Thursday, October 30, 2014

October Favourites

My Favorite Hairstyle: 

Many of my regular readers will be well aware of my catastrophic hair situation. I have bleached it, cut it, shaved it, mutilated it - basically, how I am not bald is beyond me. 

After cutting all of my hair off last year and sporting a spiky pixie cut for an excruciatingly painful long time, my hair has finally touched my collar-bones. That's right - it's growing back!! I have vowed never to chop it again - barring the odd necessary trim to take away dead-ends and what not. 

So now that the length is finally getting to a more comfortable stage, I've started to let it dry naturally without brushing it. No towels or hair-dryers. Especially no GHD! Anything to make it grow faster! 

Turns out, after chopping off my long locks, I've gone properly curly!!!! It's so weird! 

I'm absolutely LOVING the new, completely natural curls! 

My Favorite Hair COLOR: 

Now that you know that my hair has finally started to reach a reasonable length - I can share with you one of my biggest materialistic wants for the past year! Ombre hair. 
I know - it's not like me to care about hair color, nails, products or brands..... but I just adore the ombre look in hair! So I was waiting impatiently, measuring my hair growth on a weekly basis until it finally got to the length where I could pull off the ombre look! 

I got this done a week ago and am absolutely loving it. The best part is that it looks so natural too - like I just spend my life at the beach frolicking the ocean and letting the sun bleach it.. not dye. I know that's not true, but I like to pretend :) 

October's Favorite Recipe: 
'Juiced Veggies'

Look out for this delicious healthy recipe coming up November...

Jade's Sketch Book Favorites: 

I like to think I'm a creative soul. 
Granted, I may not be the most talented with an HB pencil but I enjoy scribbling down a thing or two once in a while. 
The above to quick works were just silly little things I put together while really bored in the art gallery - it's quiet season at the moment so there's really not much going on. It's a great thing to work in such a beautiful and creative environment though. 
Have I mentioned lately just how much I love my job???

'Jam' Moments 
(yeah... I actually did it. I put Jade and Sam together in one name (you know, like Brangelina...) and it became 'Jam.' Classic!): 

My Sam... golly I adore that man. 
He is gentle and kind and funny and a complete and utter goofball just like me.
You know when you just KNOW?? 
Well, I've never just 'KNOWN' before... it just feels right. 
It feels like home. 
He's who I've been waiting for my whole life. 
He's the reason all those scary big life-decisions were made... decisions that had I chosen different, I may never have met him. 
I've taken you through this before, but I will do it again. 
I met Sam a DAY after I was supposed to have moved up to the big concrete jungle called The Big City. 
Something just told me no. I couldn't go. 
Then, the day I did meet this incredibly handsome bearded fellow, there was such a crazy storm that I nearly didn't attend the birthday party I was supposed to go to. 
I was in the bath, about to text my friend, the birthday boy, my apologies.. it just seemed silly driving an hour through a storm to go to a birthday party where there'd be booze and fun - but then I'd have to drive all the way back through the storm. It just seemed dangerous. 
But.... as my fingers were sadly typing that I would be unable to attend... I felt this huge whoosh of urgency and clarity. 
I had to go.
I just had to.

Then I met Sam... waving at me like a dork from across the bar... 

All of my choices led me to him, without me even knowing it - and he is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

We bring the best out in each other. 
He knows about ALL of my shit and me about his. We've been nothing but honest and open with one another and ... 

GOD!!! I'm rambling.

I'll hush now...
If you hadn't already rushed for your vomit bucket - I salute you! 

We've been up to so many fun adventures in the last month and a bit... making the most of every little moment with one another - and we just keep on falling more and more in love!!! 

We've gone surfing in Vic Bay and Wilderness - he's even told me he's really impressed with my surfing capability, although I have a long way to go before I'll be ready to surf in Bali next year.
BUT. we ARE jetting off to Bali together next year and he has taken me under his wing and has promised to train me up in surfing so that I can enjoy surfing Bali to the fullest. 

He's also going to be teaching me Karate! I literally have the coolest boyfriend on the planet. I feel like I'm twelve-years-old all over again - completely in love and in lust. 

We've also been adventuring on motorbike trips and swims through gorges and up waterfalls. Mushroom picking and frolicking happily along on beaches and in bars. 

Loved up and ready to pop with happiness.

Family Fun: 
'The Mother-Daughter Stretch'

After a lot of surfing and jogging and trying desperately hard to work on my bikini bod for the approaching Summer here in South Africa - I started to feel pretty stiff. 

Who knew my mother was so flexible????
She'd probably die if she knew I said that..... bwahahaha.
Sorry mum!

After a few glasses of vino and listening to my constant complaints about all my aches and pains... she decided it was time to stretch me out.

I almost died.

Dad took photographs... 
I think he almost died too. 
From laughter.

Flower Power: 

I got this beautiful arrangement as a gift for Sam's mum when she invited us for the most incredible meal. She is such an amazing cook! 

I got these flowers from Woolworths and to be honest, I liked them the most because of the brown vintage blanket they were wrapped in. 

I just kinda dig that kinda shit. 

How can you forget them!?

As always, I've had my special time with my best mate in the world. My Lucy-Loo. 

He's mentioned that he's never seen me so happy and that I am practically glowing - he's not wrong. 

 We've had some fun drinks and barbecue's together but it's been a pretty quiet month if I'm honest.
I definitely haven't been as much of a social butterfly as last month. 

October's Favorite Blog: 

I've been loving having the time to be a part of the blogging world again - and to be honest, I really didn't know how many travel blogs were out there 'til recently. 

I know that this photo above isn't of me enjoying Tara's blog with a cup of coffee - I'm actually reading through Yoga Pant's here, but I liked the photo and the little feature of my favorite little girl, India, peeping over the top of the laptop.

