be even better. Girrrrl one sleep till the weekend hope you have an amazing Friday xo

    Meg | Meghan Silva's Blog

    1. It was very good to me, I hope it was just as good to you lovely xxx

  25. What a wonderful life and lovely people as you are :)))


  26. Hi gorgeous! Thank you so much for visiting my blog! Your blog is amazing and this post is lovely. Oh, how cute is your cat and the name you chose for her!!! <3
    Feel free to come back to my blog any time :)

    1. I am a crazy cat lady :)
      Aww thank you for such a gorgeous comment!! Really touched my heart.
      Hope to keep in touch xxx

  27. Aww Jade!! I am so happy for you..and that man is definitely a keeper! All the very very best to you!! <3 And you've got such a cute nephew!! So adorable!! :) And girlll, you sure did have a happening september now!!!

  28. Beautiful post, I´m so happy for you. Looks like September was very busy for you, but in good way. Congrats on official girlfiend status :D.
    Fashion Happenss

  29. I'm just loving your blog and this really cool post! Have a great october!
    Cute pictures, and good job on the guitar! Play it like the boss!

  30. Holy shit balls girl. You HAVE been busy. Talk about a productive month! Happy to see that things are going well on your side of the globe! I still love those elephant shots you took. Breathtaking really!


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