As a new little feature for my 'Monthly Favorites' blog post, I am also going to start adding in a different blog each month that really stood out to me above all others. 

This month it's just gotta be Tara.

One of my Favorite Things to do... EVER: 
'Blanket Days'

Waking up in the mornings in my handsome bearded fellows warm and lovely arms, then enjoying a delicious cup of tea in bed together whispering and chattering about anything and everything together. 
Slowly waking up together, cozy and safe with a stunning view of the forest below us and the misted ocean way out in the distance. 

Nothing, I repeat, nothing beats that.

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  1. Lovely photos!

    Check out my new post Here!!!

  2. I can't wait to cut my hair off and get my curls back! Yours look lovely! All your gushing has gotten me sad. My fiance has been traveling for work and hunting and I have sen him for a total of 20 waking hours this month. It's killing me! I've kept myself busy enough, but I miss Saturday snuggles sessions. Sigh I'm jealous of you and Sam!

  3. You look amazng with new hair, the ombre suits you a lot. I´m so happy for you, I can see that you´re really happy and having wonderful moments of life. :)
    Fashion Happenss

  4. Sounds like you've been busy! Good luck on your trip to Bali! You "Must!" Take lots of pictures! And I'm glad you found someone that makes you happy! We all deserve a little happiness!

  5. Hi dear!thank you soo much for the lovely comment!! I really appreciate it! what can i say about this post? It's probably the best post I've ever seen!!! amazing photos and words! your new hair are amazing and how you met sam is soo romantic and meant to be ! thanks a lot again! kisses!:)

  6. OMG WHATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT! Sorry that's in response to your comment!! Fab news darling!!
    Haven't read this post even but have to comment. Going to print it out to read on the train home.

    Talk to you tomorrow love!

  7. ur friend is very right, your happiness is reflecting in each and every word of the post JAM , shall I just start addressing you that, hahahhaa.... Madly , deeply and passionately in love huuh
    I actually read the post twice, just too feel the positive vibes again
    may god bless you guys and u stay together always
    I love sketching with HB , hope to share my art with world one day, ur sketches are so real , great work
    what is happening to all the mum's , my mum is Extremely good at yoga and stretching and I can barely stretch
    keep in touch

  8. Im so happy that your happy, Sam sounds like a really great guy and you have a lot in common. It's great that he is into adventure just like you.

  9. Show de imagens

  10. Lovely pics, Jade! I sketch sometimes, too! For me, it's just as much an outlet as my journal is. :) Your hair is lovely--no matter how you style it. I'm partial to your latest style, though. :) T.

  11. You look lovely with curly hair--actually you look lovely in all your pictures. :) You and your boyfriend make such a cute couple. It does sound like you were meant to be together. Those flowers are such a pretty color.

  12. Whoa I wish I had curls like that. God damn they is bootiful! And the ombre do, also stunning. I've been wanting to do the same but yet to take the plunge! Also loving "Jam", that is an awesome couple name. Alssso you are one creative lady - those illustrations are amazing. I'm actually a little rubbish when it comes to illustrating, especially freehand stuff. I usually end up tracing prominent lines and filling in the smaller ones later. That said I'm a total bad-ass when it comes to shading. Give me some lines and I'll shade the eff out of it looool.


  13. I'm so happy for you Jade, things sound so awesome and positive! I'm so happy you are fully in love and enjoying every glorious moment!

    And your hair looks amazing, I love the curls! They are so bohemian and fit you perfectly :).

  14. Sam sounds like such a fun guy, Jade!! <3 I am so happy that you've finally met your one!! HE's a keeper for sure! :) And your hair look so so much better now, sweetie!! I've always wanted ombre as well, but really rarely had the guts too!! Hahahaha...people here often refer to it as "oh-i-am-too-lazy-to-dye-my-hair":p But someday..someday i shall!!!!

  15. Love your curly hair btw hun, looks soooo pretty and fresh :)

    And I didn't rush to grab my vomit bucket :P You sound completely and utterly blissed out.

  16. hahaha... @ ''not going bald'' . I guess your hair can withstand anything , i'm loving the length and the picture with the hair swept to the side,very chic .Love the JAM classic photos too,you both look so cool and fly.


  17. I just "aawwed" through this whole blog :) and your natural hair looks exactly like mine!

  18. I loved this post! Jam - hahah, that's fantastic and I'm so happy you've met someone who makes you feel like that.

    I am jealous of your curls, they lovely - my hair is a horrible mass of frizz and waves and ringlets and curls. It's not easy to manage at all.

    Have a lovely weekend.
    Corinne x

  19. Seems like a great time! I love the ombré hair colour and natural hairstyle is sometimes the best <3
    xoxo, | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  20. I'm glad you've chosen not to cut off your hair again - nothing to do with appearance and instead purely for selfish reasons of adoring long hair haha :) I would love to have curly hair, so it looks as though I shall live vicariously through you!! ;) Your mornings with your guy sound so sweet and romantic, by the way!


  21. What a lovely post Jade! So glad to know that you're so happy and in love and have met such a wonderful guy :) Adorable! Love the ombre look!
    Keep in touch

  22. What a great post! :)
    Antonella :)

  23. Aww this is so cute! Your blog is one of my favs to read at the moment :) And I actually did read the whole post! That means it's a good one :P Love your natural hair firstly! Wish mine was curly! And secondly your relationship story is so lovely! I want a relationship where it has a romantic story behind it! You've made me all broody now, time to go cuddle my cat haha! xx

  24. Your hair look so awesome. I have been wanting ombre since forever but the frizzy condition of my hair isn't really letting me do it.
    I love love love your story. Some stories are planned somewhere else other than earth and they're different. Stay blessed guys.
    Oh and I LOVE your sunglasses.


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